Looks like yuri kino is back on the menu, boys...or should I say girls![/spoilers]

Looks like yuri kino is back on the menu, boys...or should I say girls![/spoilers]

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didn't want to but looks like a filter is necessary for you queers

>Incels are so fucking shit they ruined another world too

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Kill yourself, falseflagging yurihater Yea Forumsedditor.

This ironic shitposing is getting out of hand

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no hate here. only love. for the purest form of love

Based. Self-insertcels btfo.

more like trannies



oh ye of little fate

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Yuri?I read the premise and the female MC is simply só hacked that the assassin can not kill it.

Why did this psycho bitch went out of her way to befriend him and even pressed her tits on his back when she was gonna kill him anyway? I could respect her for killing him if not for this. This is messed up sadistic shit

Looks stupid, what anime?

Not watching it, shill.

Blade did nothing wrong.

shokei shoujo no virgin road

Are people really mad at the generic self-insert minor character dying?

what is this show

>Are people really mad at the generic self-insert minor character dying?
Did he even have a name?

Redo of Healer. But don't get too excited. Remove the sex scenes and shock value, it's boring as fuck.

self inserters got killed in the first episode it hurt them badly

Did I miss something? What's the ruckus about now?

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Nothing worth your time, Rance. This is all beneath you. Just save yourself the trouble and go rape a bitch or something, I dunno.

>anime's alternate title is The Executioner's Virgin Road
>virgin road is what the Japanese call the wedding aisle
>OP lyrics literally describe Menou and Akari walking down an unknown aisle together
It's not going to be very subtle about it.

Because she needed to know what his power was, and convincing him into demonstrating it only makes things easier.

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I highly doubt either one of them are virgins

Rance prefers consensual sex when he can get it


Yuri series where a guy is portrayed as the MC and then gets kill by a girl who happens to be the true MC. Shitposting everywhere.

then why doesn't she do what the noblesse did to know his power?

Oh, alright thanks for the rundown

If true that makes this show only worse as it's just a feminist shit storm about "liberated" females killing guys. Fucking disgusting.

is this yuri

I like the series so far, but not everyone enjoys being tricked.
And the poor guy had it really bad:
>He was summoned and then instantly discarded.
>He was lost in a world he didn't understand. No home, no food...
>A girl approaches him and pretends to be his friend.
>She kills him the same day.
That's dark. In a way that's why I'm interested in the series, because I'm in the mood for a dark series. But not everyone is looking for the same things.

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user, he's not real, and you only knew him for a few minutes, who gives a fuck.

>I'm in the mood for a dark series
It's not going to be a dark series. My self-insert dying was just a tool to set up the premise of the show as a going against common isekai themes. Instead of people with great power from another land being looked upon as saviors they are instead looked upon as security threats.


It's actually a ridiculous dark and edgy series lol.

Wrong because all lesbians are permanently virgins since the biological definition of sex is defined as intercourse between a man and woman. Lesbian "sex" is only a pale imitation of the real thing.

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>Remove all the stuff that makes it worth watching
The show was the best comedy of that season you can't remove all the parts that make it funny.

That's how assassinating someone works you retard
I mean she basically did the classic assassin shit like becoming a friendly face, getting all of his info, luring him to an empty place ( though mostly because Isekai fags tend to explode in death here) and attacking when he is not expecting etc

Seriously does this even need to be explained?

Why don't they just kill the king who keeps ordering all the summons?

yes its sadistic but thats what assasins do

Didn't he also die after inquisition got him?

My time to shine.

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Let's be honest. If someone who could nuke anything with a mere thought came to this world, wouldn't you kill that person before a disaster happens? The Stanford prison experiment already documented how things can go wrong when you give too much power to common people.

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Why do people care about this show seems like the run of the mill power fantasy isekai but with lesbians

This, except remove "power fantasy isekai but with"

I guess the few people who like milquetoast blank slate MCs took offense to this show

Anons love run of the mill power fantasy though, looks at how much anons flood to yet another anime of generic Isekai dude becoming OP and getting a harem this season

This at least isn't a power fantasy

>The Stanford prison experiment


Seems unscientific t.b.h. You get a couple volunteers and put them in the role of guards but never give them the years of proper training a real guard would have, of course shit goes south.

First akame ga kill, then redo of healer, now this.

>already using this to be annoying and shitpost against other series
Kill yourself, /u/tard.

>This at least isn't a power fantasy
>Lesbian gets to kill a guy with 0 consiquences and run off and do gay things with her would be gf
That's as close to a female power fantasy as you can get, user.

Sure, but in the context of isekai. You give japanese children, with no training whatsoever, superhuman powers. Of course shit goes south. Hence, it makes sense to kill them.

I already said I enjoyed the first episode, that scene didn't really bother me.
But for me that scene felt more like an example of how cruel and dangerous that world is. That's what attracts me about the series, even if other people focus on the messing with self-inserters idea.

>a guy
>like killing one faggot is somehow special when there is like a whole class room worth of nips in her dreams already
Not that I expect much from an obvious shitposter

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You read into my post. You looked at it saw more than what was actually there. You're a yurifag and retarded.

Cope. We have no proof that she killed those people. But we do have proof she killed the male not-MC. This anime is male hating, female-aggrandizing, feminist propaganda.

some do
even in nipland kek

>the first scene in anime is her standing in from of a girl corpse
Ah yes, showing off even more about how much of a speed watcher you are huh

Arrest, you're not immune to propaganda.


