Why does Yea Forums hate her show?

Why does Yea Forums hate her show?

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It's shit for anime elitists

Because the VN is better? :Tuturu:

this part right here

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They don't, just zero and for good reasons

>casual retard who doesn't belong on Yea Forums cry's like a baby faggot

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Fuck off Pepe newfag retard.

Yea Forums doesn't hate it. Newshits who think having taste means hating everything popular are trying too hard to fit in.

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because Steins;fags are annoying as shit

Oh, and how could I forget: it's also shounenshits starting consolewars.

----VN was vastly superior.

Anime adaptations of VNs will always be inferior as they are adaptations and not in the format as the creators intended.

p.s. Mahoyo anime will be the same.

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because it mogs literally every other show, including those Yea Forums salivates over

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You should be able to solve this

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I thought Clannad and S;G were good adaptations

Because it's not all that good and you should read the VN instead.
Have you seen what the art in the VN looks like?
Look at her, this is incredible.
How can you not love her?

It's ok, because SG is linear. Cutting the bad ends obviously hurts the narrative, because they're all important especially the Suzuha and Ruka endings.
SG0's adaptation is a trainwreck, because it's already intentionally disorienting and on top of that it's a more traditional VN with routes and gameplay and it's a deliberate point that the obvious choices are the wrong ones. You can't convey something like Promised Rinascimento without the VN medium in place and making you see the other branches before. Actually meeting Kurisu again is an incredible thing.

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I thought S;G 0 anime was a "sequel" of the true ending

That's the chick from Steins;Gate right? DAMN she is fine.

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Sort of. It's the backstory to the true ending and a sequel to the Mayuri ending.

the best

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The best is Iori Minase though.

>He thinks it's unironically hated

ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Rumiho best girl

steins'gate is the greatest anime ever created

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not even a debate

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I'm more of a tutturu man myself.

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>Big Bang Theory: The Animation
>for anime elitists

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too retarded to fuck

I'll keep her as a pet tho

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You know thats probably what Kurisu thinks about you, Yea Forumsnon...

yeah pretty much this. Yea Forums in general has always loved S;G

>implying you're not too retarded for Kurisu

Imagine the kind of person who would write this, chortling to themself as they compose a sentence so completely vapid.

Because it's shit and so is the fanbase.

I'm guessing its due to a certain other websites score


It's far too overhyped for what it is. The amount of circlejerking S;G gets is surreal

Clannad was bad because they adapted the wrong route.
OVAfags need not reply.

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Clueless newfaggots at most.

You have a keen eye.

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not enough faris, and nothing else about the vn was worthwhile to begin with

>t, daru

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>manages to have a child before any of the main cast
Based Daru

>with a smoking hot cosplayer
>and his child grows up to be even hotter than her mother
What the fuck did the writers mean by this?

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Steins Gate is self-insert garbage

Daru isn't the protagonist, Huntersis

He has to make it sound enticing, it's his job after all.

>Anime adaptations of VNs will always be inferior
Here's the rebuttal

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Clannad is a bad adaptation. I don't know about SG - haven't read it

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Yea Forums simply prefers Suzu.

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need spunky tomboy

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I've 100% the VN (and liked it).
He's not wrong.

this desu

I like how Suzufags have become more common over the years.

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Great VN and show but you don't have to repeat the same bait thread every day OP

Farischads rise up

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I remember the early waifu wars. Suzubros were clearly the best and have the pinnacle of good taste. I don't necessarily dislike Kurisu, but Suzuha is just the better girl.

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If you can't see the value of Suzu ass then you are objectively gay and don't matter.

suzubutt has big implications

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What are these implications?

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Even a fat otaku can get himself a hot wife if he has goals and personality.

Implications on the fabric of spacetime

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I suppose that fabric is inevitably going to warp under the influence of those curves.

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yeah and so is the fabric of my pants

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Honestly I can't blame you for that reaction.

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