Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

Chapter 94 is up

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this manga is full of beautiful mothers who i want to have sex with.

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She said the thing!

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>that arm length

The fuck is this slut doing?

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t. armlet

They're falling asleep together there, calling it now.

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Peak Yamada right here.

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>shy Anna
Cute cute cute

>is there rubber?

Kyotaro, if I'm reading that bottom left panel right.

Parents already in cahoots with each other kek. My boy about to be raped

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She asks for something to tie her hair and he thinks she's asking for a condom

Well, this is gonna be useful

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needs a mayonegg edit

Yamadad always makes me laugh because of how absurdly hulking he is. He's fucking built like Broly.

Godspeed To TL-user but at least we don't need them for this panel

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Glasses Yamada>regular yamada

>no pantsu the whole time
Bros, what the fuck?

Best I could do

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So Yamama still knew she was in Ichi's house or she realized when talking to Ichimama?

Realized when talking to her.
She went
Ehh... ichi... aah...

yamadad is going to kill ichi in a game of course

I'm actually identical to Yamadad, from the hair, the size and playing games except he has sex.

Yamada will get a sibling

in minecraft

The game's called : compress the manlet into a ball

He actually looks mad his kid is spending the night in a boy's home

Shhh, don't mention siblings or the weirdos from the last thread will show up.

That game of course is multiplayer and he needs Ichi's gamertag first

when will we get this scene with Yamadad playing the roll of Yujiro?

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What does non alcoholic sweet sake taste like?

JK shrine maidens' saliva

The phone conversation last chapter gave of the vibe that she suspected, now she knows for sure- both because of the last name and because she's met Ichimama before and probably remembers her voice. But Ichimama just said Yamada hit it off with her daughter, no mention of her son, so there's enough plausible deniability that Yamada and her parents can avoid talking about the elephant in the room by acting like she just happens to have two completely unrelated friends named Ichikawa.

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What killed the hype?


>had to look at onee's pantsu, once in a while, to calm himself down while he is washing himself; because he is getting horny at Yamada's bathwater.

Yamada was not wearing the jersey, not even the pantsu, just the T-shirt, wtf?

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> ... elephant in the room ...
Ichikawa's elephant...

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Stop giving me such terrible ideas

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Read the next page, niggers.

I love how Yamama's first reaction to seeing Ichi and assuming he's just some guy who isn't particularly close to her daughter is to nearly throw his ass out of her house while Yamadad immediately recognizes him as one of his people and asks him to play games with him, then upon finding out she's their daughter's first love their attitudes towards him completely flip and now it's Yamama who's cool with him while Yamadad sees him as a threat.

no, my Illusion..

That's not how she treated him though. Ichi apologized for the lie and ran, but she kinda went after him and said "my daughter talks about you a lot..."

>that yamada face
She wanted it.

imagine the smell

She was legit expecting Ichi to fuck her in the living room.

I sense danger.

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kek yamada is the husband of this couple

>she was only wearing the t-shirt
>no pantsu

Yeah, after he came clean and she realized who he was she was fine with him, but her first reaction is very clearly "the fuck is this boy doing in my house"

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>She was legit expecting Ichi to fuck her in the living room
No, she was expecting something more.

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i want yamada mom to step on me while making that face

aahhh just kiss her already

more like visible confusion

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>The night is still young

>first panel yamada
if i was Ichi i'd use a lot of tissues that night

Did she kiss his forehead here or am I seeing things?

-marking his growth. he doesn't jerk it right away anymore like in that one chapter long ago.

Not quite, she just pulled him in close.

Mpsheeo loomimf much biggr thannhim hin this panel. It's like she's his kom or oldrr sister there

There's a level beyond fucking??

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user? Are you okay???

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It kinda look like he has piercings here. It suits him.