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Small break to make sure the chapter doesn't archive.

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Mitsumi is cool and fashionable.

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Best aunt.

I love Yuzu, absolutely best girl

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Absolutely no effect on her.

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I've seen someone complain about her story being "WAAAAH I'M POPULAR" but it's really more that she's an MC who'd rather be a supporting character because she doesn't like all the shit that comes with being the MC.

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Who is that celebrity looking girl on panel 3?

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Incredibly cool

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mitsumi's smile is the best

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That's it for volume 3. Volume 4 will be dedicated entirely to the cultural festival.

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Thanks OP.

Thank you, OP

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>one month
That's all the time off the get? Talk to me when you doctor?

>Tfw you will never go back to highschool and show Yuzu what a meaningful and honest love relationship is like

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