Shingeki no Kyojin

why did mikasa never ask eren if everything was alright? she is too autistic

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Mikasa isn't dumb

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>Eren fought for his country
That is your first mistake. Eren only gives a shit about himself and supposedly his two childhood friends. If Eren really cared about his country he wouldn’t have advocated for his childhood friend over a military commander to be kept alive. He also wouldn’t have basically burned every bridge that his country could’ve made because of petty reasons like being family-zoned or the world not looking like his friends storybook.

I love eren he just wants to kill

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She is

wow japanese fans are vocal about the last episode and they are NOT happy. Theyre discontented with how they were deceived for a second time that this Final Season was the last one only to have a Final Season Final Edition be announced in the end. I guess they were holding for the anime to end at this final season part 2. There's even a petition that's garnered thousands of signatures to have to have the production committee had liable for false advertising for a second time and publicly executed. Obviously that wont happen but it shows how unhappy they are.

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i think he was scared

>Always hated Mikasa
>Mappa starts drawing her
>Suddenly becomes one of my top 3

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Since the thread I posted is going to get ignored I'm reposting this:
Practically everybody can agree that Armin deserves the flake he gets for being wanked to oblivion. Now the next topic for discussion is why did the dumbing of almost the whole cast for the sake of making Eren into "Chadren" get a pass? Eren pulling off his stunts in Marley and the Table scene is a major insult and shits on several characters just so Eren can look cool.

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Interesting, I mean I like her timeskip design ,and find it conceptually hotter than her pre timeskip one, but still WIT put much more effort into her action scenes and Asano's design for her was top tier

because edgefags identify as him and wont tolerate any kind of those questions

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because people had more good will toward the story and because edgy teenagers could self insert more easily.

>the clock still turns clockwise even in the bahamas...

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its probably the way her eyes are drawn now, she's got the cat eyes now. though I'll disagree on the action thing, the pier battle sequence with her outshines WIT 100%

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I kneel Mappa

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It was for Armong. Everything was made so Armong could be the king

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How long will these threads even last? Within one-two week we're gonna go back to the pre-S4P2 posts, I don't give it more than a month and a half

Following SnK isn't enough. I need to kiss Eren.

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Really no contest, the eyes change all of it, also cant stand the thick lines WIT does

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Hmm, my complains about her design post timeskip are 1) less elegant/more inconsistent face shape, but that's a general complain for all womens in S4, 2) lips, although that's much better in P2, 3) shading on her hair

I found the odm gear scene in that episode to be less believable and still a bit lower quality than Imai's or ebara's best

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Eren from 139 still exists, and no amount of crying, bitching, coping, death threats, conspiracy theories, or retarded fanfiction is going to change that.

EH never happened. EM happened for like thirty seconds in the most fucktarded way possible and was immediately shot down by Jean "Horse Cock" Kirstein right afterwards. Zeke's plan was better in every way. Shadis was right about Floch, and no, Erwin wouldn't have been a Yeagerist. He would've just fed Eren to someone else the moment they were back in Paradis.

Eren started all of this by burning all the bridges they had with the other countries, killed his own mom for nothing, accomplished nothing but the destruction of billions of lives, species, and his own country, and in the end, just turned into a goddamn tree so he couldn't even follow his own bullshit philosophy anymore.

He died a virgin, a cuck, an idiot, a mass murderer, and ultimately, a bigger slave than anyone else in the entire series, and nothing is going to change that.

Leave doing absolutely nothing to me, Eren!

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The sooner people accept that Eren was just a self-centered psycho without a real sense of justice the better. All plot points make sense when you accept this truth.

Everyone shat on Eren for the raid plan while praising Armong for the blimp escape plan

>Table scene
Shat on what characters, Mikasa was a retard and a shit character far before that scene same as Armong. Also Armong made everyone else look retarded whenever he came up with a plan since Trost

>Yeagerist coup
This doesn’t make Eren look good, it makes Zeke, Yelena and maybe Floch look good because they planned or did the heavy work, Eren wore a coat

>No arguments against the Rumbling
Only one I can give you (although Isayama making the world being comically racist is at fault here) but in canon Eren didn’t even believe in his arguments so most of the scenes he talked about why he did or need to do the Rumbling were filler

Shingeki no Kyojin is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and THE CYCLE OF HATRED. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the Armong, peculiar, piss filter, the whole ODM faggotry and everything about the SnK world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on freedom, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

Shingeki no Kyojin is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Yea Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no SnK threads ever encourage the newfags to show their faces here.

