Yuusha, Yamemasu

Another day, another fantasy show that's premiering. Is anyone looking forward to this?

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>cat loli
Picked up

Is the main girl from the Demon King's Army? Picked Up.

>kirito faced with sword
Picked up

>main girl
>implying romance
you're in for some disappointment.

>long haired dude with silver white color
picked up

The MC is a Terminator

A lot of non Isekai fantasy this season. This one looks bland as fuck tho.

Been reading the manga since way before the anime was announced, hope the anime its decent.

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What is even the gimmick of this one? I checked the archives and as far as I can tell this is the first thread the series has ever gotten on Yea Forums.

MC decides to quit being Yuusha and jump ship to demon lord army but Echidna (the demon lord) hates his guts for kicking her ass previously. So he puts on a disguise and help out the generals first to build a good relationship going forward.
Not gonna spoil beyond that since I think its best experience blind.

Fucking no, I'll check r34 of it gets big enough though

premise sounds fun, fuck normies

hero gets shat on my people he saved, so he goes work to rebuild the demon kings army

pls tell me he dicks the demon lord

As latest translated chapter in manga, they only just patched up a while back and are on equal grounds with each other. No romance yet.

>combat android

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too bad her type never wins

I'm only interested in this for demon Iskandar.

Kind of looks like DUDE in the top right.

Watching this only for the bara guy.

>catgirl character voiced by Hitomi Oowada
I love Lili, and all you guys!

Who the fuck is Lili?

That's her name?

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The story is pretty shit. The only thing I've ever been remotely interested in is the difference between old maou and nerfed maou.

That is how every other barabait character with full beard looks like.
Nice earrings though.

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He looks odd

Pretty sure I've seen this MC before


Why is Rider from Fate/Zero in this anime?

yikes traitor scum and probably race mixing too


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Its actually Endeavor from BnHA


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I just wanna see Maou's cute tail.

How so?

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If the demon kingdom has catgirls and humans don't I'd become a traitor as well.

25 minutes

5 minutes

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Was it ever explained why she became flat after being defeated?

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live long enough to become a villain yourself

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Would serve.

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