Boku No Hero Academia

Why did they bother saying that the MLA has Pro-Heroes in their ranks but only showing the sliding guy and hawks, feels like a missed opportunity for one of the antagonists to be a corrupt pro hero, or for a pro hero from a previous arc turning out to be working for the MLA the whole time

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Black Whip Inspection Day~

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>Kacchancuck rape fantasies
I mean, we all know Bacel isn’t getting any, but come on.

those were the days...

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She begs for it and puts it in so...

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that actually does seem like a big missed opportunity, could have been one of the losers who quit after the war or something

Is that what you told the cops?


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Cut Bakuck some slack, this is literally all he has to live for

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>a-already? b-b-but I'm still really sore from the last time, u-uraraka-san...

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Canon as fuck

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i think the fanfictions are much better than the source. i think its because the stories are much more shorter.
i just read oyasumi midoriya, though. so take it with some salt

i think mha should've been split up with other characters to show the different sides of the world.

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>9 months

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what happened to his ear

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Some are, but they’re buried under a pile of haremshit, yaoi, and the ones where Dabi and Shoto kill endeavor together and have gay sex.

I've read a lot of BnHA fanfiction. And I've noticed an odd trend when it comes to Bakugo and Mineta. People rarely portray them as they are in canon. Either they are toned downed or are flanderized to the point of being practically different characters. Very odd. I wonder what it is about them that's so polarizing.

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Because the series is not good. Hori can draw well but he is not a good writer.

Sex with plugsuit Pop

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Because the MLA's actual purpose in the narrative was to make Shiggy an actual threat to the good guys by giving him a massive army and resources for his use

Mineta tricked the girls into wearing cheerleader uniforms, hitched a ride on Momo, tried to sneak a peak at the hot springs, and was an open pervert for the first arcs. So he’s basically Hitler.

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Do you have any recommendations? I only browse a couple tags on ao3 and don't feel like branching out to other tags and browsing would give me a migraine before I found anything worthwhile

You gotta whip it
Whip it good!

And Bakugo told Izuku to kill himself after bullying him for his entire life.

Entropy by Imperium42
Origin of a Non-Hero is just a one-shot, but it’s really interesting. Deku and Uraraka have a kid, but since Deku is trying to be the number one hero it doesn’t go too well.

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Yeah. And he’s demonized almost as much as Mineta, but yet some people(fujos) completely overlook that in favor of Mineta’s relatively minor sins. Someone wrote one where Bakugo and Todoroki are fags, and decide to shove this down Mineta’s throat.

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Your a shitty spammer, but there was one fanfiction where this ship happened, but she died. Bakugo wasn’t completely intolerable in that, mainly because he was miserable the whole time.

MirioxEri is cute and should be canon

Why bother? The Liberation Army was to show there was widespread and deep opposition to the current system, to the point even some of the heroes had turned against it. What would the side-story you propose bring beyond that?

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Ochako x Mineta is a better ship than Ochako x Bakugo

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>Your a shitty

Ochako x Shigaraki, Ochako x All Might, and Ochako x her own father are all better ships than Batrash.

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>settling for a body pillow

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growing strength barren tragedies.

fuck a fake smile

there was one where demon king katsuki and prototype katsuki are brought into the real world.

oyasumi midoriya

there was a fic where ochako killed someone and everyone else helped her cover it up

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Shame the blue lady didn't get much art.

hey now, sometimes they have gay sex with Endeavor too

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>there was a fic where ochako killed someone and everyone else helped her cover it up
read that, got really disturbing at the end when Deku accidentally killed a gen ed student that was crushing on him

do you remember the name of it?

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Kacchancuck is so gay

>Mha came out in 2014
>Eight years ago
What the fuck I thought this shit came out in like 2017 or 2018.

Irresistible Comfort Fruit by Hero DarkyDark
For Want of a Grape by EternallyLostAuthor
Twisted Nightmares by Metropolice
The Wrath of Grapes by Toad King
Sour Grapes by HaneleHaralue
Fresh Picked by SouthPawPad
Amphibious by unavoidablekoishi
She Doesn't Know What She's Missing by NidoranDuran
All For Grape by braincraft
The Saint and The Sinner by Ive_Ben_Writing

Are these real?

its like the 2nd oldest thing in jump right now

Yes. There's more but these are my favorites.