Smol autistic gf

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That's my daughteronaholewife you're insulting.

Believe me user, I'm not insulting her.

how tall is she



How tall is that in american?

5 length ounces

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0.017 football fields



How do you even do that without having both parties fall to the ground?

I still can't believe how enjoyable the first episode was.

chino is very small and her attacks are like a feather.

Negative 160? Does that mean she measures herself upside down?

tfw no aharen gf

Do they actually get together later on? Or is it just some platonic love all the way?

They do, but almost nothing changes. It's better if you see as if they're dating already.


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You are up for a ride

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why would a third world country matter?

This chapter was great. Too bad it's too far in to be animated unless they skip around.

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>MC doesn't want to be a loner
>immediately ignores the very sociable dude on his right and puts all his effort into the autistic cunny
Do MCs really??

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the first episode was pretty boring, does it get any better?

does he make any other frens

My wife, Chino.

> autistic cunny
Would you not?

If you dont want to see the interactions between these two autismos getting to know each other with an rare dash of romance then drop it now.

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Female wish fulfillment

I really liked the first episode. She's a really cute Chino.

Mangafags, is the big titty girl lurking around the corner a good character? Is she tomboy or genki?

she's a spaghetti spiller

is raido /fit/?

She's kind of annoying but mellows out eventually. In the manga she's been mellow for longer than she's been annoying.
It's the typical overprotective yuri bait character.

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Yeah I just picked it up randomly and the MC's sigma autism instantly intrigued me.
It's funny how in the first episode she already walks with him arm in hand, makes him bentos, and sits on his dick.

she is my new reason to wake up every morning the next 3 months
just imagine her little body sleeping on your legs

wtf, dropped

Imagine clinging to this tan beauty

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>another anime adaptation that ruins the manga dumps
I hate you all desu

Does Aharen even get dumped here.

Lads why are the side characters so much worse than the main two cast
The nosebleed thing with the teacher is the most unfunny shit recurring joke I've ever seen in all of these sol school comedies. perhaps they'll be funnier translated to screen

Reddit word

The humor of the comic is based around the absurdity of the MCs doing a lot of silly things in a casual way, usually in situations that only involve them. The characters that act as observers feel unnecessary because of that, since the joke of Aharen doing something bizarre and Raidou jumping to an even more bizarre conclusion works perfectly fine without them. They supporting cast are almost never part of the joke, they're just there to provide a slightly different perspective.

I like Aharens's siblings, though, since they actually get involved in the wacky situations a lot of the time.

Typical aharen chapter
>Aharen seems kind of off today
>She seems to be avoiding me
>I want to kiss and hug her, but she always seems to run away.
>Is this what they call, INTIMACY ISSUES?
>Oh, there's a couple over there
>They're going behind the vending machines
>Oh, they're getting a little close together
>They're getting a little...too frisky
>There's another couple walking by, they're feeling the love in the air
>Aharen is tugging at my coat
>What's this? She's blushing?
>Is this a sign that she want to try, perhaps, EXHIBITIONIST SEX?
>comedic kamasutra panel
>Well, I never had any issues with unwanted publicity
Fifteen panels later.
>Huh, I guess Aharen wasn't actually signaling that she wanted to partake in public sexual activity
>It doesn't seem like she didn't enjoy it, though.

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Doujins that can capture the humor of the manga would be the best possible outcome, however there's no way that would happen.

My wife Aharen is so violent...

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Fucking masterpiece.

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>autistic cunny
I don't understand your confusion

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sis i like the show too but why try to force a general

I always thought the rape correction meme was cringe and creepy.
But I think this brat might actually be a candidate for some correction...

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Yeah. I storytimed it 2 or 3 times, and made threads for new chapters a few times. It got mostly ignored. 20 IPs at most

Why does she have a jewish name?

no one's really trying to "force a general" as much as "making multiple threads every day which gets traction". but i agree, i don't see the point in making so many threads when there's not much to talk about.

Why would it ruin the manga dumps then? Wouldn't it be better with more people knowing about the anime so it attracts them to read the manga?