I would trust him with my life.

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Imagine seeing this and thinking Eren was in the wrong

Awww he’s so passionate about killing people

a good act doesnt wash out the bad
nor the bad the good

Slay, king.

So True
>If you've seen the fans before they got a reality check with ending you'd think this was at least a good show
If you look at Eren for example he was always depicted as the author said about him "bluffing and weak" he forced everyone to join the survey corps because he was "strong and determined" only to end up dying, kidnapped, pissing and moaning every arc so much so that it became a positive to have less focus on the MC as many reviews indicated. The only instance where he was liked was because of the 5 year timeskip when he was a COMPLETELY different character and just Larping.
The circle jerk created an echo chamber where retards started believing that offscreened development was real and shitting up other threads.
The anime committee took full advantage of this nonsensical story and retarded fanbase, just look at the false advertising of S4 hyping a Reiner and Eren rivalry that doesn't even exist and that's just
One example out of many.
Reiner was set up to be two dimensional character by having him suffer mentally for his actions, except it doesn't work pre timeskip because it wasn't yet revealed why, and it doesn't work post timeskip because he never had a redemption arc and his typical daddy issues was a letdown.
He went back to genocide the island for the third time.
Other characters aren't much better either.
Erwin: lets avoid taking on the titans head on **music intensifies** holy shit no one thought of that before
Armin: a walking plot device.
Mikasa: doesn't exist
Hange: a comic relief character at times, dissapears a few episodes then comes out with rocket technology in the 1900
Zeke: daddy issuesX2
Levi: the textbook definition of 1D character. Even the author said he was the easiest one to write
And many many more, i haven't even discussed the theories they came up with in a sad attempt of trying to rationalize the shit writing.

He was.

How many adults did he kill with improvised traps as a kid? 10? 20? If the walls never fell he could have easily become a great serial killer.

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kill all the pedos eren, kill them all


It's a good thing those walls fell. Now he can kill while earning medals for it.

Did you enjoy it?

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Correct, however you forgot ymir.
>Jaw titan form looks the same as her mindless titan because reasons...

>Wanted to save Historia by taking her to Marley but told her it's not so bad there and that nobody is going to say she was better never being born. (False, considering how bad they treat eldians there).

>Also I think did she didn't know Historia was royal blood but by bringing her to Marley she would've doomed Historia to a life as royal baby factory or turned into a pure titan like her.

>Decides to not take Historia to Marley because she thinks she might survive inside the walls after all, so how does she ensures of this? By effectively increasing Marley's firepower by gift-wrapping herself to Marley and giving them back the jaw titan and giving the scouts or Historia absolutely 0 intel.

>Somehow Historia gets Ymir's memories from touching her letter when that never happened before when she directly touched her dozens of times.
Snktards like to pretend pre ts was coherent which only exposes their shit taste.

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>in another world, psychotic child murderer ereh could have been kenny’s apprentice

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Which Minecraft version is that

La reína de la inactividad...

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>Philosophy teacher writes and sells essay about SnK


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Money? It’s not easy to get money with regular philosophy papers.

>normies still talking about how ''Historia will have a big role to play''

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To connect with his fellow Pseuds

How do her letters smell?

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Any comments and screenshots of normies.?


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Reminder that the sacrificing Historia plan is just a huge plot hole that gets ignored because you instantly realize how poorly thought out everything after the Marley arc is. Paradis could have had Zeke knock up like a dozen women. This would have been a lot more foolproof since Historia and the baby could easily die during pregnancy or something. If they did want to sacrifice Historia they didn’t even need Zeke since they already had Armin. Hell, they didn’t even need a titan since they knew Eren could activate the founder with a mindless titan.

