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read the guide

mari has an ass

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Wow. Need to see more pics of this one.

mari wants that ass

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im too broken

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>wake up
>see this
>day ruined

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I fucking hate the rebuild movies and their erasure of the previous series in terms of merch.

Thanks that looks really good. I should watch the rebuilds so I could potentially justify buying it.
All these new OC figures are getting to be too much for me to handle.

just wait for release

>draw me like one of your french girls

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Is she a Jedi or something?


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Buying a daki for the first time. The BOOTH page suggests for overseas buyers to use tenso for shipping. Anything I should know about this service?

What's UC?

Nice raccoon.

they just work

Sorry, *what's wrong with UC

They are just mediocre.

they weld tits


It's a forwarding service, read the guide and their FAQs.


Rev up those pre-orders because I'm booked for now until I actually get something from a series I like

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Satania and Illya shipped

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Bonus: guess what kind of girls an user is into
I'll start, this user likes cute and funny girls

>buy pre-hotglued item
>item: A, still sealed
>open it up
>wait, where did i put the base?
>it did come with the base, right?
>it was sealed, right? yeah, I cut the original sticker and everything.
>completely upturn room looking for it
>completely upturn level of the house looking for it
Well hopefully it's somewhere real dumb. Like, it can't have shipped without a base but with the tacky bonus microfiber towel.

true but I'm not quite as dedicated as that other user. there's a guy that preorders nothing bigger than A cups and I kneel

Pre cummed item yet sealed?

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Guess I'll get this since I miss miss her Alter fig

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Did she get a second run?
>that Satania
Her butt looked good, but even the promos of her face looked just really awful.

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We just did that last thread.

Rurumu did get a second run, coming out in April
I'm expecting it to be pretty bad, I heard the Gabriel one doesn't even let you remove it from the base. I'm just a big Sataniafag and I'm happy she finally got a figure after so long. hopefully I can find a decent place to display her because the pose kinda sucks and the base is fuckhuge

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jointchads [email protected]

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Nice Coon.

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I really gotta see what's going on with my Windblade order.

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>what's wrong with UC
They're not quite FOTS/B'full tier, but you're paying 15k+ yen for mediocrity. Simple sculpts but almost never do any shading and often have thick welded bangs/tits. Or worse, they fuck up the placement of the eyes like Douki.

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Somehow September got really expensive. Should I keep Mira? I know her anime is shit and FuRyu is questionable, but a part of me wants to support the artist.

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Thanks for that insightful comment. I just canceled her. Was hoping someone would put in a good word about the figure.

>Was hoping someone would put in a good word about the figure.
There's no time travelers ITT


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Has anyone here gotten a proxy to shop at a real event?


How successful are they at getting everything?

Depends on circle, event, how early you order and if the proxy's agenda allows them to secure your shit quick enough.


>how early you order
I'm talking about real life, in person events

And I'm answering real life, in person events. Phisical proxies are not available all the time at any time you want , you must order way in advance for them to plan their physical trip. Plenty of them close orders days or even weeks before an event even starts.

Do I have to send them a map of which tables to visit? If there's multiple and they're very likely to sell out within 10 minutes, would they send multiple people or no?

They create a route based on the multiple orders they get by different people depending on priorities and demand is how they tackle it. They often don't go alone either.

If you want a dedicated proxy to you you can find some, they charge about 150kY per person + trip expenses if the event is within the Tokyo metro.

Does anyone else watch fig vids? Or am I that much of a faggot

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But where is the Yor figure?

You are a gigantic faggot

I don't supposed you'd recommend me a proxy without pointing to the guide. I'm not that familiar with how proxy shopping works for events but I'll look into it more. Thanks user.

It's literally on the guide. Try actually reading and checking them, not just ctrl+f your way through it.

Post collections!

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