Chainsaw Man

Protect Power at all costs!

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It's a shame she died before ever receiving Denji cock

Fuck me, not this again

I guess you didn't have enough rabu for that dabu, fag.

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Don't worry, she'll be back

Love this retard

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Why is Fujimoto so good at drawing attractive women. I wanna fuck every Fujimoto girl.

Would be a shame if this scene were censored in anime. Most shocking death in recent memory.

Power is dead forever.

Describe the sex.

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Reminder that even Shitkima knows Power is superior to her.

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>I wanna fuck every Fujimoto girl.
Me too, but only one has captured my heart

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Kill yourself Powercuck

It's the attitude that really sells them.


Was the violence/gore in the two seasons of snk “final season” censored? I didn’t watch or read snk but I heard it’s as violent as CSM.

It varies from being pretty gory (Marley soldiers getting their skin steamed off, decapitated heads flying about, etc.) but they don't show certain moments explicitly (Eren sticking a bullet into his eye). I think that's more of a directorial decision than it is the studio, production committee or network though.

So, it’s guaranteed to be as equally violent and crude as the manga.

Guess the horsemen abilities
Famine - Takes most of your stamina? and makes you sick
War - Can use the weapons devils at their max potential (and even give them more power)
Death - Points to you and you die? Sounds boring but that's basically the grim reaper and hes supposed to be OP. And something something with his sickle

how do i get a gf exactly like kobeni???

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they're not overly rendered

Kills crops, animals, and plants. Makes you physically hunger/malnutrition. Appears like a starving women who’s skin and bones, nice potato sack dress and cape, rotten yeast halo. Whitish, green hair.
Can summon armies out of any material(concrete and rebar, mud, stone, flesh and bones), cause people to go into a berserk rage, has all knowledge on everything war techniques/strategy(especially the brutal ones), has melee weapons coming out of her skin. Fit bitch with blood red eyes, gold hair, spikes coming out of her arms, legs, and back(where she gets the melee weapons from), and barb wire halo
Skeleton woman. Causes everything that doesn’t have regenerative powers to start dying. Causes buildings to fall apart. Machines to run out of electricity. Can cause some final destination shit to happen on specific people she’s focusing on. Brown hair, plague doctor clothes, bone halo.

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>Fujimoto's new One-Shot, focusing on some sort of femme fatale character, will release on April 11th
Considering Fujimoto's taste in women, and his re-using of character designs, we Makimafags might be in for a treat.

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7 more days.

Forgot to add made of human, devil, and animal skeletons.

I don't want the horsemen to all be women

Which horsemen would you like to be NTR beach bro or fat bastard?

I'm in love with Angel

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Sticking your dick in boypussy until you die

War being a NTR beach bro would be based

My thoughts exactly, user.

I wonder how many of my original shitposting bros are still around from the release days


none, there hasn't been any content for like 16 months, move on and don't make one thing your entire personality, you can come back when part 2 or the anime releases

This. Aki died a virgin
Will Denji even get laid bros? Hes immortal right...

Semi immortal. As long as that pochita core does get obliterated, Denji will keep coming back. Getting laid on the other hand, kid got to put in some work.

We all know part 2 will be exclusively about Denji trying to get laid, turning CSM into a romance manga.
It's all part of Fujimotos genius vision.

>This. Aki died a virgin
Then what's this?

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So, you think there will be a cocksaw joke? CSM will become a a gory shojo manga?

I don't know what the hell even happened here

Chainsaw ate the nazi devil which stopped WW2

Pochita supports Israel

Shouldn't her regenerating powers stop working because of Power's blood?

Aki can't fit inside Angel. Size difference too big

Pochita is a literal holoaust denier

Only because the nazi was a killing machine

My rabu for powah gives me dabbu!

get an office job

Angel will force that BAC inside him.

That would destroy Aki's cock, since devils have super strength

Punishment devil will lend Aki a hand, for a price of course. That lazy twink DESEVRES TO BE PUNIDHED.

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Aki made a contract with The Penis Devil.
Angel will be filled and destroyed.

I will.

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Best looking ships objectively are
-YoshidaxKobeni but only if they made Kobeni look pretty

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>Aki x Angel

Yeah? You don't like it because is gay
They look good together

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>but only if they made Kobeni look pretty
Kobeni is cute. Problem is that Yoshida and Kobeni don’t even interact with each other. Also fuck shipping.

user is objectively correct desu

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Nah dude, There's no chemistry between those two, all they did was discussing devils and Aesop's fables. Himeno and aki has that.

It's about aesthetic, not "which ship is better"

So basically, whoever looks better in fan art together?

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