Prisma Illya

Should 10 year old girls really be doing these sorts of things with each other?

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Here's the deal, Illya is going to lick and suck and slobber all over a lollypop, and then she's gonna fuck my butt with the lollypop, and then she's gonna take the lollypop out of my butt and continue licking and sucking and slobbering on it and then fucking my butt with it until I cum. Capisce?

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Absolutely not.
They should be doing them to me instead.

Why is Miyu so lewd?

Just tell me where you got this webm from and keep the rest of your fantasies to yourself.

she's a lesbian

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Illya will put the stick of the lollypop into my urethra so the candy part is poking out and she'll suck my cock like that, so it tastes really good, and I'm also unable to cum until she allows me to

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subs when?

learn japanese

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But they're 10!

you couldn't handle it

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Yes. I can confirm that.

out of 10, yes

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I like this duo.

i wish the main anime series had more scenes like this instead of plot and forced drama

>doesn't want to be kissed by Kuro
Seems like forced drama to me

she secretly liked it

humans can't learn japanese

transcend fleshfag

Every single cup will grow up to have a husband.

>Every single cup will grow up to have a husband.
Why yes, that's me.

Oh, can you?

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you know she loved it

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I doubt it
at least illya is going to die a virgin because shirou will never fuck her

My 12 yo imouto was molested by her two female friends, during a sleepover.

prove it

surely you captured the footage with your camera hidden in her bedroom right?


Forgot to add the caveat : it has to be in anime and anime only.

Yes. Next question....

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should they do it naked or with their clothes on?

This thread

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perfectly legal in my country

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No, she told me about it later on. It bothered her that much.

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Why do you go ask a police officer that question?

nothing illegal about underage girls kissing

hell, one of them isn't really a human anyway

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Such a fun chapter, it's hard to believe it was in 3rei.

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>gets raped by a girl
>turns into a homo lover
a classic

Will Kuro even be able to age normally at all? If she ever comes back, that is.

naked, better heat transfer

Subs are out for the movie, btw

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Chloe von Einzbutt.


dude chill it's just mana transfer

both are some sort of flesh golem / doppelganger

No. They should be doing them with me.

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How much stuff like this is in the manga before I waste my time reading it? There better be a lot

what is this even from

are you fucking serious?

For any raws or a specific release?

i am being 100% serious

Perhaps you should read a single post in the thread, including the OP, before asking that question?

i refuse to believe there is an official manga out there of miyu being raped, this has to be some fucked up doujin right?

that torrent itself is a complete release, the video and subs are in the zip file

Those are just manga panels with some edited dialogue.

How did they get away with this?

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so what is the real context then, because those images sure aren't pleasant