Big stacy energy

Big stacy energy

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Nagatoro is better

>twitter filename
back is where you go

stacies carry STDs

yet you know what it looks like thanks for exposing yourself

>this is what Nips thinks they look like

That's an anime character. You're mentally ill.

Marin is obviously a foreigner.

yes she is from uganda

This guy is so handsome with his micropupils and his awkward movements and constantly being nervous and his fron-facing nostrils and unfasionable haircut, no wonder I fell in love with him because he's tall.

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ya but she looked the best with no colour contact lenses and no bra just in her pajama like tank top

honestly this is pretty close even tho yeah most anime designs are heavily western beauty based.

Their eyes are way too small and narrow

More like big shit energy.

Nips wanna be white

having an unrealistic eye size fetish have driven asian girls to adopt eye surgeries that can be simple as given girls double lid surgeries or even more drastic measures like tearduct-cuts.
If you like big eyes european women with deep eye sockets are best.

>itt wishful thinking crackers
yeah you amerimutts all have white and purple hair and red eyes lmao get over yourselves
this is embarrassing


No, they're cartoon characters, meaning that they don't have enough detail to actually communicate “race”, so everyone looks at them and simply sees whatever race he expects to see, what he most sees around himself in them.
When Japanese people look at, say, the Simpsons, Homer also looks Japanese to them, because he's raceless and they wonder why North-Americans didn't give him European-style large noses and chins which they give European characters to make ti clear they're Euroepean.

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I really hate so much about this manga.
It's written like a self-insert male MC who is meant to appeal to the most awful women on the planet.

The mangaka is trying to lecture the audience that "even if your a creepy otaku, if you're a big enough simp you'll find love," but the reality is you have a MC who pays out of pocket for ungrateful womens cosplays who are so ego-centric and self-obsessed they don't even consider the MC to be anything more than someone who exists to support them.

It's honestly a disgusting story the glorifies the worst parts of men and women.
Cosplay is a pipeline to onlyfans thottery and porn when they get older.

All you need to know about this show is how much awful women on twitter cream over it, no good woman wants a man like the MC, women want a man with dreams, not an accessory to their thottery.

No one cares.

You (You)'d my post nearly 1 minute after it was posted you sperg, you invalidated your own point.
That said, you should care, mangaka overtly lecturing otaku and telling them that being an overly enthusiastic gachikoi for terrible women will make them "better people" is morally dogshit

i would seriously suck him off in the middle of a crowded hallway

Seek help

Do white girls think they look like that?

fukuda is a mentally ill mangaka who made her wish fulfillment saviorfag husbando and her editor sold the story as a story for men.
Anyone in a functional relationship will call this awful show out for what it is

so much bait

nagatoro a shit, shit. Boooo.

really though this boy is so god damn cute, fucking nerdy little shit

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It's a bad fotm show with good animation, it was never going to get good threads

>what if we made an autistic otaku that just does whatever other people tell him to do
Nice shit taste

>he doesnt want a submissive autistic otaku
i would rape that ass the locker room and i bet he'd love it

Part of the joy is in breaking in someone, he would just go with whatever, utterly boring

Average Japanese modern girls are like 10 times more better than any contemporary Western landwhale/balding/piercing girl. Yuck! Actual Western girls are disgusting unless they're some superstar singer or model who works out in the gym like crazy and knows how to do makeup due to producer staff pressure.
This is reality.
Japanese girls>Western girls

he would go with whatever? how do you know? The fun part is finding his limits and pushing them, watching him blush as you test him more and more. Hell, he'd probably resist anal sex until you fingered him for a while, and he probably wouldn't even like that.
There's plenty of breaking in to do with this big boy.

this sounds less like actual criticism and more like insane incel cope not gonna lie

Idk why this fun little series brings out the biggest incels out of them all

why does this series attract so many bitter incels

>why do non-bitter non-incels browse Yea Forums
You really don't belong here, dude.

>tfw i have to wait until s2 for amenoxgojo doujins
it´s not fair...


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Because it's a title with a hot, charming, good looking, handsome, interesting male protagonist who isn't a nervous wreck who realistically gets a 10/10 Stacy and incels have the confidence and experience to know that they are so good looking and amazing so they find it relatable.

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that one slutty teacher who cucks her student twice.

If you are going to ignore a pointy jaw as a requisite for a good comparison, you should have just picked Emma Stone

unfortunately white characters in anime/manga have bigger defined nose
it's like every white guy/gal is a jew

Uganda lick these nuts

This show looks so ugly. 2006 tier colors

why was it less popular?

lmao my nigga here thinking japanese girls look like anime
my brother in christ nip women are ugly as sin

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Dang she is so pretty

the ones in the middle look nice

>watching a show about makeup and fashion written by a woman
I knew you guys were gay, but damn

are you not watching the other seasonal shows?
those shows look like shit compared to this

We're girls, user.

>t. scared to watch the series thinking he'll turn gay
face your fears user

it's fine user, I'm not gonna make fun of you for taking it up the ass

Japanese girls are all prettier than modern "non-actress" average Western girls who you actually see en masse.

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Lol this nigga doesn't watch Boku no Pico
Get tf outta here lol

>big ass nose
westoids really believe anime characters = white? kek

Also, the one on the far left is waifu material and positively breedable.
Would marry

today I will remind them

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Nobody really thinks like that except for shitposters. The language/Japanese mentality context immediately tells you it's not American and Western Europeans aren't retarded enough to think sth like that in the first place.

The logical fallacy here is that you're outing Japan as the only country wlthat copies stuff, other countries do that all the time and nobody complains.
Hell half of the English language consists of actual French words but Americans are to dumb to realize that.
China copies stuff all the time but nobody discusses that.
Why is Japan singled out???

yeah bro, so pretty!
just say you never saw a japanese woman in real life

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