ITT other projects of anime directors

ITT other projects of anime directors

Is anno a hack?

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Gunbuster episode 6 would disagree.
I believed this board when it said Anno was a one hit wonder with Eva. You fuckers lied

Never listen to anything anyone on this site says. They're always wrong, except when they're not.

You fell for the contrarians. Anno is a fantastic director. Watch Shin Godzilla if you haven't.

>I believed this board when it said Anno was a one hit wonder with Eva.
Whoever told you that must have only watched Eva out of the things he directed.

Obviously Anno is a hack.
Haven't you see Evangeliman?

> t. Miyazaki

Are you implying this was a bad movie?

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>Is anno a hack?
Yes but not for Shin Godzilla

Yep. Very interesting message. I applaud this originality. Eva afterall isn't just copypastes of earlier scifi.

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Forget the message, its still one of the best Godzilla movies.

Even if Toho took the wrong idea from it...

If that's what you got from Shin Godzilla then you're a legit retard.

>Shin Godzilla
Just remember folks, this is the kind of people you share a board with

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Yes, because if someone criticized the government before, that means no one else is allowed to do it, ever. Fucking idiot.

I'm pretty sure that's just the western conception of it
The japs took it more that the government was slow and methodical so as to not make any rash decisions.

Gunbuster is not very good in my opinion.

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But thats indeed true

To get to Gunbuster episode 6 you had to crawl through five crap episodes. Karekano goes from mediocre to masterpiece one Anno leaves, that alones goes to show how he can drag a show to the ground.

>slow and methodical so as to not make any rash decisions.
no it was a sendup of the response to the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster, several things were taken directly from it, like the noodles joke or the pm putting on a goofy coverall before the press conference to seem like he's involved hands-on.

Which Getter was this?

Shin Godzilla is actually good though unlike EVA 3.0 and 3+1


Shin Getter vs Neo Getter I think.

and "There is no chance of the creature coming on land/nuclear disaster" right before exactly that happens

get trolled kiddo. Try to watch stuff on your own and explore next time.

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anno and oshii are dogshit film directors compared to every other japanese director.

Shin Godzilla is great though

>To get to Gunbuster episode 6 you had to crawl through five crap episodes.
Ah, that makes sense. I tried watching Gunbuster with my friends because it was presumably really good and we turned it off after one episode.

>the message of shin godzilla was GOVERNMENT BAD

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A hack for Eva? sure.
Shin Godzilla is the best Godzilla movie ever.

>Is anno a hack?
Yup, Hideaki Anno is a genius.


>best Godzilla movie ever
That's King of the Monsters

Shin Godzilla isn't even the best live action Anno.

well, which one is it? (without looking it up)


I love Love & Pop for being an episode of NGE redressed as an experimental movie, but Ritual is easily his most formally accomplished film.

>gov guy finally puts the coagulant plan into action
>decisive battle starts playing
now tell me that wasn't fun

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It’s about japanese dependency on the USA, the critique leveled against the government is that it is in sufficiently nationalist. Young, hungry politicians like the protagonist are what’s needed to get out of the modern jap quagmire.
Less committee work, more focus on practical matters, allowing nerdy expert types to shine and employ their skills.
The movie is sympathetic to the old, but recognizes it needs to discard them in order to go on

>Godzilla gets a tragic villain theme song

Fuck off. Shin is great

Where the fuck have you been?
Baloney Pony

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I really like how the second attack has the original godzilla music

You can make fun of Anno all you want, but he got his directing style from watching other live action media and working on them instead of being focused solely on anime. More anime directors should work on live action projects to get more experience doing different things and using it for their anime projects.

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Does Shin still have the best beam?

I prefer the mash up version

>”payback time.”
>”roger. Payback.”
>fuckin dies

>Makes the best godzilla movie since 1954
>A hack
Pick one.

This. Kaiju vs JSDF does the same thing.

Thanks, this might be my second favorite song after persecution of the masses.

I'll die a happy man if they manage to get anno to direct a sequel to this.

I wonder if redlettermedia would even review it, they seem capable of enjoying and reviewing asian stuff like korea's perfectly fine.

How would you do the sequel then?
>China, EU and US constantly try to steal Godzilla from Japan while every nips say that he might wake up from it
I do want to see the Flesh cyborg mechagodzilla


>I wonder if redlettermedia would even review it, they seem capable of enjoying and reviewing asian stuff like korea's perfectly fine.
Jay's talked about it favorably, but I doubt Mike would ever actually watch it. It's right up his alley, but I still doubt he'd watch it. sage for Yea Forums crap.

Probably a huge time skip into the future.
Mass produced units of godzilla spawn everywhere, kaiju cannibalism, glorious splattering of blood and gore in urban areas.

Just some unfiltered thoughts.
Some great movies are born from snippets of ideas/images here and there.

>Men become God(zilla)
Fund it

It would be great to hear their thoughts on the technical details, like in re-view.
They notice things the average viewer probably wouldn't care about.

Son of Shin Godzilla
20 or so years later, Godzilla is being systematically vivisected to prevent its organic nuclear reactor restarting. Scientists involved in the project start getting attacked by mysterious creatures that gets covered up as unrelated incidents to prevent panic or accusations that might lead to an international incident.
An investigative journalist is trying to expose the full story and the third act twist is his mother, while incarcerated on inflated charges over a misdemeanor, was experimented on and exposed to G-Cells. While the other creatures are the humanoid godzillas escaped from a cloning facility and operating as a hivemind to try and rescue the progenitor but he is the true Shin Godzilla Jr.
at this point feed the director a sheet of acid and see what they come up with

They really love this kind of shots

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