Let's be honest, he deserved it

Nigga was already tripping on power saying he was gonna eliminate anyone in his way literally minutes after getting his powers

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In the LN the guy was tripping even harder.
Good riddance.

fuck off that thread is shit

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If you are a male and side against him, you are a traitor to your sex. Women stick up for eachother no matter what, it's time you start doing the same.

If she told me the situation I'd have erased myself to at least take he burden of this single worthless life od her shoulders although deep down I'd wish to be killes by her by slowly stabbing my heart while hugging me.

you're clearly an incel and a virgin otherwise you would know that women absolutely hate each other and would sell each other out in a second for a man. Thats why they hate male friendships so much and keep whining about "bro culture"

I like Menou.

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How could they kill my self-insert like that? Now what is my incentive to watch this lesbian anime?

I am an incel and a virgin. And what you're saying is wrong. Women will always trust another woman over even the men they're closest to. Strangers can convince them to divorce their husbands.

you ever hear of a pickme?

I side against him for trusting a random female who offered him housing for free and manipulated him with her sexual appeal.
This retard literally walked out with this woman into an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere with no other people around. The place did not even have any rooms to sleep in.
What a retard.

I side against every disgusting self-inserter

Do you side against children who get preyed on by strangers? Do you side against all innocents who are duped by criminals and suffer because of it?

And his other options were what? Staying underneath the bridge? The wholes series is a play on isekai tropes and the not-MC believing in them whole heartedly. Him trusting her is consistent with the logic set up within the show.

Stupid people die, that's the law of nature.
He should have shut his mouth, figured out the laws of this unknown world and got some job in the city. Both of you would have died for being retarded too.

> figured out the laws of this unknown world and got some job in the city.

Yeah bro, that's a totally realistic scenario for an insecure teenager with no social capital to accomplish in a another world. You are literally retarded.

>Women stick up for eachother no matter what
In what world?

People used to start working in their early teens. Manual labor does not take a highschool diploma.
Projecting your own uslessness much here?
It does not take "social capital" to work in off-jobs.

how many fucking threads of this literally who anime do I have to see?

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The isekaied was a neet.

>Women will always trust another woman
If they're friends, sure. They don't trust random other women.

Think about it this way:
Have you ever seen a woman say that a guy is the more attractive in a couple? They don't, because they artificially say every woman is more attractive to inflate their value.
Men would be smart to do this, but instead, they side with the women and only tear down other men, calling them manlets, saying they're ugly if they're not ultra-muscular, making fun of and picking at every piece of their appearance they can. Women side with eachother. Men also side with women.

She'd still have killed him because it would only be a matter of time before he exploded with power like all the rest did. Can't take that chance.

First akame ga kill, now this.

He was in school, so not a neet retard

She wouldn't have found him in the first place if he wasn't stupid.

>All people die, that's the law of nature.

Yes? The point is retards die early, most often before they reproduce.

Series question.
Do they not have slave, or contract magic? Because if they did that would be literally a work around to killing them.
Can’t they just install the magical version of a dead switch if they even remotely go out of control?

The problem is the genocides kills all the existence, including smart ones.

Yes, because what their decaying world needs is intelligent nuclear bombs.

Their ability to do so is limited by the stupidity of the victims. Which was my point.

Why do you nigga keeps making threads when it is obvious that most of you niggas don't even watch it?

in other words, all humanity are doomed, dumber or smart.

To be fair he stood out with his school uniform on. Nobody in town would've given him a job or food even if he had money. I'm surprised they didn't just execute him on the spot inside the castle.

Divestor cope.

It's very simple. The problem with their world is they keep summoning nuclear bombs and wondering why their world keeps getting nuked by nuclear bombs.

I'm not upset about generic fake MC's death but can you blame him?
>eating breakfast when out of nowhere you get dragged into some other world just to get told that you're worthless and get thrown out onto the streets
>seemingly not ever able to go back again
>isekai you're teleported in is already Japanified and utterly boring
>suddenly obtain a dangerous power, not even knowing that it is 100% guaranteed to make you mad with power
>could finally get even with the assholes that put you into this situatio-nope surprise stab to the head

Poor kid was fucked from the beginning.

It doesn't matter. Menou literally said the kid is blameless ("A monster far worse than the likes of me, but also a kid, far more ordinary than I could ever hope to be.") and she still killed him.

Considering she even shanked Akari when she was but a naive nice girls with healing power, she would have offed the dude even if he was a literally saint

His school uniform was well made and probably better quality than what most regular people were wearing in that place. He had school training which would probably better than what most locals have. The locals speak japanese so literally all of his writing and mathematics skills could have been applied for a potential job.

