The One Piece

Is there even anything Oda could make the One Piece that would cause this board AND also normies to lose their minds and cement it as the greatest manga of all time?
If you met Oda in a bar and he confesses to you that he hasn't figured it out yet, what would you tell him? Assume he will make it whatever you say.
>inb4 it was the friends we made along the way (unless you elaborate on the execution of that)

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The "its a fucking rocket" theory is the most interesting to me

Why would a rocket make Roger laugh tho?
Gonna need the rundown on this one.

Look you’d respect the redacted backstory but im too broken now to deal with this it’s definitely not wrong and very dark humor but it makes sense that its undefinable. Also grossly misunderstood. Nothing happened. You didn’t get your way and that’s a very good thing.

It's sake

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What did he mean by this?

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The rocket looks like a giant penis, which makes everyone laugh uncontrollably

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It's Joy boy's dick pic, it was all just a dick joke.

What if it just is all their treasure, gold and such, but they just can't leave with it?


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>All the treasure in the world left in one spot
>dick pic
Based. Even more based if Laugh Tale is located at one of the poles.

The One Piece is a song, as in "piece".

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It’s a mask dude. Women literally considered me an angel at home. I have a bigger heart than most but I can and will adapt rapidly to meet the demands of the environment.

It's a Drum, the drum started playing when Luffy "died" and the sound made it to Wano, that's how Luffy got up

I think one of the more absolute ridiculous, but also somehow possible theories is that it is the manga of one piece itself. roger and them read it, get to the end, and yeah you know what's next.

>its a sea shanty
Why didnt i think of this

This is even more plausible with the gear 5 reveal.

It's a song that brook hasn't written yet

It's one piece of this D.

I’ve always assumed One Piece is going to be a titanic vault full of Void era treasure, tech, scientific research, historical artifacts…basically it’d have stuff all the Straw Hats would consider treasure.
Feeling pretty good about that so I’m all in on it.

Then they make Raftel the inoy island the Hats personally plant a turf flag on

Boo, trash.

That's not funny.

The One Piece is Monkey Dick's Luffy aka NIKKA NIKKA for all his crewmates. That's why Roger laughed, it's because he saw the gigantic dick of Luffy raping the earth.

Some kind of gear that messes up the world like the grand line, red line, destruction of fishnog island, etc.

Its a big vault, chances are theres something funny in there Roger laughed at

I’m thinking too small with vault
In keeping with One Piece’s theme of grand scale and romance, it’s probably one of the biggest islands in the series hust loaded with gold and fantastic technology and trees bursting with Devil Fruits and exotic animals and people

There could very well be a whole arc where everyones just walking all over gold constantly. Maybe Film Gold was a sneak peek at Raftel

>Kaku will join
>Paulie will join
>Monet will join
>Caesar will join
>Rebecca will join
>Etc, etc, etc
Is Nakamaposting eternal?

you forgot
>wyper will join
probably one of the earliest examples of fans clinging to a side character they liked

>The treasure was the friends we made along the way
Thats literally it, if he does this then i'd riot, the one peace could be joyboy's golden unko and it'd be better than le friendship

I can’t really blame them, Wyper would have given me strong nakama vibes back then too

one piece of eight, but if you can hear the voice of all things you get to hear about the entire void century first hand because joyboy took it with him everywhere

Roger watched a One Piece episode from Joyboys time, which made him laugh because Joyboy’s crew of ten was full of wacky characters just like the Straw Hats. That’s right, we’re going full self fellatting circle.

Imagine a girl is highschool teasing you constantly only to accept to have sex with you 70 years later.

That's what the wan piss is: 80 years old pussy.

we all know one piece fans are retarded and they will find a justification for anything oda does, they have no critical thinking at all

How did Don Krieg get out of the grand line?

That’s Oda with a capital on the first letter to you, heretic
The Church of the Rubber God forgives you just this once; now go, and sin no more.

On the contrary its my average critical thinking skills that let me effortlessly come up with headcanons I can subscribe to to explain away anything

maybe a weird take but I was super uninvested in the roger laughing moment purely because it came from Oden, a character we just got introduced to and suddenly he is the most important roger pirate member. It wasn't even a roger flasback. I felt nothing and was actually surprised people thought it was one of the best chapters in the series, didn't help this was when we were formally introduced to the whales celebrating luffy's birth and the prophecy of sovreigns stuff.

The One Piece was the Nika fruit and Roger took it

>The treasure was the friends we made along the way
apparently, oda confirmed that it's a real treasure and not some "friendship" nonsense

Come to think of it, it could be the world heard him say, “I left it all in one place” and named the treasure One Piece so they wouldn’t have to keep referring to it as the treasure Roger left someplace

Oda knows he’ll be the first Japanese lynching in over a century if he pulls that shit

Isn't One Piece Roger's treasure and whatever he saw on Raftel is separate from that? Since he specifically mentioned during his execution that he left all his treasure at that place (Raftel).

The thing on Rafftel was Joyboy's treasure, the One Piece, but Roger probably left his own as well to keep the tradition/adventure alive.

I think the general population belives its his treasure, since everything related to laugh tale is either legend or unknown

it's a photo joyboy took of Im revealing he's actually just 3 ugly midgets stacked on top of each other in a robe
>look at this guy lmaooo
is written on the bottom

How did the it become known as "One Piece"? Was the name a thing even before Roger became pirate king?

People just started calling it like that, same goes for the title of pirate king

It didnt have a name. It was just "Joyboy's treasure." Roger gave it the name One Piece so people would have something to look for, but that includes his treasure as well. The "One Piece" is still technically a mystery, but we know the One Piece is a culmination of treasures left on the final (and once urban legend) island.

If I met Oda and he told me he still didn't know, I'd make One Piece the story of the void century, a tale of fun and betrayal. I'd want the One Piece to also be tied to the narrator of One Piece, whoever is speaking in these Oda boxes.

It's like this.

Roger was looking for the final island because that would make him do what nobody else has in 800 years.

Law and Robin are looking for the final island for information about the world.

Everybody else is looking for the final island for treasure.

Everyone else, other than Law

>Everyone else, other than Law
Luffy only wants the adventure just like Roger

The treasure will be a star map, revealing that the world is just "one piece" of an even greater universe. Roger laughed because, after all of his struggles and going where no man has gone before, all he accomplished was getting out of the well. He now saw the vast ocean and couldn't help but find it funny how small everything he knew really was.

Basically what Toriko did. The main characters conquer the world's challenges and embark into even greater ones IN SPACE!


>Is there even anything Oda could make the One Piece that would cause this board AND also normies to lose their minds
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