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New manga translation chapter, more clown. Get in here.

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His eyes are soulless.

The scan team sucks anyway, so does anyone want the next chapter translated from chinkrunes?

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Are you translating yourself? Thank you if so.

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Translating sounds of exertion is awkward.

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End of chapter 159.

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Can anyone spoil me as to what the wish was?

If he wished for Ouken to regain his sanity, he'd probably just lose it again since he's still immortal, and if he wished for Ouken to become mortal, he'd still probably be insane due to what he's been through. Either way it'd backfire, unless you get some cheat wish that lets you have multiple conditions.

The manga does not show Desha making his wish. We do not know what exactly he wished for.

Thanks so much and yes.

Thank you so much user....you're a God, but in a good way. I hope you translate more, where do I funnel you money for more.

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I'll do 160 as well. I'm doing these as I post them, which is why each post takes a while.

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thank you!

Couldn't he just wish for him to be a normal human again?

I feel like that would very easily monkey paw him into just being human and still insane though, he'd be a 'normal human' physically but not mentally. Unless maybe all his memories of what he's done post immortality gain are erased.

Dammit user let me donate...a coffee or something? How do normies do this shit again?

At the top of this page, the Captain begins to call out to Ouken with just "Leader--". I can't remember what Ouken's full title was, when he was the head of the knights. He used to be our Captain's superior.

I don't need anything. I just want people to talk to about the series I'm autistically fixated on.

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If that's all you want, I'm already autistically fixated. Keep it coming.

this hurts a bit

Our lad is used to child murder

Poor guy. That one hurt him, too. He's a good big bro willing to shoulder that burden to save his little brother.

I can see why he doesn't even want to remember anything at this point.

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Yep but seeing Ouken okay will help ease the guilt a little whenever his memories are restored anyway

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yeah, just like that at the cost of your other brother and the little devil's innocence

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Maybe but it shouldn't. Normal should work for both body and mind since normal people aren't immortal or insane.

I'm so happy to see this.


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I like this guy's design.

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I love Despa

Hi, I have a question. Is this exactly where the anime left off, or did I miss a translation thread? Anyone got a link to the previous threads, in that case?

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You can find 156-158 which is where the anime stopped here: homeheroscans.com/series/or2

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> you haven't done anything unforgivable, certainly not slitting the wrists or backstabbing of a child and enjoying watching him bleed out.

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Miranjo was forgiven for killing people in cold blood. Ouken at least was out of his mind, through no fault of his own.

I mean, at least they acknowledge that miranjo had done horrible things and needed to atone for them.

I wouldn't exactly blame ouken since as you say he was driven insane by his immortality, but the fact remains he did some seriously bad shit. Would've worked better to say a 'you weren't yourself/its not your fault' kind of line.

That's not Ouken's fault in any way. His mind wasn't his own.

>Would've worked better to say a 'you weren't yourself/its not your fault' kind of line.
It's "forgivable" because he wasn't himself.

Its not really his fault but he's still done unforgivable things.

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I dunno man, I can see many a parent not being willing to forgive someone stabbing their child in the back or slitting their wrists, even with that explanation.

Though I guess this is the kind of series where parents just don't give a crap about that kind of thing whether its intentional or not.

>not really his fault but he's still done unforgivable things
You really can't say that the things he's done are UNFORGIVABLE when the people in this world literally and wholeheartedly forgive people for doing worse. Shiina gives Miranjo a fucking thumbs up after Miranjo murdered her for a purely selfish reason. I don't think Ouken actually killed anyone either. All of his victims were treated.

uh oh fellas