So cute

So cute

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Who is this?

I love you so much my sweet Ran

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Here we go again


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The strap on lum bought was to big for bentens untrained holes it seems.

lum cute

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How does she smell like

My thoughts exactly
Which one?

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Both of them, to loosen her up a little for when ataru arrives so they can double team her.

Can you people have a thread that doesn't immediately devolve into fanfics about the characters raping eachother

Who said something about rape?

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Omg user you're like so cute you know. Now spread your boypussy for me daddy has a deposit to make.

They had a pleasant continental breakfast before they began there joyride through the outskirts of tomobiki-cho to enjoy the fresh air and bask in the first warming rays of the spring sun, the busy buzzing of insects and the smell of freshly awoken flowers were a constant companion as they fly through meadows and forest....and then they fucked like rabbits.


Damn i missed the chance for the alliterarion busy buzzing bumblebees.

From what anime?

Thats a secret.

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Miss machiko


>195 episodes
>episode 194 is literally just episode 44, again

yes it's called they did a rerun of the most popular episode 4 years after it originally aired at a time when they didn't release any of the episodes on home video save for the first two on VHS

See this what do

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immediate and rigiros marriage

sorry ESL-kun, you'll have to try harder than that

>195 episodes
>194 is a repeat
>buuuuuuut there is also an hour long special with a new half hour story as the second half which doesn't count towards the final episode count
>so actually it really is 195 episodes

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better? Also do you really piss yourself because I missed the u, and hit the o instead of the i? What are you, a kraut?

Deren where are you?
We need to talk

seems like he pissed off around here

do they hold hands while riding the bike?

>no kurama
lets change that

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a fit crow needs to eat good to stay strong

until tomorrow /lum/bros

I love you Ran

im here

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they desire your divine intervention

Where were you, anyway?

eating burger with ran

Sakura is rather cute

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were they good atleast

good enough, mcdonalds

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I thought you prefer kfc

ususally yes just wanted to try something

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What did you get for the two of you?

dunno who's worse personality-wise, she or shinobu.

some burgers and pommes was pretty nice

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I meant what kind of burger

if you ask me shinobu, sakura is quite resonable and has some interesting character flaws

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>twitter tranny: the anime

big mac

cant go wrong with the classics

isn't whopper miles better: almost 2x larger + grilled beef.

i dont think they exist in the sharia state of krautistan just these grand ts things

I love you sweet Ran

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have a great time

>you people
They are not people, by Allah, they are infidels.

do you rape your wife too or do you just beat her up? and what about your wifi?