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He cute

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I still don't know, did eren just turn off his healing factor when he chopped off his leg and poked his eye? Can they just turn it off?

also I still don't know why eren didn't just touch zekein paradis when eren was pretending to be BFFs.

there's a scene where they're tossing a ball to eachother and eren says its too early to make contact

Why didn't he eat the ice cream but was staring at it instead; was it autism?

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Why did he reject me..?

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They can control it just like how Annie controlled his healing factor by prioritizing one eye instead of both of them at the same time.

You were just like an ice cream.. that he didn't want to eat

This is officially sad faces thread

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green eyes soon

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Because he his heart belonged to another lad

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He was intimidated by your true love.

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When I read chapter 130 I clearly catched that the pregnacy plan was to delay Zeke's death on the island and let Eren carry on his plan without generating any intern conflict on the island, but also thought that Eren was the father. How retarded I am? I have shipping bias cause I'm an EHfag?

>2021: Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season
>2022: Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Part 2
>2023: Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Final Edition
How the fuck did they get away with this shit?

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>2024: Rebuild of Shingeki no Kyojin 1.11: It Can (Not) Be Stopped Anymore

Not any more than the majority of people here

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>2025: Shinkeki no Kyoujin Final Bout Turbo Edition One More Final Finale

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reiner held it as well back in S2

why was he depressed and why was he in battle?

Nah isahack is just insane. Their convo, the rumbling cutting away to Historia's (irrelevant) childbirth, a panel of Eren's decapitated head cutting away to Historia holding her child in her arms, among others, are just strange.

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I don't follow snk much but I like this vid

He was robbed of the freedom of experiencing it the first time?

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>why was he depressed
Cause he realizes he's going to have to kill everyone around him at that moment in the near future. Why? So his friend Armin can be heralded as a hero

Rent free.

I went to a doujinshi event and saw a very cute couple cosplaying Eren and Mikasa.
Very cute and canon.

you think hell exists in SNK?

He prefers mass murdering over having sex

How.. tall is he..?

Can someone explain the last scene?

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Timeframe, Mikasa dies, then paradis get annihilated

Take away Zeke's retarded euthanasia plan, what would his motivation be?

Wasnt Eren buried outside the paradis?

Mikasa dies after 50 years of taking jeanbo cock. The rest of the world predictably nukes Paradis. Some kid restarts the cycle because why not.

Paradise gets carpet bombed to hell and Eren's 80% plan was retarded and didnt work

jean flexes on eren one last time with Mikasa, time skip, paradis island gets nuked b/c thats obviously what happens with eren's retarded plan

No Mikasa somehow walked all the way back to paradis with his head kek. Don't think about it. Trying to make sense of this story is not good for one's health.

Eren stopped experiencing linear time from the moment he touched Historia's hand
during every single moment leading up to the rumbling, he experienced himself doing the rumbling in the future while also making sure the rumbling was both possible and necessary in the past, while his present self just went along on auto pilot following the script he saw himself following while having no idea what he was ultimately going to accomplish in the end nor if it would be worth it. Only that it had already happened and he couldn't stop it

Future vision ruined the story

nigga that's what happened though

Yeah this is what kissing girls does, that's why i will always stay a vergin.

Were the titans only ever going to be explained by a super natural force like a god or dues ex machina worm?

bravo isayama
that's the only way it would make sense, otherwise how would you explain the fact that they're so strong yet light, don't require any energy, regenerate, etc. Even something like advanced aliens couldn't do that unless they become functionally identical to a supernatural force

Still, whats the motivation behind nuking the paradis? Didnt the titan power vanish? Then why didnt Armin persuade the outer world to reconcile with paradis?

If they activated the rumbling there, Eren and Zeke would get trampled like the rest of the world

because if someone from a country decided to genocide 80 percent of the world, you know as well they'll be hellbent on killing anyone living there and their descendants.

2000 years of slavery + wiping out 80% of the outside world's population can't go away with just words. look at how much black people bitch over muh 400 years.
plus, given that titan powers are basically supernatural it would make sense that some people would remain skeptical that they might get those powers back. also, yeagerists seize control of the government after, so there's no hope of reconciliation iirc

What really happened is that retarded incel Eren left Armin with an impossible task to break peace after he massacred literally 80% of humanity, woman and kids. With those sort of friends you truly do not need enemies.
Armin magically managed to keep the world at bay for as long as he did. But it was inevitable.
And the reason why it happened is because Eren rejected the far more sensible plan of modernization and geopolitics, the 50 year plan. Which Armin was pushing for.
That's what fucking happened, "nigga".