Unless that isekai place somehow has better schools than modern day japan, he would have been grossly overqualitfied for most jobs. And he is a healthy male in his prime who can phyiscal jobs too.

> Be me, a 15 year old Japanese male
> Wake up in a weird foreign country surrounded by weird people I don't know
> Have no idea who transported me or where I am
> I'm anxious, but I think I know what is going on
> Oh shit! What I think should happen isn't happening!
> I've been thrown out into the city to fend for myself. I'm penniless and have no secure foundation
> I decide to hide under a bridge and think about things since I'm scared and have no one to trust and no place to go
> What?!? A cute girl excitedly approaches me and tells me she is a priestess of a church who's mission is to help people like me since my plight isn't uncommon
> She promises me a roof over my head but says that due to monetary difficulties I'll still have to work to get money and eat
> She shows me the new world I'm in, makes me realize that her story is true, people like me have been coming to her world for a long time
> She's super nice to me. No in my old world or this world has ever been this nice to me. I have no real reason to distrust her either
> She takes me back to her church, it's run down like she implied it would be
> She tells me to try to unlock my power. She's trying to help me so I guess I should try
> I did it! I have powers!
> Oh no, the nice girl just put a knife through my skull because of the intricate political structure of her world that I could never anticipate
> Turns out I was always going to be a pawn of the king's game in order to take the Church's scrutiny off of the other Japanese person brought to this world
> mfw when an incel on Yea Forums is calling me stupid because I didn't pull myself up by my boot straps in a foreign world and instead put a modicum of trust in a kind girl

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There is no way he can hide, inquisition would be on his ass sooner or later and he would be caught through nips habits he has

I can't believe Akari is fucking dead

Kill yourself, retard. The only allies I have are those that serve my interests in fiction.

>You don't understand, I scored top 10 in high school exams and can recite passages from the Tale of Genji...
>Dig the fucking hole!

You tear other men down, women bring eachother up. That's why their divide and conquer tactics work, except they don't even need to do the dividing. Men do it to themselves.

he isn't real

He's real to me.

Anyone who isn't crippled and not a woman can dig a hole user. Mabye you never had a physical labor job?

He could have worked for bookkeepers or in shops with his skills. I guess you don't know much about history

You don't even care about the show seeing as you didn't put the title in the subject line.

self inserters deserve the rope

I wish more MCs were like Yogiri, perfectly content to ignore and be ignored

>be a nip
>pour a piping hot bowl of rice and sit under the kotatsu
>isegaijin swat team barges through paper screen door
>hands in the air as they clear the 4tatamat apartment
>Guy with thick gloves walks in, grabs a pinch of rice, sniffs it, and nods to the team leader
>They slam me to the table and begin demanding where I got it
> One of them points at the kotatsu and yells and throws me back
> The entire team leaps back and magdumps the 300 watt leg warmer
Such is life in the nip exclusion zone

>Anyone who isn't crippled and not a woman can dig a hole user. Mabye you never had a physical labor job?
I can tell you clearly haven't.
>He could have worked for bookkeepers or in shops with his skills. I guess you don't know much about history
Woah, he can read and write in a language no one there uses! This changes everything!

Why? This stupid hatred seems artificial to me.

This scene is too strong..

ah but beheading a girl and dissecting her body into pieces is OK.

Is that what she does to the time girl later on?


>Woah, he can read and write in a language no one there uses! This changes everything!
The people there use japanese...

Then what are you referring to?

Then they already have bookkeepers and other specialists. At best, he'd be a cashier at some convenience store like any high school kid would get back in Japan.


Is this her body count?

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It's in the gender of the people who perform the actions that decide the allowability of the actions, user. A girl dissecting a girl is fine. A guy dissecting a girl is not fine. A girl dissecting a guy is fine. A guy dissecting a guy is gay, but fine. A guy dissecting a ftm tranny is not fine. A girl dissecting a ftm tranny is fine only for the pursuit of science. A guy dissecting a mtf tranny is not fine. A girl dissecting a mtf tranny is only fine in certain social settings. A ftm tranny dissecting a girl is fine so long as the tranny recognizes that it is their feminine side doing the dissection. A mtf tranny dissecting a girl is not only fine but empowering. A ftm tranny dissecting a guy is always fine and could even be considered a social service, same with a mtf tranny dissecting a guy. A mtf tranny dissecting a ftm tranny is a sign of social dominance so is fine. A ftm tranny dissecting a mtf tranny is considered subversive but otherwise fine.