Motherly milk and manure

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slowpoke here. just finished the manga after the last anime season.
what the fuck was that ending

Bring me SLUTren

good luck convincing Zeke to actually impregnate anyone, even if its pretending

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Levi represents what people thought Eren was trying to be. Besides Levi. He could smell the psycho stench on Eren a mile away but rolled with what the rest of the Survey Corps believed in because he felt he owed them loyalty despite his better judgement.
Kenny represents what Eren actually was.


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Why is this forbidden pairing so hot?

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Have eren seduce him

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The story is very interesting and offers a massive playground for philosophical discussion.

So basically canon

Why is Zeke fucking DOGren?


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Or Armin his supposed best friend..

t. Isayama

>the Table scene is a major insult and shits on several characters just so Eren can look cool

Congratulations, you completely misread Isayama's intentions for chapter 112. Eren isn't supposed to look "cool" for shitting all over Mikasa and Armong, even if Yea Forums went wild for it when the chapter came out because no one here liked how fucking useless and clueless AM were post-timeskip.

Isayama wrote this scene for his normalfag Japanese audience who love Mikasa and were oblivious to mongwank most of the time. Eren was supposed to look like a villainous asshole lashing out and gaslighting his friends who did nothing wrong, possibly because he was being manipulated by Zeke or controlled by inherited memories. Mikasa was supposed to look like Eren's victim: she offered nothing but love and unwavering faith and got her heart stomped on for reasons outside her control. Mong nobly controls himself when Eren insults him but heroically stands up for milady when Mikasa's feelings get hurt. After Eren cruelly beats him up, he's the one who gets the final word with an ebin putdown that Edgeren can't rebut.

99% of the point was to wank the Mong and make Eren look worse: the fact that Isayama failed doesn't change his intentions. He's just that incompetent at making anyone rike Arumin.

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Armin was royal?

They arent wrong. Bearing farmer's child is a big role to play indeed

>Everyone shat on Eren for the raid plan while praising Armong for the blimp escape plan
That's not the point, the point is that the fact that Eren succeeded in going AWOL and dragging Paradis into a declaration of war without anyone noticing beforehand and being forced to go along with it makes the cast look like idiots.
>Mikasa was a retard and a shit character far before that scene
She would've never have just sat their and take the abuse, neither would've Armong. I already agree the Armong wank was annoying but so was Edgeren nonsense

>parallel Levi and Eren also with their childhoods: whereas Levi comes from a place with no safety and is forced to use a knife to defend himself, Eren comes from safety but uses a knife to attack

He was definitely right in his assessment that Eren was an untameable monster. If their positions were reversed and Eren grew up a baby serial killer, he’d have probably already cut his way through the MP regiment because they were in the way of muh freedom

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>GODke and CHADsha look masculine, Shitren looks like an effeminate faggot
> GODke and CHADsha have large dicks, Shitren has a microdick
>CHADsha fucked two women canonically, GODke was a volcel (based), Shitren was an incel
>GODke and CHADsha have high wits, Shitren has 3/10 wits
>GODke and CHADsha aren’t related to barslut, Shitren is
This is why Shitren killed barslut, her genes are the reason he was a failure in life

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>Shitren has a microdick
Would still suck

Ah yes Eren, the most hated protagonist in anime history, good job Isayama.

This is incomprehensible

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What does Sasha have to do with anything?

But that scene was meant to make Eren look like an evil asshole that deserved to be punched by the brave hero Armin who even got to have the last word in the argument.

Eren’s true father wasn’t Lebi, it was Erwin

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Cope Shitrentrannies

The best way would be turning Historia into a titan and then having her get pregnant, that way there won't be risk for her as she can just regenerate and you don't have to fuck with Zeke.



He means feeding Armin to Historia.

Imagine showing this post to an SnK fan 9 years ago.

Please learn how to structure a sentence

Levi would be a househusband if he grew up with Grisha and Carla


>moves forward
>makes speeches
>maxed charisma that in universe makes everybody love and forgive them for everything
>dislikes authority
>wants to eliminate all threats beyond the wall

Checks out.