You need to bow down

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I wish the marleans were right and Ymir was a devil. Instead of a stupid love sick stockholm girl its a terrifying eldritch horror and everyone that enters the paths shits themselves.

He has the face of an incel who will kill 80% of his enemies and his mother for asian pussy

he just like me frfr

Because titans just genocided 80% of the world. The 20% left is going to wipe them out.

doubt the modernization plan would have worked out. even activating the partial rumbling would've been enough for the rest of the world to view paradis as a threat and aim to develop wmds in secret to take them out

>ymir was actually betrayed by her children greek god / titan style
>they consumed her and split her powers into the nine
>the last king's vow was to keep the secret forever while the rest of the 9. stayed off island away from the coordinate
>the walls were a contingency plan to keep her in in case something ever went wrong
I want final boss god ymir

You can doubt all you want. But the plan included paradis freeing ethnic minorities from Marley's reign of terror, which is why volunteers were a thing. Marley was the big bad empire for last 100 years, Paradis helping to neuter them somewhat without genocide would win a lot of points. Freeing the ethnic minorities within paradis and creating buffer states between paradis and marley would also work wonders.
The plan was very functional.

Freeing the ethnic minorities within Marley*

Peace couldn't last because Paradis got involved in a civil war because humans will fight to the last person

Not-Grisha happened to be a sailr and helped his future wife get to Paradis

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I'm in love with this face.

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Himbo Eren.

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That part's funny because it's like Isayama couldn't be bothered anymore and smoked something when creating the chapter.

disagree, the rest of the world hates paradis even more than Marley does. Seeing them destabilize Marley might make them happy in the short term, but long term just reinforces the fear that they have of titans. given the fact that they have a history of 2000 years of oppression under the Eldians, I don't think they can just make that go away in the ~50-70 years it'll take the rest of the world to develop nukes and get rid of the Eldians once and for all

you think overtime they would forget about the titans

Do you think Jean ever thought about burning the scarf? I would if I was him

burning a smelly, unwashed decades old scarf? better off throwing it in the ocean or burying it

what's isayama doing now


The rest of the world didn't even genocide eldians when they were useless to them, while Marley was full on using titan powers in wars against them, meaning the rest of the world. But now they're gonna decide to genocide them even though eldians are now helping them, saving them from the big bad empire that was conquering and raping them for 100 years? Meaning there are still people with fresh memory of it and it's not just some distant shit.
While the conventional weaponry is surpassing titans, meaning they no longer are such a threat. Hence they don't need to be feared nearly as much.

Bro, disagree all you want. There is a factual reality of what happened with Eren's plan.
While what Armin was pushing had absolutely perfect chance to work.

>the rumbling cutting away to Historia's (irrelevant) childbirth, a panel of Eren's decapitated head cutting away to Historia holding her child in her arms, among others, are just strange.
What's so strange about it? Death is juxtaposed with a new life to give the reader mixed emotions.

I know Armin's position wasn't all sunshine and roses after Eren's death, but it was still a hell of a lot better than the position Eren was in. Even if Eren had the patience for the modernization plan, it still would've had little to no effect. No one liked paradis. Ah, seems my point was also brought up by and
>That's what fucking happened, "nigga"
Who do you think you are, calling me "nigga"?

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You people take this way too seriously
Still discussing this shitshow 1 year later. Face it lads, not even Isayama himself thought about it. Just let it go already
Use these threads to shitpost and shippost, not discuss plot points or worldbuilding seriously as if they made any sense

The same way KnY gets away with
>2022: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2...1/2....minus an episode, + 1 additional hour episode....2/3 & 1/3

You sound like you use titanfolk

>I know Armin's position wasn't all sunshine and roses after Eren's death, but it was still a hell of a lot better than the position Eren was in.
You have to be unironically braindead to think so.

>it still would've had little to no effect. No one liked paradis
Aha the entire volunteers subplot was just there for laughs and giggles. Now i doubt you even paid attention to it considering the level of your reading comprehension.

>Who do you think you are, calling me "nigga"?
Should i call you just a nigger then?

Honestly you're right. Why am i even wasting my time on these fucking idiots who unironically believe that world genocide was the answer. And then after he extreminated 80% Armin could have done anything to save the situation.
/a didn't used to be this stupid.

>Still, whats the motivation behind nuking the paradis?

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armin's plan had absolutely no plan of working. it's like if the nazis came back, said "hey guys we're actually good now", then immediately showed that they had some laser weapon and used it to get rid of other countries nuclear arsenals, and said "hey can we be friends now? promise i won't try and take over like last time haha :)"
obviously no one is going to trust them and try to figure out a way to counter them
i mean i agree that 80% wouldn't have worked, eren should've gone for 100%