Is Gon a good MC?

Is Gon a good MC?

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I don't know, I don't watch Anime, thats fucking gay

He's the deconstruction of Goku

For my dick yes.

>using "deconstruction" unironically
he only gets interesting as a character in the chimera ant arc, he was never a "psychopath"

I want to fuck Gon so bad it hurts

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people who call him a psychopath are midwits, his mental breakdown was hinted at since the Hunter Exam. He's literally obsessed with being strong and has a massive inferiority complex over his own weakness

There's no such thing as a good MC. This is what I've learned from Yea Forums

Yeah people like to ignore the fact that the search for power and murder is pretty common place in the hxh world

Gon is easily one of the top 5 sexiest shotas ever

No, he's the best one.

Hang yourself unironic pedo faggot. Gon is just Goku ripoff with an edgy twist, good enough for a shounen I guess but even in his own manga there are better MCs. Urameshi is so much better written and Luffy is both cooler and more funny, also has more interesting powers. Gon is in my opinion better MC then the adult Goku though.

uoooohhhhhh ToT

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Kill yourself, normalfag.

Gon and Killua should get married imo

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I miss him.


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hes a typical goody two shoes shounen protagonist who people think is some kind of anti-hero because he holds some girl hostage for 2 hours.


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Pedo thread

wtf are those hips

the gacha game artist is trying to psyop hunterfags into becoming shotacons

It's an edit.


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I want to deconstruct his ass if you know what I mean.


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Ain’t he supposed be Gohan?

yes he is

Gon is basically Togashi's response to Goku. You have to remember that Goku basically set the standard for "shounen MC" back in the day and all of the big series came afterwards had MCs that were either building off of what Toriyama did or just straight up copying him. Gon isn't really a "deconstruction" of Goku but rather Togashi just taking Goku's character to it's logical conclusion

With his hair down, probably. Normally he’d be in the top 20 or 15 at most.

Nah he's definitely at least in the top 10 normally, Killua is up there too

Is Togashi a shotacon? Why did he give Gon such tiny short shorts?


this is really well-drawn. look at the posture of his hands and the way his shorts crinkle. good coloring too.

hope they did killua and hisoka as well.

I wonder if there's a doujin out there where Gon teaches Deku how to take dick

Blessed shota thread.

I'm pretty sure there's drawings of Deku getting fucked by Gon and Killua out there somewhere

Based thread

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He is one of the ugliest mc ever, even some old ugly bastards are better looking than him.

>even some old ugly bastards are better looking than him.
got something to tell us user...?

There is, check out Nearphotison.


Does this have something to do with anal sex ?


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Killua is a goddamn boywhore

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Reminds me of that doujin where Killua dresses up as a girl to lure old men into having crazy drugged up sex with him

I like the one where some old fuck has a nen ability to turn people into sluts and uses it on Killua

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I like Killua's muscles

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grr.. precocious bunny boys

shota artists will make the most erotic shit on earth only to delete all of it and go dark


Killua gets some absolutely cursed doujins, like that ShindoL one where there's 2 Killuas dressed up as cows and Hisoka is a farmer selling Killua's semen as cow milk and then him and Machi watch the 2 Killuas get bred by a cow and then Machi buys one of the Killuas for some reason

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unbelievably based

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Gon feet hnnnng