You must choose

You must choose.

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I don't know how they managed to make a girl infiniately less fuckable and likeable than Aqua. Her body is 12/10 but I wouldn't even consider fapping to her or fucking her, even less so than darkness

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Scared of titties, pedo?

wise choice user they couldn’t raise a child well imo

I choose Darkness.


Aqua is likable. She's a dumbass, but ultimately her heart is in the right place and she's a good friend. Snow on the other hand is pretty evil and too greedy. Only redeeming quality is her body.

not saying no but no long term

I want her to tie me down and forcefully reverse rape me for a creampie and make me take care of her baby

Snow is goddamn useless, she makes Aqua look dependable

You aren't really wrong. Aqua has buffs and heal/revive and utility against undead. Snow is almost never of any actual value in combat and tends to break her swords and immediately become even less useful

Shotgun strategist tho? Now theres a useful girl.

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yes im simply stating the facts if you can’t take care of your baby how can you take care of a baby?

Aqua's a selfish bitch

Alice best girl though

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Combatants sucked ass

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How many times do you even need to deal with the undead? I never got that about priest roles
The undead aren't some strong force of nature that requires magic to defeat. Most of the time if you can kill regular monsters you can just kill the undead easily. I know in Konsuba it was setup so Aqua is useful in that scenario, but I'm saying in general I don't get priests

please do not rape ask and it’s prob a yes

Aqua, but konosuba-wise it would be Darkness.
Speaking of Darkness would she actually be into rough rape or would she be the type to regret it and get turned off once it really happens?
For some reason both scenarios are good to me.

but why?

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Who is the right and what's her series

>the girl?
I'll take Aqua-sama
>the series?
I'll take Chadbatants please.

I want to spank Heine's heinie.

Aqua, because her butt's always on display

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"Find" sword on the ground
Sell sword to Snow.

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better than hestia

Aqua is not as bad of a worthless human as Snow

>Aqua is a better person that Hestia
I'm not sure how you could argue this

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>gold digger whore loaded with debt from her countless bad life decisions
>eternally 17 goddess, comes with free heals and revives. also you can cum inside her, she'll just purify your sperm into water

I wasnt a fan of snow but this picture made me change my mind
imagine the hate sex

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I choose Grim and Yunyun.

Yunyun is 10/10 but literally a corpse-chan is meh, same with Wiz. Both have great bodies but too much baggage and vaginal maggots

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how hard would it have been for kazuma to bang aqua

Aqua always.
Easy choice.

Heine exists for bullying. Rose became my favourite girl after her episode.
Trips and fine choices,

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He'd just have to get her drunk and it'd probably be easy pickings
It was more that he didn't want to rather than he couldn't

>How hard is it to dick a retarded water balloon

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Anyone else ship these two?

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Snow is a scum

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not even best in her own show

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Jewcat is the best KemonoMichi


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Right without question.

>I never got that about priest roles
They're fantasy medics user. Do you have any idea how important that is. Even if the best they can do is slowly close wounds in an hour that's still way faster than bandages and alcohol and often the difference between life and death.
Not to mention the morale of having a good man of god(s) in your group.

Imagine choosing anyone or anything over the literal goddess Aqua

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Not all the time, she has shown time and time again that she is ultimately good natured.

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I kind of feel sorry for her since #6 is at this point raising too many flags with Viper and is firmly in the Alice camp, though that's more because she's like his scummy soul sister.

Damn he's packing, instead of poor dicklet Kazuma.

Let's be honest, Astaroth only has herself to blame for that.

>tfw you'll never impregnate Aqua

shutup mitsubishi

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Blonde and smelly Aqua