I'm reading dragon ball right now for the first time...

I'm reading dragon ball right now for the first time. I did read the frieza saga in middle school and thought it was pretty cool but now I can say for sure that early dragon ball has so much SOUL to it.
Also luffy and nami are almost 1/1 of Goku and Bulma what a hack Oda is.

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>Oda is a toriyama fanboy
woah, you don't say.
wouldn't surprise me if the joyboy shit is just oda's excuse to make a super saiyan luffy

It's a shame there ain't more great big sister / little bro relationships in anime

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Why is Bulma flashing her panties to a toddler?

wants his dragon balls

Goku is 12-14 here

In only 6 chapters Bulma

Had her sexual advances turned down by teenage boy
Pissed herself
Got her boobies peeped on by a bum
Had her panties stolen while she slept
Unwittingly flashed her vagina to an old man

The swiftest humiliation of a woman in fiction. Raise your glass to Toriyama.

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Do you think the "I'll let you rub my butt" move would've worked on grandpa gohan?

The very beginning of Duragon Booru is unironically my favourite part of the entire series.
Watched the original anime for the first time like 2 years ago and have been laughing my ass off at it ever since.

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ironically enough, the first arc wasn't popular when it was serialized. it only gained traction when goku went to train with roshi for the tournament

Well I'm convinced now!

Then when her utter humiliation was complete, she was paraded around in a bunny suit.

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>this chubby overgrown toddler eventually becomes the strongest human of the setting

I don't quite remember what kind of a character Krillin is later in the franchise, but when he was introduced he was absolutely a cheating, underhand ways using weasel.
Isn't he like really proper later on?

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OG Dragon Ball is legitimately great, there's a reason it set the standard. People are just being contrarian if they say otherwise. Also it still does Tournament Arcs the best, fuck you HxH fans.

he changes when he wins against his former bullies

>has so much SOUL to it.
to begin with,the hand drawn animation
he's 14 in the scene,dude

Oh yeah, they had that tiny teeny character development arc over that spesific tournament didn't they?
Like Krillins former peers were even bigger assholes and Krillin kind of proved their ways are flawed by beating their asses.

KEK based.
And she stays with the bunny suit for like, almost a volume while they travel around the world lol

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I'm always amazed in how Americans decided to watch Z before the original.

i don't even think it's called z outside of the us.
all the original 42 volumes up to and ending with kid buu being btfo is just called dragon ball everywhere else.

20 years ago it wasn't a decision, you watched what the channels gave you

Kek, based Krill making npc’s seethe

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>Goku is 12-14 here
>he's 14 in the scene,dude
Where is hat southpark episode when you need it?


>i don't even think it's called z outside of the us.
what, the anime has the Z everywhere, yes in japan too
you're thinking only about the manga which is lacking the Z

Oh man I remember when 42 volumes was considered a lot of material. I think I'm terms of just how fast things go that the android saga was when it started to go downhill.

tao pai pai arc is the peak of DB/Z.
>moving around by throwing a log and using it as a means of transportation
unironically the strongest character in anime

Here the manga was called Z, when the volumes were like 130 pages at max, then they made an edition of about 300 pages each and then it became just dragonball

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I don’t even think the english version of the original DB’s manga was around back then when, much less the anime.

>the android saga was when it started to go downhill
Definitely. Toryiama wanted the fight with Frieza and Goku's death to be the climax of the series after all.

>moving around by throwing a log and using it as a means of transportation
Yeah, this was badass as fuck.

>it wasn't a decision
It was for the channels. And the channel directors decided it was a good idea to start airing a super popular series from the middle instead of the beginning.

we had the original before Z. It was a version where goku was named "Zero" and puar was named "squeker"

it got axed


It was a marble column he teared off with his own hands, not a log

we had the original airing at least, loved it as a kid and i preferred it over Z

Sometimes I wish Dragon Ball never progressed to Z onwards. There's just something so wholesome about Bulma, Goku, Oolong, and Yamcha traveling around the world searching for Dragon Balls and getting into various (mis)adventures. I can only appreciate powerlevel tournament fights for so long, and it's been that way for over 30 years.

Just split the timeline so I can have both, Toriyama. Greenlight it before you die.

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Still a better dub than funimation

Original Dragon Ball is also my favorite not just because it was the first one I watched and maybe even first anime I watched but also because of not ridiculous power scaling and transformations in the latter series.

He gets hot wife later on in the series.

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It's what happens when an adventure of the week series gets a full blown storyline. Kinda like with Reborn


>Bulma was 16 at the beginning of DB

There was an episode in southpark where Kyle (i think it was) went to the police because he was abused by a female teacher, and the police said "what a lucky guy" to him

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I had no idea this existed.
Why do so few americans watched that before Z then?

>The original music was kept
This makes it better than the Z dubs already

Krillin is like all of Goku's friends, an unambiguous antagonist until he gets to fight him (well he didn't have to fight him in this case, but you know what I man)

Because they didn't mention it only ran for like 12 episodes and it wasn't promoted properly so nobody watched it

Ah, got it. So it doesn't really count.

Oh sorry, I'm a bong. didn't realise your post was targeted to burgers only

i love the fact that Goku can't distinguish between men and women in Dragon Ball.

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He did both

American kids just watched American cartoons. It wasn't until Pokemon was a massive success that people really thought anime could be popular. And after Pokemon they started with Z because starting from the beginning had already failed and because in the 90s there was a much bigger available niche for action cartoons than comedy ones.

truly a progressieve fella, never assuming gender

Never forget this was official.

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>And after Pokemon they started with Z
WOOOAAHHH! Wait a fucking second.
Pokemon was aired BEFORE dragon ball in the US?

What the actual fuck!? By the time Pokemon became a thing here (1999), Dragon Ball was done and finished.
That give me a whole other perspective on the chronology of these things in America.

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>Goku was changed to Zero
>Bulma was changed to Lena
>Pilaf was changed to Oculi
>Turtle was changed to Tortoise
>Oolong was changed to Mao Mao
>Pocawatha was changed to Pochawompa
>Yamcha was changed to Zedaki
>Puar was changed to Squeaker
>Krillin was changed to Bongo
>Launch was changed to Marilynn
>Tien Shinhan was changed to Shinto
>Korin was changed to Whiskers the Wonder Cat
>Grandpa Gohan was changed to Tendor the Great
>Crane Hermit was changed to Lord Wu Zu
>Taopaipai was changed to General Tao Pei
>Shenron was changed to Dragon God
>Chiaotzu was changed to Chaozu
>Mai was changed to Femina
>Penguin Village was changed to Happy Valley in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, but was still called Penguin Village in their dub of Dr. >Slump.
>Senbei Norimaki was only referred to as his nickname Dr. Slump
>Akane was changed to Sandy
>Taro was changed to Butch
>Peasuke was changed to Buddy
>Aoi was changed to Lois
>Midori Yamabuki was changed to Tammy Lafox

I just wanted to post the turtle to tortoise change but then there was one knee slapper after another

Yes it does indeed have SOUL. Much more than DBZ had. I like DBZ, but it's the standard-bearer for formulaic power creep battle shounen. Dragon Ball, on the other hand, always felt more like an adventure. It's fun, simple as.

Well Z first got dubbed in 1996 but it ended up getting canceled right before Goku fought the Ginyu Force. After Pokemon got huge they reran it and made a new dub where the old one left off and that's when Dragon Ball finally got really popular in America.

Was there burger music from the start?


Interesting. I had no idea.

Can just repeat what the poster under you said, early anime wild west lore is really interesting.

I hope you guys got the chance to listen to the originals later.
Luckily, the european dubs kept the original music. It was absolute soul.