Why is megumin so lewded, despite being a child?

Why is megumin so lewded, despite being a child?

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because she's a lewd child.


She's a woman.

Because she wears black panties. Only whores wear black panties.

we know who's more lewd

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>Yunyun milkers >flat megushit

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Some girls like to be lewd, don't ask questions that you don't want the answer to

Megumin's hairy JC pussy


not even a child, shes for ironic lolicons

Hebe erotic !!!!!! Hebe's bush and buds !!!!!! Erotic ...

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you are clearly underage

because pedophiles are an annoying subbreed

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this, fpbp and also /thread

I will never understand all those lolicon. Hebe is so better.

fellow dogeza enjoyer

I actually prefer Megumin's tummy to her butt.
I wanna low raspberries on her belly and hear her giggle.

wow based gigachadjak moment and redpilled tbqh senpai

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Because she's legal in Japan. Simple as that.

I want to breed this child

pedo thread

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>Rubbing her ass every time he carried her
>Still not married
Kuzuma is a scum.

Megumin's butt isn't appreciated enough because most artists forget or don't know about her barcode

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This is the hebe thread, the pedo thread is two doors down

Thoughts on Harutoshi's animations?

People just love hebes. Simple as

>ironic lolicons

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Why didn't Kazuma just snap and rail her?



He's too responsible.

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He's a coward

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It's just a running joke. Nobody actually finds Megumin attractive.

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haha yeah I only fap to her as a joke haha.

More vanilla and less rape would be nice. I also find it really weird how most of them end with getting pissed inside.

>Nobody actually finds Megumin attractive.
Whatever you need to tell yourself, user.

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grr chuuni brat...!!! needs rape correction...!!!

She's for nakadashi.

She isn't. Simple as that. Lewding her anyway is part of the joke.

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That's a pretty good joke, user.

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Worst girl

The Explosions Spin-off manga adaptions makes her way too cute.

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I thought DEEN did a really good job animating this scene. I really thought they'd skip it.

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I don't remember.

How is her ass so edible?

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The crimson demons produce some very breedable women.

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Little girls are inherently sexy.

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>Bait thread
Megumin is words and drawings that don't come near to representing a human with a human skull.
Not a Human and not a child.
Fictional and highly stylized.


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I'd like to breed some crimson demon ass...

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Don't mind me. Just going to post some official art of Megumin.

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indeed, but you keep posting a hag

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I love Megumin butt

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LRD pls go.

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Komekko is cute~! CUTE!

you know, sometimes, just sometimes, this picture of her ass really almost makes me reconsider, but then I remember her dumb haircut. lol.

>hesti, the clown
nani, nani? anyways, for me, it's oppai paletes. panteletes. you know that thing. in your body. OPPAI!!