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Why isn't he allowed to grow and change as a character? His characterization has been stagnant for the last 25 years.

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>T. Someone who has never read One piece

It would upset the manchildren that have been reading it for 25 years

it's been line 2 years since he set off

I don’t know about all that, but Yamato will definitely be joining the crew.

Oda isn't that good enough of a writer to do it

>Why isn't he allowed to grow and change as a character?
Because One Piece's fanbase is made up of manchildren who do not grow and change - and if they ever do, they stop being One Piece fanboys for obvious reasons.

He actually regressed

because the adaptation is a kodomo anime. he stays static like the dude from pokemon.

Luffy isn't a chosen one. He's a mostly regular strong boy with strong family background that helped in terms both of heritage and upbringing (Garp, bros, the good people of his village).
His achievement is being so determined and hard working that he pulled off awakening a very powerful fruit, that was ridiculous to effectively use, let alone awaken, for 800 years.
Outstanding people that do this are indelible in history.
Oda's "destiny" terms can be seen as "potential, determination", meta commentary akin to "hey this is the protagonist, he'll be important to the end of course.

Ia m very stoned, I think I'm right tho

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Yeah just like the fucking entire Wano arc badum-tish!

It's because One Piece is written for toddlers and toddlers don't care for things such as character development.

It's not about character development is about FUN you edgetard

Yes and in that meantime he got to know a lot of different places and people, had tons of near-death experiences, got completely defeated and separated from his entire crew and saw his brother get fisted to death in front of him. He had a lot of life-changing experiences.

Roger as far as we know remained litterally the same from the met up with Rayley to his death
Peak god-men dont change. "change" is a sign the world can mold you. God-men are above the world

The entire timeskip is already luffy's growth.

Name 1 change.

he was a much deeper character pre-time skip that devolved to literal retard as the series went on.

Oda has done quality character work before.

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where is my ulti gf?

right here

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He's now Nika freer of slaves and bringer of joy.

its not like his motivations have changed much.

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Seeing a bit of lips there user.

coomers unite

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because hes perfect, thats why


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Luffy having the strongest fruit ever is fucking retarded


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blackbeard has the strongest fruit. luffy's is the most ridiculous fruit. learn to read

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Btw. Gear 5 lowers Luffys life expectancy everytime he uses it.

Ulti with no panties again

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Whats with the sword tattoo?

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not confirmed

rapin bonney again

Luffy's life expectancy has been reduced so much already that he should drop dead by the time he's 20

good question.
he doesn't seem to be the SWORD type of guy


Static vs Dynamic characters.

These are different types of characters. To begin with, character development does not mean change. It means the character reveals more about themselves to the reader/audience. A mysterious character revealing their backstory is a type of development. They do not necessarily have to change in order to undergo development.

A background character can be dynamic. That does not make them good characters. A static character can remain central for the entire story. That does not make them bad characters.
These are traits commonly used throughout writing to varying degrees.

You are not a master critic for pointing out a character has no change. Authors don't do that shit on accident.

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wasn't that gear 2s gimmick?


good post


Why do they still use the post-TS designs in promotional material

Nika is powered by "inherited will" and Joyboy lost during the void century due to the majority of his allies joining the world government and forgoing freedom. The "D" IS a smile (Nika) and it exists to keep some semblance of faith in Nika and Joyboy's will alive through the ages.

Pic related is Luffys "Drum" restarted and his power coming back as he thinks about the will he's inherited from Momo, Tama and Pedro

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static characters: fun to play in DnD

dynamic characters: tryhard tier destined to fail

Oh, he is.
The problem is more that he got the exact same "Iook, I'm golden, now" powerup as in most shonen.
Also that said powerup was doable in many other ways, and that it came out of nowhere. Changing his devil fruit into some super secret ultimate fruit was also shitty. It's like if during the frieza saga, half into the fight it would be interrupted by old sayajin saying "of course what they don't know is that the infant Kakarot was not really a lowlife low level baby, we sent him away at the time because he was injected with super mutant alien blood" and then he transformed into super sayan

>His characterization has been stagnant for the last 25 years.

WRONG he has been completely flanderized

I love him

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Laziness. They are considered the default outfit.