Eren would have nixed that because he doesn't want children to be bred to become sacrifices, he is however ok with them being born to fight against the outside world until Paradis is wiped out because it allows his precious mong to larp as a hero

You forgot the most important one

Erensisters what is our response?

>cutevi growing up to be a wifelet in peace
>let mikasa get sex slaved
>probably bullied armin

why did they make mikasa not look like a woman anymore


Who was Erwin’s wife? Hansi?

He used to write Nile's love letters for her

Historia is off limits, because she is the baddest bitch in the world who saved me

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Why would you call her a bitch?

Sisters this make too much sense I can’t refute it, I need to dilate to forget about the harsh reality again

she stopped looking like a girl and started looking like a woman

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Bros I don’t even know what Eren’s character was supposed to be anymore. There were hints he was larping, but I never thought his whole personality was a facade. I thought he said that shit to Mikasa/Armin to push them away to make carrying out his plan easier. I never expected the big reveal would have him crying and bitching like a child.

Getting mindfucked by the Grisha memories after kissing Historia’s hand would fuck anyone up, it would have made sense that it changed him. The rumbling truly was the only way to win, so I don’t think it’s a childish plan on his part. Every other plan has a slim to none chance of success, the rumbling is a guaranteed win. But it turns out he was faking it all and still the big puss he was in the beginning. He even says he would have don’t the rumbling anyway just because he wanted to.

Bros how the fuck are you supposed to interpret his character? Were you always supposed to know he was larping this hard?

He's mentally ill.

>My little brother is going to be able to enjoy safe sex with his acker-waifu thanks to me
>Right Eren?

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And that's the gospel truth.


Is there a bigger larp protagonist in all of anime history than Eren?

>the fact that Eren succeeded in going AWOL
Eren walked away at a moment when everyone else was distracted and they couldn't all jump up and leave without potentially attracting unwanted attention. What were they supposed to do? How could they find him? You're trying to make it sound like it was an accomplishment that he was able to "escape" less than a dozen people, who had no prior reason to think he would run away, in the middle of hostile territory.

>dragging Paradis into a declaration of war and being forced to go along with it makes the cast look like idiots.
Once they received Eren's letter, they had no option but to go along with Eren's demands because they needed him (and Zeke) alive to protect Paradis. There was no way to pull them out of Liberio without some kind of fight.

The real reasons they look like idiots is that they insisted on relying on nothing but diplomacy in the first place and because AM ignored the clear signs that Eren considered the outside world an irreconcilable enemy.

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It's interesting how he wants to save Historia and yet bury History...
Isayama is a genius. I kneel.

>Sasha, Pixis, Nile and many more died to get Zeke
>used Zeke to spare Hisu, risked euthanasia going through
>shifter curse got broken anyway, Hisu'd be daijobu
wakarimasen wwwwww

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I really feel Zeke's pain from experience
>little bro clearly has a crush
>is too pussy to get after it

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I read this as Sasha and I was confused for a moment

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49% Nakamafag for the world's worst nakamas
49% mentally ill psycho that had a school shooting fantasy
2% waifufag that would rather kill himself than leave his waifu a widow

Mikasa could probably track and smell him, like a dog.

If you all hate Eren so much then why do you want so badly for him to be Historia's kid's father or Mikasa to always stay loyal to him after his death?

>is too pussy to get after it
Not really, it was more that he valued the rumblerino and killing himself for the mong than having sex with Mikasa

Check this one out:
>historia reiss
>histori areiss
>history erase

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I don't. I enjoy mocking him

Tsunderes. Mmmgh.

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We didn’t want that tho, we are happy maggots are eating Shartren’s head while farmchad and horsechad are banging Hisu and Mikasa

Desu, I always liked Eren, since 2014, when I watched the anime and then picked the manga and didn't think for a second he was pathetic or anything.

>Bros I don’t even know what Eren’s character was supposed to be anymore.

That's okay. Isayama doesn't either.

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Okay LHfag

The funny part is when you find out he wasn't larping. He's just mentally ill.

