Why is she so short?

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I think you got the measurements wrong. 174cm is taller than the average Japanese girl.

Should anyone shorter than 180cm really be considered human?

girls taller than 160 and men shorter than 180 should both not count as human beings.

is 160 really a reasonable upper limit? far left is my height btw

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Imagine being shorter than 20cm


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That puts her well above the average adult female height in America (5 foot 4, inb4 muttland), even thr Nordic and Scandinavian countries (5 foot, 5 inches)

She would be a full 6 inches taller than the average eleven female (5 foot 2 inches).

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Only if they're female. They should ideally be about 150.

not, they're better than human


For me it's 130

she heightmogs me

the fuck is she taller than me?

>the taller you are, the higher the chance you get prostate cancer
no thanks, let be a manlet in peace

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>low tomato sauce consumption

anti-italian food bros... I don't feel so good....

Chino thread?
My wife chino is so cloned


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Taller than the average woman in any country too

I thought she was 104

Also she has problems with distwnce because boys told her that "_______" this is 20 cm lol

I forgot to watch this one.
Thanks for reminding me

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114cm is made for manhandling

Not quite what I was expecting but I like it.
Surprised you can't already hear the whispering from classmates.

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What's that in real human units?

One and a half bald eagles

>posts the male leads height
>why is she this height?

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Suzu Hagimura
140 cm, or 4' 7"

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She is 182cm, the guy is only 185

Nowadays the the average 12-year-old Japanese girl is 174cm.

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>astolfo weighs more than me
yeah but vegeta's weight is bullshit looking at his physique

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>weighing less than 125
Nice body girl


dude, why she's on a fidget spinner?

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Because you're an animeonly faggot

user go lift some weights please

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how do I gain height? I don't want to be 170 cm

i can lift as much as i want and I'll still be 5'7. Being a twink is much easier

Calf raises and pullups/other bar hanging exercises

Thats aint short its my height

I hope you're a woman because otherwise thats short

I love my office goblin.

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>27 kg
Made for dumbell curls


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That guy is not 105 kg and 195 cm, if so he would be some sort of slender man monstruosity.

The average japanese is 165 cm, they're taller in very rare cases.

No he would be average with a bit of chubb. For a fully tone low body fat body he would be sizeable but not pic related. Add another 10-15 kg or so.

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The orange haired girl who comes in at episode 2 is 6 ft in height.

When people say this I assume they're in one of those categories and just have some humiliation fetish

174cm is not short, i'm not short, you are short, and you are a fucking faggot as always op

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Based average 12-year-old girls dabbing on prude americans

Before Japan ruined him Astolfo was a muscular bearded knight

She didn't drink enough milk growing up.

I'd give her something to drink.

Nobody knew who Astolfo was before Fate.

>African-American race
So how how much more common is prostate cancer in blacks than whites and Asians that they were even allowed to include it in the list rather than using one of the other factors for each case?

Because she's autistic.

>big breast's name is makura
So fitting

Real men are 10cm

Character weights absolutely never make sense.

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Japs are absolute retards and completely ignorant about muscle mass. Reminds me of when I saw Vegeta's weight. Like 60 kg? Just what the fuck.

Im an inch shorter and Im heavier lol