In TWO DAYS, we shall RISE UP

In TWO DAYS, we shall RISE UP

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Me. My rise. Literally.

I look forward to the Melty porn and scans of obscure doujins

>female only team

I've never seen/read/consumed this franchise, is the MC asexual or something? I don't recall seeing him with anyone. That poster looks like it's the standard harem of girls in a fantasy isekai and "ohoohoo but this time it's tooootally different and deconstructive" because he has a shield.
These shows are the capeshit of Japan, aren't they? How come they're so obsessed with western medieval settings? Yes I'm mad.

>These shows are the capeshit of Japan, aren't they?
They might be.
I don't know if there is a severe lack of genuine talent in the light novel industry, or if even the talented writers have to lower themselves to regurgitating the same ass tropes over and over again to make a living.

Who cares about his allies? Naofumi is the coolest one anyway, I like watching his battles, besides Naofumi is an incel edgelord, he doesn't give a shit about sex and dating. He only cares about RISING UP and surviving, so the whole "harem" team doesn't bother me solely for the reason that Naofumi isn't a coomer.

No not really. He gets burned by a women pretty badly early on and he views his female allies as more younger sisters/daughters than love interests. He comes around in regards to Raphtelia but only her. Shield Hero looks like a standard Isekai setup from the outside but when you watch it it comes across as having been written by someone who isn't a raging autist. Maybe that has to do with the author being a women? Idk, I usually don't go for isekai myself because of the autism but Shield hero is one of the three I make an exception for. The other two being Mushuko Tensei and Konosuba.

Obscure yaoi doujins you mean.

Since we're here and to not let a thread go to waste, anyone want to know or want something clarified before the season starts?

where does the anime end off at for S1, and what does S2 cover?
i read part of the manga until i got bored around chapter 50, is that worth picking up again?

>where does S1 end up
A little on the start of vol 6

The rest of vol 6 and 7

>is it worth picking again?
Well the current arc is about to end so give it like 2 or 3 months before binging it

Dropped this piece of shit show when he got the queen's favor and nobody hated him anymore. What have I missed.

We're going home shieldbros

The waves duuuude

Surf's up!

It does sum up what happened in the rest of the season that user didn't see, everyone going to an island for vacations and grinding levels then a dimensional wave.

Sounds lame. I watched Shield Hero because he was an underdog having to cope with getting shat on like Spider-Man while doing the right thing. Next thing I know, his not-a-weapon suddenly is more powerful than the other three at a lower level and everyone loves him and has a party of waifus. They ruined it.

Well he's got to stop being an underdog at some point, otherwise how is he gonna be a hero and do the thing he was summoned to do?

fucking racoons

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Double the female knight, double the fun.

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I need to know, I don't give a shit about spoiling myself on this, does Naofumi EVER end up telling the other heroes how to upgrade their weapons? He promised to share what he knew during that one meeting, walked out on it after they all shared, and as of the end of S1 still hasn't. It's actually kinda fucked

Well in the novel after the calmira wave the queen calls for another meeting and he tells everyone he managed to use all their methods and the only thing they need to do is to believe that it works but of course they don't believe him.
It's after they get their asses kicked later on that they finally see reason and become as powerful as naofumi is.

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that's a pretty good cover

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And there's the latest one

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A bit of a strange question, but would this make a good show to lift/exercise while watching? I've been temped to watch it when I'm done with my current shows, and it looks interesting because it looks like an "against all odds" type of deal that I can lift to.

Are they rewriting the story?

It was fun watching him get strong in the first part of season 1, but when everyone acknowledged him and the only way to one up the fights was to make them bigger and more retarded it went to shit really quickly.
Its kind of jarring because all the big fights looks absolutely atrocious, not just the animation but the composition and editing is non sensical, it keep breaking up hte flow of the battle or some scene are 10x the length they should be

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It follows the general direction of the LN.

>bigger and more retarded
If you think so you're not going to like this next season

Is that a yes or a no? Keep in mind I have big swole muscles and will throttle your neck if you give me the wrong answer

But what if that user likes being throttled in the neck?

Looking forward to best tortoise

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>Called Rising of the Shield Hero
>Surprised when the Shield Hero rises.

Indeed. It's like they expect something like "the rising of the shield hero but he never takes off"

The worst part is that some people unironically think like this

>my revenge porn has run its course. what do I do now?
>uhhhh heres some generic boring fantasy

>a woman
nigga did you read the web novels? it's edgy as fuck and red haired bitch is punished by being raped by the pig king and then killed while showing it to everyone including the heroes..

That no longer happens in the LN

I know that
It's just unbelievable a woman is the author of Shield Hero as that user is saying.
come mierda nombreputo

To be fair the author's gender is a rather well hidden secret

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God I can't wait for the porn

thats the spirit

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Ghost sex wooo.

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>shield hero is the most anticipated spring anime
How is isekai so powerful?

I dropped the manga because this turtle arc was that bad. If they spend a whole anime season on it, then there will never be a season 3.

Lol, dumb newfag. Women authors love rape and humiliation as much if not more than male ones do. Why don't you check out the average Shojo/Josei and see for yourself.

except that they did announce season 3 along with 2.


>most anticipated

is it tho? I think most people lost the interest when they abandoned the gimmick

How many episodes in s2?

he marries the raccoon

at least 12+a recap episode

could've sworn they said 25