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I'm gonna shoot her when she enters.

Key, singular.

It's the key to your house, where you keep all your other keys. Therefore, having the key to your keys, she can be said to have your keys.

How many pages since she drugged (You)?

Ask me how I know you're a 'Murikan.

Bitch, don't touch my stuff.

Just keep your keys on you, problem solved.

it would be faster for her to learn how to pick locks

Because he's not getting robbed?

But she already has the key to your heart.

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Jokes on her I live in Kingdom Hearts

This reminds me of the comic about the guy who kept one-upping his yandere girlfriend.

At least she did not rape the guy.

I hope the neighbor is ok

what does she need the gloves for ?

awwww SHUCKS!

forgot the page

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I like men.

penis inspection?

But I'm homeless


Stop being homeless.

That's a man

Kill her if she steps onto my property

A man's home is his castle and he has every right to defend it with lethal force.

Well, someone had to find them

oh no the key to my chastity cage somebody help shes trying to steal my virginity :O :O


wrong, i have a keycard

Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling out his fancy German card

You'd gonna get burgled.

with my cum

Nah, lives in a nice gated community in a high income area.


Someone has that lewd image of her with the bra? I forgot to save

thanks I was looking for those



How did she get them?

Drugged the mc, go to store keys to duplicate it

sauce? not showing up on reverse.

what are you talking about, it does link to the original pixiv

Then why are you living next to women and not in the Yea Forumspartment?

>go to store keys to duplicate it
how long would that take, IRL?

But my apartment has a gate, the front door of the building, and two keys of my door - the small key where the handle is and the other long one at the top.

The fuck is that single key good for?

Big mistake.

>On average, expect to spend about 5 minutes to get a new copy for your key assuming that the machine has the right template that matches your original key.

>blocks her path

forgot image

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Good. Someone needs to water my plants while i'm away.

'Keys should all just disappear,
lost from stem to stern,
and in keyholes far and near
skeletons should turn!'
Thus thinks when the day is done
each who is - a skeleton.

I hope she remembers that my cat prefers eat whiskas.

k-key to what??

>change the lock
>say absolutely nothing about it
>enjoy the ensuing meltdown
who else here /devilish/?

She already lives in your apartment, so she only needs the keys to the door.

Wait, did she drug the MC?

I thought that was pretty obvious

how do you even speedread something that was 4 pages per chapter

You must really like anime and manga where the characters constantly explains everything they're doing.

this haha

yeah but it's untranslated brother

I can't wait until this gets picked up by a magazine and turned into a generic romcom

your heart is not

You don't know me.

HA, jokes on her, I have little to no valuables.
The only money I keep in my apartment is hidden in several places only I know about.
And I keep the vast majority of my money in the form of goldbacks packed and sealed into pvc tubes and strewn hidden throughout the wilderness, with landmarks and gps coordinates being the only way to locate them, so there isn't alot of money in my apartment to begin with.
And I keep all of my nice clothes in a padlocked bin in my closet, which is drilled into the wall.
She has gained nothing.