Shoseki 4/4

1 9784088830681 Jujutsu Kaisen 19 集英社 芥見下々 2022.4.4
2 9784088831206 One Piece 102 集英社 尾田栄一郎 2022.4.4
6 9784088830711 Black Clover 32 集英社 田畠裕基 2022.4.4
8 9784088830735 The Elusive Samurai 5 集英社 松井優征 2022.4.4
14 9784088830674 Witch Watch 5 集英社 篠原健太 2022.4.4
18 9784088831169 PPPPPP 2 集英社 マポロ3号 2022.4.4
78 9784088831190 Dorondororon 1 集英社 大須賀玄 2022.4.4
243 9784088830742 守れ!Shugomaru 1 集英社 伊原大貴 2022.4.4

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man yutaGOD the curse fucker really saved the manga

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I still can't understand how Shugomaro avoided the U19 club.

Other way around, Takopi's number 4, and Dragon Ball's number 5.

PPPPPP...I'm so glad, seeing how people considered it axebait to going to this makes me so happy. That being said, Doron is dead.

oh you're right. my bad

What was ayashimon at first

Around 50 I think, so it's really not happening for doronkeks.

Also, P6's first volume is currently at 160.

Oh wait, no, I've actually checked and that was day 2. Day 1 was
>29. Ayashimon 1
It's REALLY not happening.

Ayashi chads
We won

I don't understand any of what is happening in this manga since Shibuya ended but I read it every week.

Ayshimon first week was only 3 days though while doron got the full 7 days week, so the final result might not be as different as you would expect it from the numbers.


I lost it in the middle of shibuya, the manga just completely disconnected from me, like I just stopped comprehending what the fuck am I reading and why.



Is PPPPPP safe yet? Cause I wanted to give it a try but wasn't sure about it getting axed.

>PPPPPP at 18
We win again Furusubros

Didn't Doron release on April 1st?

It's gotten three color pages and has stabilized itself as a middle-ranker. And with these sales so far, it's reasonable to say that it's safe.

The jump is in a such a state right now, as long as non-battle manga survives the first axe round and sells something at all, you can assume it will go at least for a year now.

With axing material like Shugomaru, Doron and Ayashimon it's safe for a good while.

I understand your desire to cope, but no, the stuff in the op is the first day.

Where were you when ayashimon won

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>PPPPPP at 18
around how many volumes sold can we expect?

I don't see it getting axed for a while since it has a few cushions (read: Shugo, Earthchild, probably Doron) beneath it.

quite safe. I think it's safer than uu


Highly likely its getting axed

Great, thanks anons, I'm off to hunt down the chapters!

don't forget to read the one-shot. it's the prequel.

Here's the link:

Dammit, again?! Well, thanks for telling me, will try to find that too.

one-shot is the pilot for serialization. sometimes mangaka turned it into a prequel.

I think the earliest axing we've had lately is TPGW, which was axed at Ch 14. Meanwhile, Our Blood Oath was axed at Ch 18, and I Tell C at Ch 24. Axebait nowadays tend to last around at least 18 chapters, which is why I hope that Jump has the balls to axe Earthchild around Ch 14.

I think u-19 is matter of timing nowadays. tpgw and bonekek were the most recent early axed, right?

Yeah, that's right. The latest members of the U19 club are Red Hood and Neru, both of which ended at Ch 18.

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Does anyone have an updated version of this chart, by the way?

Why was 2019 so shit

people fight in a magic battle royal for there faction to win and change the world

I don't remember clearly, but I think that Jump skipped a serialization round, which explains why there were fewer manga debuting that year than other years. As a result, a lot more manga lived way longer than they would have under normal circumstances, especially Squid 8.

>magic battle
you mean sorcery fight

namedrop fucking WHEN?

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Which are the other series in the top 10? Bisque and something else?

Kemono jihen

>6 9784088830711 Black Clover 32 集英社 田畠裕基 2022.4.4
I'm quite satisfied about this. The decline in sales is totally deserved after the shit Tabata keeps writing lately.

Thanks a lot
It's still ongoing?

I seriously hope tabata is planning to wrap the series up with the next arc, since the manga is starting to feel like nanatsu no taizai already with how much it is overstaying its welcome

It's not about overstaying the welcome, but about the writing of the last two volumes being utter shit (I dare to say even below MHA's writing quality).

>vol 78

but that's the thing, the villains, the setups, the battles, everything is shit because the series is already dragging for too long
this entire arc has been garbage except for magna's moment

Its not that the writing quality is garbage, its more so how it feels like the story just keeps going with nothing in mind

Oh, yeah, that's for sure. The story is dragging aimlessly. Feels completely different form the previous saga

How long has this arc been? Feels like we've been stuck in the same palace for a year now.

Appreciate it user, you just saved me a lot of time.

56 chapters, if you start counting form chapter 273. 100 (almost 1/3 of the entire series) if you start from the timeskip

Jesus Christ, I thought I was simply remembering it wrong with how repetitive this arc has felt, but it really has been a year. Hopefully the arc will end soon because I just want a change in environment at this point.


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Yeah, the sooner this arcs ends the better. Though, the powerscaling can't be fixed anymore

There's no active thread at the moment so I'll ask here. I noticed Nobara has been trending on JP Twitter, did they reveal her fate?