Anons who can't self insert can't empathize. People who can't empathize have an antisocial personality disorder

Anons who can't self insert can't empathize. People who can't empathize have an antisocial personality disorder.

If an user says self insert bad, that user is a sociopath/psychopath. And enjoys yuri and other forms of homosexual/abnormal entertainment.

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I self insert as broken buff men with scars

yeah self insert kun is always accurate to how i am in real life no matter what series it is

If when you watch anime you look at the main character and say “This is me, and all the girls in this show are my girlfriends” then you are just as mentally as any yurinigger

Anons who play armchair psychologist are stupid.

ultimate based. jewish anti self-inserters btfo.

>Bro you see this faggy twink? You should definitely relate to him and his practically non-existent personality outside of being a faggy twink!
You sound like the Jew here

If you can only relate to people who are blank slates then you have very little empathy.

hey! fuck you kike nigger bitch! btfo duuude!

The problem is that you're expected to only empathize with this one character, while the others are mere insects in comparison.
But yea of course you always have the faggy tryhard kids going on about chads and betas

Do you think this guy can become a chad?

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>bro you see this average idiot who begins to toil hard, changes his personality for the better, while earning whatever rewards he gets for it? he's not an something you should insert as.
kys and eat shit.

>bro you see this average idiot who begins to toil hard, changes his personality for the better, while earning whatever rewards he gets for it?
Kek, almost never happens with blank state MCs and you know it

sure, just needs hormone therapy to grow a beard and jaw excercises to drag that chin out

what an unfortunate face... well thank god im not him and can actually self insert like normal people are supposed to

The fuck is that guy even? But yes even he can be a Chad. As long as you don't have some physical disability you can become a chad

I agree.

hachiman, that kyoani incel, ayanokouji.
three of the most anti-social loners who grew up to be more open and act normal.
these are your posterboys for self-inserts and that's not really a bad thing. Or do you prefer inserting yourself into tardku?

I like the guy who does the time stop

He doesn't know what that word actually means.

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Self inserting is fucking retarded. I am not an anime character. Even if I can relate in some way to a character that does not mean i can or am going to self insert. It makes no fucking sense, and neither does this "antisocial disorder".

maybe you'd like to share your first-hand experience with us?

Is your name Naruto Uzumaki? Lmao

OP, you are a faggot and have it completely wrong. Somebody with true emotional empathy should be able to self insert as any main character portrayed by a story. As long as they are sympathetic, the physical appearance should not matter. Likewise, it is people with low amounts of empathy who have trouble putting themselves in the shoes of characters that look or behave radically different from them. It is in fact you who that has outed himself as the autistic sociopath here.

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The word you're looking for is asocial.

You're welcome.

I'm only familiar with Hachiman, but I wouldn't say he's a blank slate though I don't really like him.
>Or do you prefer inserting yourself into tardku?
I'll never understand this idea that just because I dislike something I must belong to some group that a person has a vendetta against?

where are his eyes

What the fuck is antisocial personality disorder?

Imagine not being able to empathize with yuri.
If there was a magic stick that could change genders, EVERYONE would use it for yurishit and nobody would be called a tranny for it.

So you have autoogynephilia.

I simply hate the male form (sexually) and would much prefer if it weren't needed (in the bedroom).


This is a good argument against yurifags. Thank you so much.

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>you cant view a story from a outside lens you HAVE to insert yourself
Ok, i have to be tomoko kuroki now

"Those who can't understand self-insert have no heart. Those who actually self-insert have no brain."

That's what autogynephiles say in the beginning.

>tomoko kuroki
Yeah. That's the point of the show. It's about what if you have low social skills and you always end up making a fool out of yourself. You don't laugh at her from the outside.

>you dont laugh at her from the outside
I feel bad for her and laugh at how she acts from the outside
About the same feeling with tatsuhiro sato but watamotes far more of a exaggerated comedy then NHK.

Op is right but so are you, you should be able to do as you said but also able to self insert, even in to a character that is not a blank self insert

Self-inserting is literally autistic behavior.

actually, it's the people who can't understand a main character who is nothing like them that have no empathy and are low IQ

As a yurifag, I can self-insert into guys just fine. I'd rather self insert into a father who has gay daughteru(s) instead of a Japanese high school boy.

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But Akebi is not Yuri. Yuri fags are so delusional. YWNBAW

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Self inserting has nothing to do with empathy. If anything, self inserting thats a degree of egocentric thinking.

You have a pretty interesting definition of yuri if two girls kissing, a few lesbian characters, and the publisher calling something yuri doesn't count.

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I don't self-insert and I have hyperempathy.
Maybe you're the sociopath here if you can only relate to one (1) character.

This. It's one thing to enjoy a dedicated yuri series but once you start shipping straight girls with their friends you've entered degenerate tranny territory.

>straight girls with their friends
Not in this series.

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Stop being a loser running away to a fantasy world where nothing happens besides girls like you now

This is a parody.

There is no way a person that has made a post like this has no self-awareness of how stupid. They sound, to even anyone on this site.

Self inserting is only meant to be a starting point in the stories you watch and read. "I Self insert as an Isekai god is retarded." You watch a show and understand a person from their starting point, but saying that "that's what I related to" is delusional and sad unless you can actually get that harem. Keep it up user.

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I think the problem with discussions like this is that people have different ideas on what "self-inserting" is, and everyone argues about their own understanding of it against someone else's different understanding of it.

Are fujos also trannies?

The issue with your argument is that people aren't incapable of self-inserting, it's that they refuse to self-insert. I want people to pay attention here because Hachiman is a great example of why one shouldn't self-insert. If you're a cringy asocial nerd women wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole. So irl..

1) A hot teacher won't be forcing you to work with two hot girls in a club
2) You won't be having le heckin banter with these two hot girls.
3) One of them won't thirsting for your dick from the beginning
4) The other won't be a broken Tsundere(or whatever dere she is) that only you can fix
5) The entire class won't be broken people who are running to trouble where you conveniently fix them through some self-sacrifice.
6) Their lives won't revolve around yours.

The reason self-inserting is bad is because most of these stories are cringe wish-fulfillment stories that give you unrealistic expectations of the world, especially women.

Its far, far more rare in fujo's case

>if you cry at a sad movie, you have hyper-empathy.

Looks like a new word invented by globohomos for their agenda.

Here's the best explanation. It's either your limbic system is working properly or not.

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self insert doesn't mean empathize, it literally means roleplay as someone you aren't, which is textbook schizophrenic/psychopathic behavior

I see that local schizo got a new tactic method of shitposing

>these stories are cringe wish-fulfillment stories that give you unrealistic expectations of the world, especially women.
This. I would reevaluate my life if I'm self-inserting into a romcom protag.

Why the double standard? They're shipping males with their male friends. How is it any different?

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Because you are speaking to a fujo or a faggot

These shitpost bait threads should be killed on sight, particularly this type of retarded vs shit

fuck off new fag go post more pedophilia and talk about how much cum your brain is filled with


Female to male trans is far;far more rare than male to female. And fujo is usually enjoyed by men (or ftm trannies)