In retrospect that one lightning island would have jobbed hard to Nami in like 2 pages

imagine being so wrong

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Wano Luffy is noticeably more reserved. WCI added some more depth to him and Sanji if you actually paid attention.

Namis cute daughter

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Luffy is white though, nothing golden about it user.

Nami is for Kid

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Why is a corpse watching over Luffy and Nami's daughter?

Never heard of a static character arc?
Reminder that Carrot has literally had her face and MOUTH on Luffy. She is CONFIRMED TO JOIN.

>or the last 25 years.
he is the ANCHOR. He cannot change. Other people change around HIM.

Will Boichi give the CP9 haki after Oda retconned it?

>he is the ANCHOR
the fuck are you saying. he is the CAPTAIN. the anchor is part of the ship, a completely separate character

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Nami doesn't deserve a retard like Kid

Luffy IS an anchor because he sinks if he gets in the water


But Kid can attract precious metals

>tfw you realize your horrible miscalculation in allowing Carrot to give you head

Ulti wears very classy frilly underwear

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He handles death well now.

>Luffy isn't a chosen one
He is literally chosen by the Nika Nika no Mi to inherit the spirit of the sun god of liberation, predestined to destroy the world government
LITERALLY chosen by the fruit

The most ridiculous power not the most ridiculous fruit.
Toon force is tier 0 in battle.

Marco is a minor character who had a minor skirmish. Mihawk is plot-relevant because he's connected to Zoro's goal. We haven't seen any named attacks from Shanks, Rayleigh, Roger,.. either because their power level is reserved for the last arc. Having them do anything relevant would just set a limit for power levels. Oda can't have that. We saw Whitebeard but he was old and sick. That didn't set any limits. Akainu got promoted which means that he got stronger. Iirc he was also attacked from behind. Kizaru was kinda comfy during that whole thing.
He wasn't testing Whitebeard, he was testing his crew. The real distance between him and Whitebeard refers to the manpower between him and WB. WB might only be a couple of meters away but the real distance includes all the men that you have to pass.

Kid has 5 women and one child in the crew.
Nami will be a rich single and adopt children

the fruit is not a future teller. chosen yes predestined nope

>”Luffy it’s your destiny to sit on the throne as the king of the Dawn”

>"Ok thanks anyways for defeating the WG like it was prophesied and releasting slavery"
He cant escape his fate

>What am I gonna do with ALL this cleavage

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Luffy has
>The world's best shipwright
>The world's best navigator
>(Soon to be) The world's best sniper
>(Soon to be) The world's best swordsman
>One of the world's best archeologists
>(Soon to be) The world's best doctor
>A world renowned rockstar
>One of the world's best helmsmen
The world's best chef
But sure, the fact that Yamato offers nothing new to the table and have no unique skills is no big deal. It's not like every crewmate is exceptionally talented in their respective role

Less is more, don't fix what isn't broken etc. People fucking love Luffy.

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>"Ok thanks anyways for defeating the WG like it was prophesied and releasting slavery"
Luffy was always going to do this anyway, though.

But the WG will still exist EOS. Imu and the celestials will get kicked out but the institution will remain

He also has the will of D
He has conqueror Haki
He is the grandson of a hero of the Marines
Fuck you with this underdog shit, Luffy is "totally not chosen one" as much as Naruto

Because it's his prophesised fate

>Yamato offers nothing new to the table
she is the world best waifu

No because he wants to be the Pirate King.

Would you?

The WG was formed by the 20 ancient Kingdom you retard ESL tranny. Him beating the celestials is a total reform of that authoritative power. Whatever cones next wont be the same WG.


Admirals are described by :
The Strongest Guardians of the "Fortress of Justice"!

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lol no, absolutely not

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Every fruit chooses who eats it.

That's why buggy just happened to eat the fruit that lets him fall to pieces when that is his psychology.

