Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

Episode 1 of an actual full golf anime (not a one-off episode) is airing soon. Will the Nime be a hole-in-one?

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I'm mostly in this for cute girls doing sportsball things, but I'm also very curious to find out how much totally-not-Amuro-Ray and totally-not-Char-Aznable back there will do in the story.

What will the guys even do?

is this yuri?


This is going to be a wild first episode



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Who licensed this for subs? Someone said it hasn't been announced yet.

Most likely Crunchyroll, they don't announce simulcast until it's released for stuff that don't generate a lot of hype. For example Healer Girl yesterday.

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Any other pros here?

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Why the fuck is the supporting cast so stacked jfc

Bamco being Bamco like always, that's why.

>they don't announce simulcast until it's released for stuff that don't generate a lot of hype
Why do they announce so late?

not out yet.

I don't think there will be
pretty sure I saw healer girl sub news a week ago

I'm watching because there's a blonde girl with exposed navel in the middle of the promo

don't they have char and amuro's vas?

Crunchyroll sent out press for Healer Girl on April 1st, two days before the show aired. Meanwhile nothing on Birdie Wing.

This always happens during the beginning of a new season, probably in a bidding war for it between another stream provider.


Director: Takayuki Inagaki
Series Composition: Yousuke Kuroda
Music: Hironori Anazawa, Kotaro Nakagawa
Character Design: Kei Ajiki
Art Director: Minoru Akiba, Shin Maeda
Art design: Toshiyuki Sakae
Sound Director: Hajime Takakuwa
Director of Photography: Koujirou Hayashi
Color design: Tomoe Takaya
Concept Art: Shin Misawa
Editing: Kumiko Sakamoto
Golf Course Design: Shin Misawa
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi
Supervision: Toru Inoue
Theme Song Performance:
Kohmi Hirose (OP)
Tsukuyomi (ED)

>don't they have char and amuro's vas?

This one has a simulcast for SEA at least. Too bad the subs is usually ESL tier

What was that other golf one shot? I liked that. I hope this is like that.

I really liked that too. I wish that had just gotten a season instead.

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Which one?

>Kohmi Hirose (OP)
>Tsukuyomi (ED)

This really needed a few more bathing scenes, like Yellow getting a submerged torso-level bath scene.

Hirose worked on Cardcaptor Sakura and Reborn! before:

Tsukuyomi is a newcomer as far I know

Their website or social media are also new?

For Kohmi Hirose:

For Tsukuyomi:

Episode 1 will have an insert called「HONEY DAYS (GONE TOO SOON)」by Luiza. Here's her account:

Is this CGI? Looks like it is.

Only the moving background art and golf ball are:
Here's the PVs:

>Almost 1 day late simulcast

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Are they trying to kill hype for this?

Who knows. Their other simulcast like Deaimon is only 1 hour after the airing in Japan.


I will wait for fan sub fixing the sea sub on BD if the show is good/gay then. Is the Kirara RPG show today or tomorrow?

RPG Fudosan? Tomorrow.


It's released on other streaming sites like Hulu and Rakuten at that time as well


Is Japan excited for this?

Crazy tongue lady on the left is working my dick into fits

That's disgusting

I'm excited for Amuro and Char

Ani-One always does this shit.
Also their translators don't know Japanese or English. Fucking awful hongkongers piece of shit.

What's up with Ani-One and their love for spokon?

What do you mean?

Almost all spokon released in recent seasons have been picked by them.

Wasnt there a golfing OVA last season?
Is this similar to that one? (i dont even remember the name so i may be remembering thing wrong).

SoraIro Utility OVA

Can't wait

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Less than two hours to go!

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I hope it will be crazy fictional supergolf, where they unleash battle auras, make impossible moves like splitting the golf ball into multiples so that they can make multiple holes in one, have homing golf balls that pierce darkened skies, imbue their golf balls with artificial life to destroy the other golf ball so that it cannot be used anymore and forcing the rival to forfeit, must gamble their lives in golf, or make references to the James Bond movie Goldfinger, with crazy car chases and fat stocky bodyguard guys using sharp hats to harm rival golfers.

Please don't be absolutely mundane normal golf.

They will aim one shot for half an episode, and you will like it.

I would watch "Akagi: Golf Edition" and enjoy every minute.

Apart from Sorairo Utility, when was the last golf anime? I know there's been quite a few golf manga.

One hour


Never heard of it