Why are JS not allowed to win?

Why are JS not allowed to win?

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desuarchive.org/a/search/text/"deep voice" ginko*/

Because we live in an unjust world.

Ginko a best

fund it.

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Ginko a shit

She didn't? I'll drop it from my backlog.

JC loli is just prime.

We hate Shitko here

Ginko a winner

We love Ginko here.

Ginko is not a loli in any way, shape, or form. In fact, she's more mature and haglike than your average JK.


Charlette a cute.


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Because they are past their JY prime

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Typehatena disagrees.

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Char is a JS1 though.
He didn't call her a loli at any point, and his depiction of her makes Ginko look way younger than she is canonically.

Because Ginko is best girl

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Because anime isn't hentai, you retard. JS are simply too young. Even KnJ would only allow Rin to be with Sensei after a timeskip when she's old enough. But Rin is still physically a loli so it's still a loli end.

>loli harem right in the title
>typical I can't believe I'm pounding a middle schooler pussy!

Why did you ignore
>his depiction of her makes Ginko look way younger than she is canonically

Because that's your delusion.

This has been debunked

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Ai isn't better than Ginko and Ten-chan. Sorry.

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Here's your "loli," dude.

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You're the same person who says Megumin and Arisu aren't lolis. Well, you're wrong.

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You have never actually read Lolita, poser.
Which Arisu? Megumin is borderline loli. Ginko is a hag.

Very cute JC loli.

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Cope, sneed and feed

COTE Arisu.
>Megumin is borderline loli
No such thing. Loli is loli but the fact you even consider her borderline but not Ginko is illogical and stupid considering they have identical body.

Ironic lolicons, everyone

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Is there an image that makes the difference between hags and lolis more obvious than pic related?

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He's right and you're wrong ergo you are BTFO, LRD.

Keep coping
JC is loli whether you like it or not

They're both lolis. The cutest one here is Ai.

So is this girl not a loli?

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Unlike Megumin, Ginko has a deep voice and acts like a mature old hag jealous of the younger girls.
>COTE Arisu
Haven't seen it, but judging from the pics, she looks like a slightly short JK.
I thought you were talking about GuP Arisu or [email protected] Arisu, both of which I obviously do consider to be lolis.

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Very cute and sexy lolis. Older girls and hags, in general, are envious of smol and cute JS and JC girls because their youth is gone.

Shouldn't Hestia be Lolibaba-tier on the vertical axis?

There are plenty of 18+ women that look like Ginko in Japan. She has no youthful traits.

Haven't managed to get good yet, gotta move out of the rookie leagues before you can start winning


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Fuck off.

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desuarchive.org/a/search/text/"deep voice" ginko*/
4 years and you still being stupid. Personality is irrelevant. There are lolis that act their age, others act precocious, and other act older their age. Ginko's voice is cute but more importantly, it's also irrelevant.
>slightly short JK
You said that years ago too. Yep. It's you alright. You're wrong still as ever, but it's a good thing you stop coming into COTE threads.

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I always find it funny that ginko canonically shaves her pubes just to look younger, even she knows lolis are the best

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>Ginko is a loli!
No one is retarded enough to buy this delusion.

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This kills the Ginkofag.

Headcanon. Ginko is naturally hairless down there.

>130 cm vs 150 cm types
Perfectly normal loli comparison.

>15 years old
>naturally hairless

Post your source because that isn't said anywhere in the LN. Ginko dislikes looking young and underdeveloped, so makes zero sense she would even shave.

She's literally almost as tall as the literal Christmas Cake.

>Christmas Cake is freaking short
Old news.

Wait did Ginko win? I'll actually have to read this.

Hibiki is a loli. Yes.

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Luv Ginko

>muh realism
Kill yourself.

Literally all of those except the first three are shorter than Ginko.

Unless explicitly stated that she has a problem growing out hair down there, she shaves. She's a hag, deal with it.


Stinko a shit

Obvious ironic lolicon is obvious.

Hibiki's height is comparable. Just like with Megumin.


Next you're going to say that Juju is a loli

>my headcanon is real because I want her to be a hag
Kill yourself LRD.

This triggers LRD

Juju and Ginko are lolis with naturally paipan.

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LRD is a bro

Juju is in fact a loli, but not that Juju.

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KnJ's Rin is still loli and hairless too at the end until proven otherwise.

LRD a shit and ironic pedo.

We love Ginko here