Murata drew this. Why can't OPM's art be this good?

Murata drew this. Why can't OPM's art be this good?

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Murata saw this post.
He's now doing another redraw, I hope you're happy.

+5 more chapters of filler confirmed

based murata. stick it to the plebs

Isn't this just a basic art exercise?


Anyone else disappointed with manga Garou? Webcomic Garou was much more threatening and didn't have to constantly barrage the reader with hints about his inner goodness. Are we even going to get Garou vs. S-Class?

He fucking didnt That's not a drawing, it's a photo.

Look at the shadows more closely, there's clear brush marks. It's a drawing.

>Are we even going to get Garou vs. S-Class?
Yes, but it will not make any sense after seeing Garou + Metal bat VS Centipede

it's done absurdly fucking well you blind retard

Open the image

I thought this was a photo until I clicked the image, god damn

>Drawing colors again
Bros... Is God going to show up again?

Kill yourself namefaggot

copying sth well doesnt mean you can create sth well

Because it would take him 2 months to get a chapter ready. And his assistants could never make any background that would look good on it.
Murata was showing of here, he thought a normal glass was too simple and decided to make up a glass shape and then draw its reflection and the water effects according to its shape.

Being able to effectively render images in detail applies to original artwork as well.

Holy shit, that's incredible. I was about to call bullshit because it looked like it was made in blender or something. What the fuck, how do you even get on this level?

Murata is a machine pretending to be a man.

it's more on the technical side of things
if your idea is shit then prettier shading won't save it

His ideas are pretty fuckin good though.

no it's not

Sure they are.

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>His ideas were pretty fuckin good though.
now it's borderline capeshit tier

Well, I won't dispute that. The manga became what it was once satirizing and deconstructing. Hope the webcomic doesn't go the same way, though the pacing of the current arc isn't making me hopeful.

What the fuck do you think you're reading? It's capeshit with a comedic foil

Got you covered bro.

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Make a livestream Murata you madlad, I know you used a color picker.

Made me think of this for some reason.

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is this an /ic/ meme?

Black & White vs Colors?

it's still insane to me that people can literally just conjure masterpieces out of nowhere with just their hands and a paper or screen

like every amazing image you've ever seen was drawn by someone out of nowhere. it's mind boggling. how can there be such a disparity in human talent.

>photorealistic art
Truly souless

I've done some basic rendering stuff before, including glass. Even with a demo on how to do it, it can be a bit finicky. And it's nowhere close to the OP image in terms of lighting or shape.

t. calarts

more like how can there be such a disparity in human effort
there are certainly geniuses who blaze trails, but once the trail has been broken in, all that's left is to diligently follow it, yet most people, finding the trail long and arduous, meander, get lost, and create rest stops of mediocrity along the way.

life is too short to waste your effort down a path that isn't for you

the truly gifted are those who know what their path is

Yeah, basic. We did this in pre school

>he wants OPM to take even longer release

thats not photorealistic, glass doesn't bend like that

Muratas art was already soulless.

It's glass...

>glass doesn't bend like that

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He's got a thing for drawing water.

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True art is priceless and requires technique and patience.
OPM is cheap sketches aiming for poorman's petty cash

This is probably the only manga where Hiruma is actually too good for Mamori.
Most people who call it NTR'ing the childhood friend, but he honestly deserves better.

and glass doesn't bend.

The fuck am I looking at

you have to go back

That's a render.

A lot

you ever heard of glassblowing

what do you mean muratas opm art looks ten times better?

Hyperrealism is not art. Artists that try to copy what a printer does instead of having his own style is the very definition of soulless. Good exercise though

I love that vague statement.

Fuckyou asshole.

This is inhuman level ability

Dumb phoneposter

So portraits aren't art? You're a fucking retard

>I found this on Reddit.jpg
What did he mean by this?

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