Daily Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi storytime 21

Chapter 39: Fishing contest
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This must be the most depressed face since Hinagiku's

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What a twist!

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Chapter 40: Gift

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And now that they've released the Master of the River, he will grant them a boon, right?

Must be their usual place in class

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What a bunch of brats

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I wish I could tie up a stupid flat chested loli while I teach a class.

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After dealing with such terminal cases I don't think you would do it out of pleasure

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Creepy forhead veins

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Then I will do it out of catharsis until it becomes pleasure.
I will teach those idiots to behave, with the carrot and the stick.

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They aren't even that good at hiding, kunoichis' future is grim if these are the new generation

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wow Rindou is literally me.

Cute gifts

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Think about cute idiots hugging when you feel down!

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weak discipline
they should be hanging naked like in Made in Abyss

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also it's surprising that ajisai is ahead of ume

Punishment here might not be harsh, but at least it's equal despite preferences

That's it for today. Punishment enthusiasts will be happy tomorrow with MSGKs and trap enjoyer!

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5 little lolis swinging in a tree

>MSGK and a Trap in the same comic
I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

Shakuyaku VA reveal. It's Tsuchiya Rio, who voiced Higuchi Madoka in THE [email protected]: Shiny Colors.



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imagine if boys found them like this

So basically we have four days left in which we'll get intros from the dog squad, but we already know their VAs except for Rindou.

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The obligatory forgettable one of the trio.

>Four damn female kids and one special needs child

She's the most conventionally pretty of the three though. And one of the only girls to always go barefoot.

She just doesn't make much of an impression next to Eyepatch Katana and Oni Club. Her weapon looks dumb, too.

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barefoot kuudere

Her smile is scary.


Why the Hell would they give her a branch?

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

Maybe he can show Tsubaki what male genitalia looks like.

What are those fruits called like?