Name the show

Name the show.

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This is really justifying my point


Cross Ange.

Kuma Miko, with a scale of 1/2.

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure



code geass r2

Kill la Kill

False the best subplot started on episode 13.

Every sol and/or comedy show, that tries to have serious plot for the last 3 or so episodes

Ousama Ranking

SAO should have ended at episode 14.

attack on titan, naruto, bleach


my next life as a villainess

>attack on titan
No that one looks like this

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Macross Delta.




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That applies to 90% of all anime released in history.

any anime original

12 episodes max is the superior format.

Love Hina
that drop after the peak is
>it stops being "LMAO he grabbed da booby"
>good soundtrack is replaced by the orchestral one
>story turns into an edgy trying-to-be-serious Love Story
>nothing fucking happens for 10 episodes

Stardust Crusaders, but the last four episodes


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shift right 3 episodes and its Darling

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This holy shit, there were a couple fun moments towards the end but the rest almost put me to sleep

Erased but it's only 12 episodes.



So Golden Wind just didn't happen?

Honest enjoyment chart of SnK

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t. Shirleyfag

Kemono Friends

Really? I haven't watched S2 yet although I downloaded it weekly when aired.



OK to be fair I'm only on ep 6 of season 2 and its more like pic related, I'm still just sour from the small dip in quality
I don't think they knew what to do after the doom flag stuff was over and I didn't care for the new older brothers of the twins and I didn't like the fact she was separated from her harem because of the kidnapping BUT you see that big upturn serious serious spoilers under here do not click Geordo Stuart kissed Katarina!!!!

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this desu, still watching because bojji's king and also too cute

Re: Zero, the early mansion episodes was the only thing I liked about the series besides Echidna scenes in season 2, it's when this show seemed like it still had potential to be something great then it just very rapidly goes to shit after the mansion. 12 is the exact episode they leave the mansion by the way.

Is ep 12 the episode he fights the knight and yells at the white haired elf girl?
if so, thats the episode I dropped it, so more proof for your fire

Oniisama e

Darling in the franxx

Am currently watching it. It feels like there always is a lot of build up, but little to no conclusion. Nanako sees Fukiko do a lot of shady stuff, but does absolutely nothing with it despite looking a scared for a few minutes.

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despite = only

Stupid mistake

The Great Pretender

Good pic

Promised Neverland

Ousama ranking

Hunter × Hunter


Good shout but I don't ever think it was as
good as the graph implies.

Saved and pretty accurate

never got a chance to post this

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All of them.

what's that? bertholdt/historia?

Naruto up until Rescue sasgay