Unfortunately, they pulled a Goblin Slayer on this one too. Not much dark and edgy shit after this episode


>thinking about meds

Did you get an early preview to the rest of the series or are you just talking out of your ass?

everything improves with feMC and everything improves again if it's yuri

>he didn't fuck her in his trap form

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The story makes very clear he is into boys

All these flaseflagging and fake outrage shits are far more pathetic than actual stupid shits

She's a dyke and he respects that. That's why he had those other guys do it.

Welcome to Yea Forums since 2016.

>Shitposting everywhere
More like forced shit that nobody cares about but /u/, color me surprised.

>ur a yurifag for calling out my retarded shit
Fuck off, retard.

Was this gay tho?

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It's disgusting how low this site has been declining since 2012/2013, 2016 elections were the fucking last nail in the coffin, Yea Forums once a board of OC and people being more or less retarded is the designated no fun board in wich only fake outrages/twitter screen cap threads are relevant and every shitty new maymay posted is something from reddit or twitter.

Totally, that's why it has like multiple full threads and enough seething and spreging out

The only gays in this is the audience who watched this show lol, author is a genious who tricked incels into watching and shilling gay shit

This is only week 1 lol, not sure if they will survive the whole season.


Yeah...another thread will be pruned. For real, but why only retards post on those threads? lack of content or the show is just shit?

Reminder that Rance is a cuck

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So hard to make multiple threads isn't it stupid schizo, by the end of the season no one will remember this piece of dogshit or your manufactured outrage, enjoy your 10 minutes of glory with the rest of your discord friends that's all that you will have in your empty life probably faggot.

Fair enough. If you're watching it as a shitty comedy, then I guess it has entertainment value.

MF cumkiss is hot, too bad it's so rare.

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Most of shitposters haven't even watch the series they are using to shitpost
There is a reason why they don't put the name in the OP for the threads

>The sad thing is that you probably are jealous since you will never even have 10 minutes of glory, unless we are talking about... glory holes.

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Without even counting the shitposting threads (which still have discusions btw) it still got 2 or 3 full threads, which means enough anons cared and you are the one who need coping

well, only those shitposters care the series and threads, because rohtrannies not exist on Yea Forums. Because someone tried to made manga chapter discussion about roh, but they were ignored.

You don't need to out yourself as the scum of the earth so quickly retard.

Already high on power. Deserved it.


Theres a novel and manga you retard. Its a.fucking isekai series of course its not anime original

A full airing thread is enough popularity anyway, the other series (that three kingdom idol show) I was watching didn't even get a full thread unfortunately

Why does the thread quality do a complete nosedive whenever yuri is involved. No matter what series, it happens every single time. Between falseflaggers and actual schizo yurifags I don't know who is more at fault.

That series is actually funny, but I think a lot of people will get turned of by the premise.

I wonder how she would have reacted if he got scared by his power. I mean she would have killed him anyway but Im kinda curious.

>But not everyone is looking for the same things.
>looking for the same things.
>Iseaki shitters
What the fuck user?

Falseflaggers. 100%

Nope, "women".

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Yeah, sure, let's take a look at the /u/ catalog and their threads, oh...

>female MC
Pass. Just not for me.

She's a w*men

/u/ was created for a reason. yurifags got the entire fucking site angry at their retardation. it is a containment board

>Seriously does this even need to be explained?
Considering the amount of speedwatchers who don't understand why the nobles kicked him out in the first place, yes. Or maybe they just never watched the episode in the first place and are just here shitposting based on scraps of info they pick up.

>enter a yuri series thread
>reeeee yuri
>but but yurifags

So, imagine another AgK

>Imagine trying to contain something as powerful as yuri

>creates a shitty bait thread
>people gets angry
>it's not my fault, /u/ dindunuffin
Fucking kill yourself already stupid c/u/ck, if the moderation wasn't so shitty nowadays this threads would be deleted on sight faggot.


>So charastmatic people want to get raped by him
Don't let Bladecucks try to fool you, this is what a true chad looks like.

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>/u/ was created for a reason

>Yea Forums.org/4channews.php?all#oldnews
>I am now considering getting rid of boards such as /f/, /u/, and even /l/
It was such a important reason moot was considering deleting less than a year after it was made.

>I ne-need my parents, I mean the mods to remove the things I dislike

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he looks like a lizard

>starts to infest the board with their retardation again
>complain when people starts calling you out
go back to your board. you faggots didn't stand the heat the last time you started shitposting. mentally ill retard

Found the thread maker schizo

Yes, it happens when you make a board for specific schizos out of anger, later you feel like it was too much probably but the fact that he never deleted /u/ already tells you the whole story stupid revisionist newfaggot.

The falseflag worked. I repeat the falseflag worked. user's really think yurifags are responsible for these threads. Mission accomplished.

>it happens when you make a board for specific schizos out of anger
This literally never happened. moot made a number of number of porn boards. You're just making whatever shit up you want at this point.

moot was also a massive faggot who started to hate everything Yea Forums related

He was cuter than the girls.

The fact remains that /u/ was not created to be containment board. Just like how /m/ isn't a containment board for mecha.

What series

This is a thread for seething and shitposting only, not rec

Paripi Koumei, it's not yuri though

I think you are confusing this thread with /pol/

It's not even romance, though that author wrote some yuri series iirc

there were 2 massive yurifags on this site. they shitposted and derailed as many thread as they could. mant yurifags helped them. until people started targeting yuri threads and yurifags on site. then they ran to /u/; the style of shitposting that is appearing on are similar to what happened back then. same shit will happen again but this time it will be way worse for yurifags due to bigger number of autistic schizos dwelling this place

How else would you explain all the seething here?

Truth has been spoken.

Ah, It's the local schizo kun, the same esl words and delusions

Ah, It's the local psycho sama, the same uol words and dissapointments