>have a girl lusting over your dick
>know this but arent afraid to ask her out even though he's also interested in her
its called being a pussy

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>Dub fucked up the forestkino scene too


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Finally a based post

The guy went as far as getting buttfucked by Floch just for the sake of Homonationalist LARP, even tho he didn't like it at all and was only thinking about handholding arumin during the act

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This thread is too funny, keep it coming.


>skipped most of the anime because they make minuscule changes that trigger my tism
What did they fuck up?

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These threads will die soon and won't even last until next year

>everyone calls him a pussy
>actually reflects 90% of the viewerbase
Is Eren the Shinji of this generation?

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He.. wants... me gone?

Attached: IMG_1451.jpg (1181x1200, 135.79K)

>Maybe you and I can camp out in the sticks forever, right Levi?

I said it way before, but I will say it again. Mikasa couldn't of had a wetter pussy for Eren. So the whole "family-zone" angle not only makes Eren look like a huge retarded incel, but makes zero sense.

This entire trash-fire of a series is basically anime "Lost". Create massive mysteries to build up hype from people's head canon that the author has no actual satisfying, or even logical, answers to and watch as it all implodes when the fans finally see all the stupid answers be revealed. It might actually work with AOT though, because anime fans are beyond retarded.

I hate isayama

No I don't want that!

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History... i've always hated you.

Pretty much. Except Eren actually works out and is cute.

Absolutely based

I quite like her

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Eren's story in a nutshell.

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Holy kino


Does armin just live rent free in your head?

It's funny how any attempt to dissect the series and analyze it results in Eren hatred.

>If you all hate Eren so much

I liked Eren for most of the story, even back when it was popular to shit on him for being a ragetard. Now I don't have any strong feelings except dislike for what Isayama ended up doing with him. Post-139, I can't take his character non-arc seriously. Isayama ruined pretty much every character I used to like in the final arc but Eren is downright incoherent.
>why do you want so badly for him to be Historia's kid's father
The main reason people were hoping for that outcome was because it would give Eren a better reason to complete the rumbling instead of rolling over and letting his friends stop him to save the world.

I've dissected it enough and still believe eren is quite based indeed

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God I love cucks so much

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Yeah but you're a woman, so who cares.

>they will never move forward and eliminate all threats outside of the walls together

Thanks for finally acknowledging my gender identity :)

Is it canon that all the Erenfags that post here are women?

Yeah but transgender is even worse.

>The main reason people were hoping for that outcome was because it would give Eren a better reason to complete the rumbling
The main reason is because you're all fucking whales and that's it.

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That's because Eren hatred is justified. He's a bad person who chose to wear a good guy suit in order to get away with making violent and selfish choices.

men.. women... we all want to fuck him

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Woman and trannies. With Low quantities of EHfags and EMfags.

>It's funny how any attempt to dissect the series and analyze it results in Mong hatred.

FTFY. Isayama's love of Arumin is the root cause of everything bad about Eren and a majority of what's bad about SnK.

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>There is a VfemAnon now
I don't know where you find these people but godspeed, VAnon. Your work just keeps improving. I-if you ever need another female voice I would be more than happy to help out

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You mean /pol/tards and trannies

I see EH/AnR fags are still here, so I will ask again.

If you think that (before the retcon) Eren had the power to save Sasha and Hange, but didn't do it because he already decided to sacrifice them for Historia and freedom, why didn't he use his powers to save Floch and other yeagerists? He could
- pull all alliancefags into Paths and end all fighting all together
- pull only titan shifters into Paths and let yeagerists deal with the rest
- give Floch and his squad immunity to bullets and sword wounds

It seems like he just allowed his ex-friends to kill his new friends for the sake of having epic final battle.

>ib4 he didn't know about port battle because he wasn't there
AnR Eren should see the aftermath of it, so he can send his past self a message to protect Floch and the yeagerists. Why did he let them die, anons?

Attached: 1645470044968.png (600x523, 440.02K)

Nah, it's just Armin lives in your mind rent free.
He's a far more sensible character and person than Eren.

>but I never thought his whole personality was a facade
What makes you think so now?

How is it even possible to hate a character that makes 0 sense

armin is so fuckable in this

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I'm not convinced that there are any men but women definitely

why was the clown more creepy than the manga?