It's a subtle distinction but it is there.

Well tough shit, it's what he gets for staying inside his room doing nothing else

>A guy dissecting a girl is not fine
and already happened

Different schools too

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Why would you let a stranger take you to some deserted location in the middle of nowhere? Like holy shit how naive can you be?

Self inserter here. Is it safe to watch this show?

I love how the author tried killing off a cliche; and people are more interested in a what-if spin off.

Yes, jobs never open up in real life either (you're a retard).
>At best, he'd be a cashier
Which is a job (you're a retard).

Digging holes is a job, too.

Are you a dog?

Western spregs doesn't count as people to LN/manga scene user

He deserved it for being another generic schoolboy. Glad he won't be ruining this anime.


>not self inserting as the cute girl

But he lives in our hearts.

>Get forcefully dragged from your world as a teen
>Thrown out for not fitting their criteria left to die
>Shit is super influenced by people from your world so you can't make a living off of any knowledge that could have been new to there
>Lured and killed by someone pretending to be your ally because of the political climate and your kind seemingly being uber powerful and accidentally fucking shit up
>The summoner? Perfectly fine, leave him be
>Turns out, the guys doing this are also just being greedy fucks, excusing their actions to the guys working for them in order to gain power too

That doesn't seem very fair.

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>not self inserting into the cute girl

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The frame that mindbroke isekaifags all over the world.

What's the spin off about? Him reacting fast enough and killing her instead or something?

Life isn't fair faggot
Maybe start an angry petition about it

thank god the genocides are based.

More like dies lol.

Why so heated?

the scene that destroyed self inserters

like esdeath lol

Fairness is a social construct, it only exists when people decide it is desirable and enforce it.

Well if the stranger was a cute girl most of this thread

Ok but shitflinging aside, is the story actually good or not? I heard it turns generic either way later, with some yuri bait mixed in.

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If he didn't die and if Menou was actually his ally.

imagine if turns into another AgK

>4 days since episode aired
>incels and isekaifags still seething
I don't remember Nana having this much seething and it did the exact same thing, is it cause this is yuri and incels REALLY hate yuri?

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In theory, "a time" where he is saved and not converted into a stone crystal thing used by the people on the train.

It's not yuri bait cos they don't end up with boys.

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So it's just gonna get filled with ever increasing over the top child rapists to get killed, and killing characters for shock value?

shock value is always irrelevant, so yes.

It's alright

I consider it Yuri bait if the whole aspect leads absolutely nowhere, and it's just there to attract the audience for it who keeps hoping for something. Do they actually become lovers or something?

Why is this anime getting so many threads/attention when it's clearly not even widely liked, and is already getting 6/10 scores, granted it's the first episode so maybe it'll get better. I just don't get the HYPE or appeal that is drawing you people to it.

Self-inserters seething and /u/ shitposters.

It's called baiting. People see how easy it riles some people up and start the thread on the specific topic, because it brings in the (You)s.

Never trust lnfags, particularly when they have a need to shout and claimed that they are lnfags
This series particularly has a schizo seething at it since PV

It's like Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero.

Retards are still seething over the jap getting shanked so people keep making bait OPs with the same image to rile them up

Women always side with other women, it's one of the reasons they hold all the power and men are worth nothing. That doesn't mean necessarily becoming friends with them, but they'll always take their side because that's a way of supporting themselves.

Why didn't he just dodge lol

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I expect the yuri to be symphogear level. That's good enough for me.

They both die :)

low DEX

Popular series is popular, what a surprise

low ADP

all yuri threads are shit

well you should go on to that other bait thread then. It's practically made for you.

When it's made by antiyurifags with the intention to shitpost and seethe yes

Probably end up with the princess.

Already dropped that shitshow, probably the worst of the season.

Ignore everything here since most niggas are flaseflagging and shitposting
And decide shits for yourself

I doubt the actual sourcefags are here with this shit OP

Is there a single likable character in this show? Everyone just seems like an edgy asshole.

I think its the opposite.
Its the shows saving grace, and anons are seething because its not the attention they want.
Like the girl with big boobs saying "i have a personality too" but nobody cares.

>I'm surprised they didn't just execute him on the spot inside the castle.

>Get your life stolen from you
>Brought to some medieval shithole against your will
>No one even so much as says sorry to you
>Discover you have powerful abilities
What right does that world have to stop me from burning it to ash?