Which character could beat him in a fight?

Which character could beat him in a fight?

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joker persona



Yogiri would beat him up


Me by pulling my fist back


You don't have the fitness or reflexes, but you can go ahead and try.

>Which character could beat him in a fight?

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Who can spam more than him?

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This is now an Accelspammer thread.

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Educate yourselves.

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Unironically those whose attack methods don't relly on the physical contact, those who can speed rush him (or just get the jump on him despite his reflexes) and those who can attack him by affecting the ground without moving it.

Some examples:
>Non pysical - essentially most mental attacks, ghosts and other types of magic that don't have the end result of "hit him with force/matter"

>Speed rush and ambush - any of superspeed, fast teleportation and invisibility.

I mean, he would be likely woulnerable to somebody just skipping fight and going directy at his mind. This means that idiont in pic related at her full cannonical powerlevel could defeat him just by being on the same island (absolutely raping minds of most of civies in process) To wit, she's orgasiming on pic related.

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No one cares.

I know

>giving a serious answer to this spam thread
You wouldn't be stupid enough to do this, right?


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Wrong. Your cock is inadequate.

I could kick his ass by catching him off-guard without battery. No wings either cuz I wouldn't try to kill him or threaten LO but perhaps appeal to her childish side to convince her to help me shove chili up his ass and nose, pain his face and draw vulgarities on his butt, tickle him and so on.

I would need to leave AC and hide on the other side of the planet in the wilderness or he would come cripple me for life if not kill me outright.

The serious answers betray your lack of guile
The completely of topic answers betray your lack of imagination

Ergo, the best answers are those that make minimal effor required to answer the question and get the laught at the expense of people trying to remind others about the thread nature as bait. Pic related.

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LO wouldn't approve and the black wings would kick in. You immediately are turned into paste. I also doubt that you could catch anyone off guard.

>pig in filth needs to justify rolling in filth
You either want filth off the catalog or you are a pig. There is no third option.

He will be surpassed in his own series soon. Schizo rambling aside, there is a good case presented in how his parallel, Kakine, will attain what Accelerator rejected at the beginning of the series.


No one has refuted anything about it aside from "nuh uh, this isn't happening at all"

>no one has refuted anything about it aside from refuting it

Good job changing the criteria, self inserter. Your answer is that Accelerator will never be surpassed as a character unless the author of series takes a steep turn and corrects all of his current writing failings.


Saitama is a joke character, and in this case it would be funnier for him to lose

A lolipire.

Look at the stars, they're all him.

cute waifu

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why are you black

just make him slip and gg

why are you a newfag?

>no mention of flash

Accelerator would never be able to calculate against the wobbly punches.

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Moot. He banned accelspammer in 2012 and he's never been seen since.

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Lets see you try to preform those fancy maths now

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Moot hasn't been seen since :(

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Sexy girl

How long until he bones LO?

>accelspamer killed moot
deepest lore

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This guy couldn’t find his way out of a paper box.


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Goku would shitstomp him. Hell, even Bejita could

Why can’t you let your thread die, OP? No one but idiots care about VS battles. And not even those idiots care about spammed template threads.

>i-it's all OP's fault!!!!1!!!

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>he mobileposts


Who? The basketball guy?


No one cares.