Dragon Ball Super

It's Akira Toriyama's birthday! Acknowledge him!

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desuarchive.org/_/search/text/ got Dende to heal Goku/

Happy birthday, faggot.

Hope somebody gifted him the ability to draw different faces


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He used to be able to do that until the Namek Arc, then everyone started looking the same

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So what’s the deal with this one? Is it Goku Black timeline hopping or something?

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Something something a hit on the head woke an evil inside of him and he started to act bipolar and sociopathic. A literal mess

I acknowledge that he is the biggest hack on the history of mankind and everything that made Dragon Ball a colossal success was thanks to his editors and Toei Animation. If it wasn't for them Dragon Ball would be as forgetful as Dr. Slump.

My favourite anime from last season was Sono Bisque Doll

Yamcha deserved better.

My Dragon Ball CHADfic is better than the actual story.

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>aaaiiiiie jiren MUST win! my spicfiction is superior!!!

I acknowledge my TRIBAL CHIEF

Don't give fuck about Torihackma.

So which mangaka has made the most money in history, Toriyama or Oda ?


Why do people watch or read this when there are more compmex stuff like SNK and JJK?

Not even close, are you even trying ?

Happy BDay Toriyama-sensei

Rate my collection

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Happy birthday, king

May the heavens give him good health and happiness.

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Happy Birthday Tori

Happy birthday Toriyama sensei, I am grateful that you have given us DB as the series means a lot to me.

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Happy birthday sensei.

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What I don't understand is, How did 17 lose to Jiren, but win the tournament? Wouldn't losing imply he was eliminated, but by Jiren being eliminated he's still the winner?

Shut the fuck up

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I don't see the appeal of people fighting giant anatomy models.
I already watched it.

Make me, retard.

Stop sucking SHITren's cock.

As a Vegeta scholar my iq is atleast 200+.

If your IQ is so high, then you should AT LEAST be able to type with correct grammar.

There is no such thing as "Vegeta", there is only his official name Bejita. Only a tourist-rat-degenerate would use disgusting Vegeta.


I called him a loser.

What if Gohan and/or Krillin got Dende to heal Goku while Frieza was either distracted by Vegeta or Piccolo or focusing on transforming?

By merely mentioning SHITren without SHIT in his name, you're sucking his cock.

Goku should of kept his ROF Gi through all of Super. I like how it was an in-between the usually Z look and the end of Z gi.

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As a leading figure in quantum particle research and a Vegeta fan I can confirm this to be true.

desuarchive.org/_/search/text/ got Dende to heal Goku/

You seem to know a lot about sucking dicks


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It's going to be Cell.

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It's going to be 21.

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He's back.

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>he was already tracing all the way back then

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Thanks doc

That's BROLY's place to take.

If by "he" you mean YoungJijii, then yes. YoungJijii, just like Toyotarou, copies panels from the original manga.

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I cope
I mope
Someone hand me a rope!

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Nice cope. That's just the release date.

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I thought DBAF was made by Toyotaro, my bad

Why should I? I ain't eating my wife. I can make babies with her, but after seeing how Gohan and Goten turned out...

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I would buy the Bejita flavored Oreos.


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There've been many DBAF doujins to come out. Toyo, YoungJijii, Tablos, etc. all made DBAF comics. I personally find it easy to identify which art style is which, since Toyo's style hasn't changed much since his AF days.

What does Bejita flavor taste like?


Honey and cinnamon.


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Bags of sand

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Salty tears.

Happy birthday GODiyama
Thanks for creating these 4 CHADS

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I bet Goku's oreos are cheese-flavored.

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Happy birthday Toriya-sama!

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It's going to be Raditz's

Which is your favorite Goku from Toriyama?

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They are Dragonball flavored

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Mash of vegetables. Man, you all are dumb.

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I support this. Bejitabro btw.

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