One Piece

Post your least favorite character and be judged for your taste.

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Luffy, the show would have been better with another MC.





Really everyone in Wano if I think about it besides kaido

I consider anyone who likes him an imbecile beyond any redemption

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Wait until Buggy D Clown awakens and splits the atom. Buggy vs Luffy rematch is the last fight in the series and it takes place at laugh tale after buggy follows them by placing a finger on the merry as a way to bug it

Hes everything Oda wanted Oden to be

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Brook, his addition to the crew made me drop OP


why do you hate oda?

I just read the newest chapter
you guys are gonna hate the spoilers
I'm so sorry

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Hamlet because it was a Kaku cock tease.


>germa is cool tho

What? Brook is great when Oda remembers his existence and gives him screentime

it's over.

why is every tiber beside best guy ever see nothing wrong with the retcon

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>hating a literal clown who's entire gimmick is comedic in a series which now has toon physics.
You should have invested in Buggycoin.



The guy in the upper right panel of page 9 of chapter 673.


how hard is luffy going to job to smoker?



But he is the new Nakama, user.
Even Luffy remembers him.

just joking, he is the best ( i am samefag)

Entirely fair. Kozuki Oden has and always will be plot cancer.

>not liking Yamato

he is a better character than luffy

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Why would Jinbe or Hancock of all OP characters be your least favorite???

>in a series which now has toon physics.
It's time for the king's return.

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That's pretty much it, he doesn't feel like a part of the crew even after all these years. He'd work better as a visiting character than a recurrent one and it seems like even Oda agrees considering how he's constantly pushed into the background unless he's needed for a gag

I misunderstand OP and posted my favorite lol

Hancock's entire character boils down to being an unreasonable bitch to everyone and everything but Luffy, getting whatever she wants because she's hot and it works both in-universe and out, and obsessing over the MC she'll never get. It's not difficult to understand why some people don't like her, even without bringing up shipping.

How the fuck are people still mad over Jinbe?

Eh that honestly applies to all of the non-East Blue 5 members

Hammock is as close to 3dpd as 2d women get. Really detestable.

Hancock is an unlikeable psychopath only coomers simp for

The fuck user?

I agree with Franky and Chopper and Brooke but not Robin.

Buggy is fine, but his fans are so annoying. They only have one joke and it stopped being funny after Impel Down.

What did my nigga Sabo do to you?

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Jinbe is almost a nobody as far as personality goes. Hancock is meant to be a turbobitch, except to Luffy.

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That’s every week

Coby. I watch the show in random fragments because that's how I watch all anime, and I hate this faggot.

Personalityless blob the manga tries to force you to give a shit about

my headcannon is coby raping this bitch (wont ever happen)

hopefully foxy has avoided vegapunk

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I don't like the way Oda treats him nowadays, but Usopp vs Chew is still one of the best fights in One Piece.

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what did you just say

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