Because he was predestined to want that

Luffy is the janny of one piece

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soon to be

She’s mogged by Nami

Not only does he beat niggas, he steals their clothes and Nikes

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Roger became pirate king without taking down the WG in fact he defended them against the Rock pirates. You just need to reach laught tale to be declared PK

Yeah and it's his fated destiny to become the pirate king

>The world's best shipwright
>The world's best navigator
Technically they are (soon to be) as well since the Thousand Sunny has to be steered towards Laugh Tale safely and come back in One Piece, that’s how Franky becomes the certified best shipwright in the world and Nami the best navigator in the world.

Apparently only zoans do that

Not at all, wysiwyg

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Yeah, I think she’s joining the Straw Hats.

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>Why isn't he allowed to grow and change as a character?
He used Gomu Gomu no Gigant in the last chapter.

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You could say this about anyone though.

No. Every logia and paramecia user also perfectly suits the user's personality.

Usopp doesn't change either. Infuriating

Nah the Strawhats already have a dog headed alcoholic

Exactly, everyone is a slave to fate

Only Zoan's have a will of their own stop spouting headcanon.


I choose right

>Every logia and paramecia user also perfectly suits the user's personality
What about Mikita's personality equals getting really heavy
What about Kalifa's personality equals soap
What about Buffalo's personality equals helicopter

C'mon, there's no way they will make this movie between the strawhats being in a ship heading into Onigashima



finally someone who actually knows about writing

this is also a mandatory watch if you further want to know about how good static main characters can be

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it's not canon, retard

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The movie isn't supposed to fit since it ain't canon retard. It's written by Toei not Oda.

It's not headcanon. It has been demonstrated with every fruit eater, and I have given you an example.

Doflamingo is a sting puller- ate the string fruit.
Buggy is a broken man- fruit breaks him apart.
Blackbeard is a wicked schemer- fruit of darkness (in this case you were literally told via exposition the fruit chose him)

Why do liars like you always double down when you have no chips?
Exposed, making no sense.
You're a broke man, too. That's rich.

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Jinbe's so awkward

>if you further want to know about how good static main characters can be
I don't need to. I love Luffy and always will

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Luffy is "predestined" to defeat the WG in the same way you'd be "predestined" to get mauled if you picked a fight with a bear. There is a big difference between something happening as a direct result of your actions and something happening because the unseen powers that be said so. If Luffy overthrows the WG, it will be entirely because they "poked the bear", not because he lost his free will to a piece of fruit.

>Mikita's personality
Look at him
>Kalifa's personality
Smooth secretary
Idle record spinner DJ type

Any more?

Static characters are always boring, cope

>Look at him

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You spouting shit that has never been stated anywhere. Only Zoan's have a will.
>b-but look at the examples I made up
You are an illiterate retard who cannot even debate. Get your ESL headcanon fallacy out of here.

I've always hated Luffy and always will and that bothers you

counter example : Kizaru

Oh, I mistook her for Mach Vise.

I haven't studied her, but at first glance she is arrogant which is viewing yourself above others. Probably because she knows when she gets serious she can smash them.


Every fruit is a perfect allegory. It is destiny to eat them

Luffy doesn't have to fce the WG to become PK. Roger didnt face the WG he just needed to reach laugh tale and circumvent grandline.
Luffy is destined because the D clan are the natural enemies of the celestials and he has the previous fruit of none other than joyboy himself the one who left one the poneglyphs to one piece. All the stars align to Luffy being the bringer of dawn and the liberator of the slaves. He is the chosen one.

>I love luffy too
Good choice user

Be probably thought of Doflamingo's fat underling that went against hajrudin

Kizaru is just unfocused.

>Bright intelligent man who everyone loves.
hmmm seems pretty light to me.

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>doing things quickly so you can go back to being lazy as soon as possible
It fits

what's up with that tripfag

>Mistaking best girl for some random jobber guy
You've just proven you haven't read this series

Its a fat angry blackman donr pay attention to him.

Snee D. Chucks

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He's not stupid, or slow, he's scattered like light. Don't be fooled.

I'm not a tripfag I'm a raging faggot.

? one piece has gotten 2 notable deaths and they were 500 chapters ago

I don't think there's anyone better than Robin unless another Oharan is hiding somewhere.

remember when usopp's nose was bigger, but not abnormally long?

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Carrot will join Usopp's crew.

