I think what this franchise needs is more muse.

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>Suite has the (physically) youngest Cure
>one of the most successful Precure seasons
>HG has the (physically) oldest Cure
>one of the least successful Precure seasons

Cure and Spicy

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It's pretty generic as far as the "magical transformation" aspect goes. There's no major threats overall. It's just a lighthearted SoL show.

Nope, I was just in the other thread when it ended.

Spicy and Wolf

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Beautiful Laura...

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What is the most underrated season?

In what way?

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At the moment it's probably KiraKira? Even Maho and HG are getting some love.

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I'm samefag though.

Max Heart or Doki.

Akko is shit and ruined every episode

No those are correctly rated

Charming mermaid...

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It's liked more now but you still have some that don't like it.

He said underrated not hated.

Nah, you just have shit taste.

We don't need another long argument to happen again. Just accept that most people don't like Doki and move on.

I can't remember the last time that we got an Ako OP.

I had neither the intention or patience for an argument, I'm merely stating my options clearly and moving on with the thread.

How do you feel about the adult Freshes?

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Love is ruined and Buki is beautiful like usual.

Love peaked at 14

Was Kumojacky right?

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It's a downgrade for all four in my opinion.

imo Setsuna and Buki are an upgrade or at least on the same level, Love and Miki definitely downgraded

Daily Minamin!

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Congrats to that user who just finished watching HG while posting their thoughts. I didn't get to read a ton of your posts but you enjoying the series more than any issues you may have had is nice to hear. I hope you enjoy whatever show you tackle next.

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Cute daily

I remember that show. It's the show you see on this old picture.
I wonder what a Precure version of this picture would look like.

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Sleep well /pc/. If you're lucky you'll dream of something cute, like Kururun.

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Dude, you were literally conscious and looking at the Desertarian duking it out with Blossom/Marine, and even had a short conversation with Chypre/Coffret; what makes you think that was all an dream?

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Anime on the left: Something from the Futari wa movie
Anime on the right: A QUALITY animation frame from episode 2 of DP

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This poster gets it.

precure then: alive
precure now: dead

Yep. They tend to be.

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>Futari wa movie

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Max Heart obviously, duh

There's something about the way that Dark Precure's (opened) eye is drawn here that makes her look like she came out of an horror film.

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Kino shot.

Cute space invader.

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Bad End Yuriko

Both look pretty alive to me

>rose pact
>it's just a DS lite
Why doesn't Eternal just go buy another one instead of repeatedly trying and failing to steal it?

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They are cheap.

that's not a ds lite you stupid, and marin isn't laura either

The greatest love story ever told.

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I remember when we entertained the idea of Yuriko going to the dark side for an arc, honestly I would welcome more crazy stuff like this in Precure, sometimes things are too "stable".

God I remember masturbating so many times to Ako back in the day, little bitch is so sexy.

Was anybody actually serious about that? I know it would be kind of fun if the shows went a little bit out there sometimes, but these really are for little kids so I get why they don't.

>never went to the dark side
>never even became a Cure
The biggest dropped ball in TR

Why did you stop?

Setsuna and Buki look great, the other two on the other hand.