Literally nobody knows what's going on anymore

>literally nobody knows what's going on anymore

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I haven't understood anything in this for the past15 years

We call that schizokino.

APOCRYPHOS RAPING EVERYONE is as good a summary as any.

We always have that brainchad user in new chapter dumping thread

That scar is familiar but I can't even remember what it's from. Oh wait no, I've just realised the nonsense symbols on the left actually say D.Gray-Man. Holy shit, how is this still going?

All I know is that Road is cute, Allen deserves a hug, and I want to fuck the 14th while the Earl is forced to watch.

>Allen has been crying for almost like 30 chapters straight

To be fair Allen suffering is the natural state of the universe.

its gotten really good outside of an exceptional amount of fujo bait. you should pick it up again if it was ever interesting to you.

Just 30?

I do every time I see a new chapter like once a year, but I'm so lost whenever i do. The last time it seemed coherent to me was when the man made out of the shit they use for weapons was going around trying to kill people. Then the protag's body got taken over by a clown or something, and there were immortal twink twins in a mansion that are the villain and the clown I think and they were the same person at one point.

Is this the thread for things that have long since overstayed their welcome?

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>Then the protag's body got taken over by a clown or something
user this never happened

That's a cool mech. Thanks for posting it.

It turned out he was the clown then? He took over clown body? Internal struggle? Multiple personalities? Something like that.

People still care about this?

yeah 3 of us every 3 months

this is such a shit series but dammit sunk-cost is one hell of a drug

>Author confirmed MC is canonically a whore on her instagram

It's better than One Piece at least.

me as one of the 3

You're making me want to check the series out, user.

i'll pick it up in 20 years when it's finished

I seriously didn't even know D.Grayman was still a thing, I thought it got axed.

it got put on life support IV drips so the mangaka can have the comfiest mangaka life ever

Every DGM thread:
>Road is best girl
>Legnalee is best girl
>is this gay
>this is still alive?
>summary user
>i don't know what's going on
It's sad that pastAllen pasta user is dead

Didn't this just end? And end without actually wrapping anything up?

If that interested you then you might like it. It turns from a pretty generic shonen into some insane suffering filled schizo kino over time.

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This but with Owari no Seraph. At this point I'm just reading for Yamamoto art and maybe a few characters I like.

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OnS just gave up


Nope, the evil twin princess arc is still ongoing. But the mangaka hasn't given a fuck since he snapped back in 2014 and only publishes 2 or 3 chapters per year.

The 14th is a clown though, just not in the literal sense. What a tard he was.

user he managed to slaughter like 12/14 Noahs it couldn't be helped that the target was his beloved brother

* 11/14
>This is definitely Allen-san who would get money from getting taken pictures of
>Allen-san's potential whenever money is involved...I'm worried for his future even though he is my child


It's a fucking zombie
4 chapters a year if nothing interupting the schedule. Yet the manga exhibition was enough of a success it got rerun thrice with merch kept getting sold out, and new nendo announced

So it's popular in japan, just not with you western LGBT retards who have latino reading comprehension?

He could kill however many he wants and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things since they are reborn time and time again unless (presumably) he kills them all.

latest volume sold like 250k ish so I wouldn't say it's that popular
Especially compared to its peak (~ 700k)

more like the mangaka got put on life support IV drips

Nah she looks well off enough

MC is surprisingly thoughtful

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dgm is madly well written, it's a beautiful slice of mid 2000s culture, pre globohomo but still post globalization. it's not surprising it was such a seamless marriage of british lore and aesthetic and japanese storytelling

i love allen, man

I wonder if he is the only "I don't want to kill the demons" MC that Yea Forums would accept

I have no problems with him

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well first off, Allen is already called a clown in story, so it's not that we can laugh at him for being a clown
second, he wants to save the "demons" by fucking kill them. He has no intention to let them live aside maybe Noah's human host
Other thing is, no one in the story accepts his way of doing either including his friends but he does understand that. Author never tries to force "MC is right and everyone is wrong", if anything things keep getting worse and worse for Allen to the point he just goes "well no way I will survive"

The manga is currently kino as fuck.

It's stopped pretending to be a battle shounen.

The next chapter will be the end. Rumored to be 114 pages long, with that maybe mangaka can make a decent open end. Keep your finger crossed.

I forgot what this was about and I used to like it a lot as a teen. I just remember the art went to shit and it became like a completely different manga.

I really just don't get that if Mana is half of the Earl and Nea (the other half) is inside Allen, how does the Earl we've seen throughout the whole series just appear in the latest chapter

>how does the Earl we've seen throughout the whole series just appear in the latest chapter
That thing is a manifestation of Noah's memory inside Mana

I didn't even realise the author was doing chapters again.

I don't get it. So our MC is named Allen but there is also a dog named Allen and another guy named Allen who knew both Mana and Nea?
Also, Mana is the Earl we have seen all along?

PastAllen and CurrentAllen are same people but without memory
Doggo Allen was called Allen just because that's one of the few things remained in Mana's fucked up brain
>Mana is the Earl we have seen all along?

I love this seiries but
>literally nobody knows what's going on anymore
Wake me up when we're out of the circus. Then I'll pick it back up, reread the past 15~ chapters and go back to following it

I honestly never thought it was generic even from the start.

>Love DGM
>Hoshino is fucking dying just to do this story
It's not fair bros.

As the person below put it, Allen is done in a way where he suffers for his principles so it's fine.

Do we know why the Earl splits into Mana and Nea in the first place?

7000 years of suffering