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dynamic nose

>Get blown out
>"Who is this guy?"
Crocodile the name. Top of all the game
You can classify a monster by the fangs
Talking while the flames grow 3 stories
That's a tall story. Test me if you aint worried
Your foundation is sand. Crumble before me
You can get buried 6 feet deep like history
You won't bounce back from defeat like joyboy
I'm closing your book. No one's reading your story.

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his crew is already 80,000 large.

Ussop has a white mother but Oda calls him African.
>he just mixed lightskin
I thought blacks dont consider lightskin as blacks

>the dude from pokemon
Satoshi Nakamoto, known in English as Ash

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>Doflamingo is a sting puller- ate the string fruit.
I'm pretty sure Oda retconned this one.
What do you think his original plan was for him?

I don't think Big mom only marries no name men like Pound
She must have fucked some famous pirates from Rocks

I never said that he needs to beat the WG to become Pirate King. And he isn't destined to fight them because of his fruit, or his bloodline, or even his dream. He's "destined" to fight them because he's the main character and they're the antagonists. Goku wasn't destined to beat Vegeta, but we still knew it was going to happen.

She probably chooses them based on their race first, and their genes second, irrespective of their fame. She must've given birth to a few tykes in Xebec's ship.

Carrot is the final member of the Strawhat Pirates. She's the strong female fighter we've all been waiting for. Yamato isn't a female because he's a tranny, and the crew already has Sanji as the tranny representative. Keep seething in denial. Carrot is joining.

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Oda is simply aware of the one drop rule.
His father pumped 'n dumped yet his son still looks at him in admiration after his mother died.
Usopp is still a nog and now he's after Kaya.

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Who said that, my dear Spee D. Reader? We still know basically nothing about Nika/Joyboy (who knows if they are even the same individual, really), will of the D, void century, how devil fruits truly work, etc etc
No one in the manga ever stated that luffy was fated to become joyboy. He simply managed to awaken the Gomu Nika no Mi. That's literally all we know right now, the only thing that we know more is that Nika was a legendary almost mythical warrior of liberation and freedom and/or a Sun God, and that at one point he had said devil fruit. This is literally everything we know that's for sure and not left out for interpretation

So when will Franky activate the super secret emergency Pluton-Mode of the Sunny?

>not his bloodline
Stop speedreading

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Usopp probably doesn't remember Kaya at all

After the Haitan slave rebellion, one of the leaders declared Poles to be honorary blacks for their help in defeating Napoleon

with nami and robin walking around in their usual attire I wouldn't either

>finally cave and start reading Wano
>30+ chapters of useless samurai shit

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At no point has it been suggested that 'D.' is a genetic thing


SOMEBODY'S gotta watch 'em.

The idea that Ds and Celestial Dragons are "fated" to be enemies was disproven in the very same arc it was introduced in

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What is this cope, ridiculous is still ridiculously powerful. This is just garbage writing to make it seem like he isn't a chosen one who got lucky with his powers. This show turned into Naruto.

Why don't you like Oden, user? He's the best, probably Oda's magnum opus. Truly the coolest guy ever!

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That would be good but him putting That on the sunny would feel out of character

This, oda fucked up by infodumping randomly with who's who. It felt super rushed and unnatural imo

>Stop speedreading
I'm not. I'm well aware of how often they bring it up and all the hype around it. I just believe that it will never actually matter to the story, similar to how Ace being Roger's son didn't matter beyond giving the WC a reason to execute him (besides being a pirate).

>ridiculous is still ridiculously powerful
I think "most ridiculous" as in "silliest", and that certainly seems to be the case with Luffy's toonforce

No it wasn't
It's literally a clan and the D gets passed on to family members. Fuck even Law's sister was named D.

Someone please tell Boichi to never draw another woman again

Grow how? What do you want from him?

This is disgusting stop posting

Rosinante and Law were fated by their bloodlines to be enemies, yet that turned out to be completely irrelevant to their relationship

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I like tall and slime nami but the rest is an abomination

Daughter of the strongest creature

>similar to how Ace being Roger's son didn't matter
Because Oda admitted that being a last minute change.
The will of D. Has a central theme focused on it by fate and destiny. Anything you spouting is headcanon denial.