One Piece

>Final War happens
>Zoro jobs to Tashigi

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you already know

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luffy will lose his smoker rematch

literally no one cares about One Piece anymore. get with it, OP.

Based Oda would never let that happen

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the bed should be big enough to fit yamato, right?

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Top 10 doublespreads this arc (no real order)
Oden holding up the scabbards
Zoro defeats King
Straw Hats standing together
Nika fruit reveal
Tobi Roppo introduction
Inu/Neko Sulong after CoC split
Robin defeats Black Maria
Scabbards attack Kaido
First Thunder Bagua
Supernovas vs. Yonko from 1001

Luffy has
>The world's best shipwright
>The world's best navigator
>(Soon to be) The world's best sniper
>(Soon to be) The world's best swordsman
>One of the world's best archeologists
>(Soon to be) The world's best doctor
>A world renowned rockstar
>One of the world's best helmsmen
>The world's best chef
But sure, the fact that Yamato offers nothing new to the table and have no unique skills is no big deal. It's not like every crewmate is exceptionally talented in their respective role

World's best tomboy?

>The world's best swordsman
Zoros dream is safe. Yamato uses clubs after all.
(Law exist) I'm so sorry...

Tashigi deflects and marries zoro

actually, no not really

Time to put Franky to work.

>(Law exist) I'm so sorry...

The guy who can't win any major fight on his own?

Zolokeks will never recover.

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Yamato is joining the crew.

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Bonney is the best

Where the FUCK are the spoilers? Did Redon get busted by Shueisha when the textless Mangaplus thumbnails were leaked last week?

Law big fights are never fair, kek, he trully is a pirate

>Vergo had his heart, teamed up with Smocker
>Mingo and Fuji
>Mingo and Trebol
>Him and Kidd vs Big Mom

He at the least Destroyed Hawkins.

I can't believe he won

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can you imagine this? Shipwrecked, giving all your food to the person next to you who wants to kill you, and cutting your own leg off for sustenance?

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What shounen isn't childish?

I see at least five pros here my negro

I hope so

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hunter x hunter

I miss zeff

Caribou 4 nakama!

>western shit

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>Destroyed Hawkins
X drake had to let him out of his cuffs in order to win though?

you are 17 hours too early

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not suction cups? What?

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Tashigi EASILY has the most unreasonable dream in the series. You think this bitch is gonna collect all the great blades from there pirate users? is this bitch gonna take WBs spear off his grave and take mihawks sword? is she gonna track down rogers sword and take it for herself? im not even gonna mention zoros swords. Her whole character since alabasta and then again in punk hazard is that she is way to weak for the big dogs to even take her seriously. I wonder if she will have some sort of arc that changes that but who knows.

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And then you woke up, Tashigi

not to mention Zoro is the rightful owner of his swords as he is Shimotsuki

>those people who insist one piece has to be serious during climactic fights

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luffy will never beat smoker

When was the last time she swiped a sword? Oda forgot.

Early leak from the Korean Leaker

1046: Flotsam

Germa Cover Story: Brulee is busy finding brides for Niji and Yonji among her sisters, but a few Okama looking brothers appear to be the frontrunners.

We see a teenage Kaidou swimming away from an island with hills resembling those on Mihawk's homebase. He tries to cross from the Grandline into West Blue via the Calm Belt, but is set up on by Sea Kings. Edward Newgate of the Rocks Pirates swims passed him and saves him.

Newgate takes Kaidou to the Rocks Pirates flagship, telling him to forget about going to West Blue, he's better off as an apprentice with the strongest crew in the Grand Line.

We see Kaidou scrubbing the floors of the kitchen, interacting with the cook of the Rocks Pirates, Red Leg Zeff, who makes sure Kaidou has enough to eat. We also see him being treated for sea sickness by the Doctor of the Rocks Pirates, Kureha.

Besides Big Mom, Newgate, Zeff, and Kureha the other pirates make fun of Kaidou and refer to him as Flotsam. He starts training in order to defeat them, but catches the eye of Captain Rocks D. Xebec in the process, who is quite impressed.

Rocks approaches Kaidou and asks him if he's ever heard of Uranus. Kaidou says he hasn't and Rocks says, "We'll let me show you first hand." Rocks unzips his pants and bends Kaidou over, showing him that the sea is a rough place indeed.

Break next week.

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like, what? Zeff as the chef of Rocks?

a child, no matter how angry is worthy of pity, and a lot of people would sacrifice, for a child's safety.
Plus he was gonna have to do it anyway to feed himself.

As much as I like the current arcs and the developments (Sanji's arc with pudding is one of my favourites in the franchise), man do I miss these early moments.

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this was pretty funny

the pachy

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>those people who insist one piece has to be serious during climactic fights

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actually fell for that till the ending


I'm not reading your ultra-r*ddit spaced post, user :)


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huh, I forgot they established this detail this early on. I know Jimbe explicitly tells nami it was him that unleashed arlong.

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What i find funny here is that he cut off his leg on the first day of their shipwreck.

He must have wanted to do that for a while

was the zoro slicing king and sanji kicking queen not a double spread?

>buckbreak next week
fixed it for you

Tranji would job and get bailed our by Zoro

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God I love the arlong park arc.

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Some great Dark Piece in this arc.

god yeah.

Also usopp finally starting to man the fuck up.

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Rain god Vivi

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Yamato will sleep with the Boys

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when is wano getting buster called?

That was my plan.

world's best waifu

That already goes to Ulti who is also Pirate Queen

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Grand Line tanks Buster Calls. They're only a death sentence in the four seas. In the Grand Line there are many pirates and their crews who could counter them. Especially in the New World,

If Admirals show up with backup, that's a different story.


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Cute aunt and niece duo

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okay sorry when are they sending kizaru with a fleet to wano

think there's any relation?

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They're not, because Sakazuki fears the samurai

We might get Green Bull showing up after getting lost or something.