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I'm a anime-only fag, and now P2 is over I'll pick up from the manga and finish the story from there cuz fuck waiting another year for a bunch of shitty ultra low budget episodes from mappa.

I just wanna wrap my head around something; why is there so much nuclear shitposting and autism around this anime/manga? what's the root cause for all this shit? I'm semi-spoiled on the ending (eren gets cucked, and whatever). is it shounen fags who are mad about losing their self insert? compartmentalize the shitposting for me please.

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>is it shounen fags who are mad about losing their self insert
But the ending made me self insert as Eren even more

>ending (eren gets cucked, and whatever)
it's more than that, 139 in particular is a mess

How do you go from this kino to the garbage that is post timeskip?

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ENTER milkshitren

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Before Eren woke up in paths, did Zeke strip his brother's clothes off and thoroughly inspect every inch?

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He was then stabbed and bled to death and never return home. Eren cried for weeks because's he's a little pussy bitch motherucker and deserves to watch all his loved ones bleed to death in a damp dirty alley in Liberio

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Kys isayama

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She is stunning

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Shipfaggotry. I picked up the manga when it was on chapter 137 and the threads were nothing but EHEM shitflinging mixed with fujoposting and some LHfags here and there.

I hate girls with short hairs, it's literal homosexuality

is it all shipfagging? why do people even care about that when Eren ends up getting cucked? why would people even ship Eren with anyone else than his oneitis (Mikasa)?

Why would he do something like that? That's insane. Right?

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>Eren cucks himself so the woman he loves moves on
>LOL Cuckren epic failure

>Majima cucks himself so the woman he loves moves on
>OMG Majima is such an epic tragic character

What gives?

This is peak Mikasa. No other iteration comes even close. This is perfection in its purest form.

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Good timing

Majima had sex

>why would people even ship Eren with anyone else than his oneitis?

Levi x Eren is literally one of the most popular manga ships

When you accidentally meet your future husband and don't even realize it.

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I've never come to these threads because I wanted to avoid spoilers. Is the anime done? Is there coming, and if so, when? And can someone just spoil the ending for me. I don't care anymore.

so people shitfling eachother over their headcanon ships?

Jean fucks Mikasa in front of Eren.
And Isayama wants to be a Farmer.
I'm not even kidding.

That guy is hotter than Eren.

Yes, the anime is done. The ending is you make it up in your head.

She is perfect I tell you

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Eren transforms into a bird and watches Mikasa fuck Jean.

The ship the survey corps+Warriors is on gets stranded, Eren rumbles the world, the survey corps eventually manage to come back to paradis, eren comes back to paradis to his [insert waifu/husbando]

Are you hotter than Eren?

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Why yes, I do ship Eren with Historia because the alternative is too cringy, sad and embarrassing to accept, how could you tell?

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>that giant piece of bone shit swam across the ocean

He’s just perfect in this shot

Not hard since Eren is more feminine than Mikasa.

>eren gets cucked
No he doesn't you larping retard

Superior EH please rike it when it becomes canon in the rebuild movies at least ten years from now

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So wait, did Eren rape Historia or something?

Historia raped eren

What is the point of the scene between Eren and Historia? I thought it was building up to the revelation that he impregnates her but I've already been spoiled that doesn't happen.

>I WILL help you
>But I WON'T fight or run away
>Give me your seed now if you want me to cooperate

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Spoiled? That's literally last we see of it, there's nothing after this


To clarify that Historia got pregnant for some reason involving Eren's plan but also not involving it at all.

>What is the point
Destroying the western fanbase with no survivor

Is the end of pre timeskip more good than the end of timeskip?

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Here but it's one page

You do know you need an account to see the picture right you fucking mongrel

Calm down it’s just cuck shit

Did they animate eren in his final titan form? Was it good?

To explain why she doesn't do shit. She knows about Eren's plan, but she feels guilty and just sits on her chair all day looking depressed.

I haven't been this disappointed since yesterday

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I'm going to give you a (you) just for the effort you put into the image.

Bait EHfags to keep reading until the end, it has no plot or character significance.