Oshi no ko

monday speedtl

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>alright, underage team should head back to room~
>and MEM is an adult so stay back~
>you are 18 right?
>yes I am over 18
>I want to use same room as akane oneechan!
>yeah? sure~
>I'm going to watch bit more so
>I'm entrusting ruby to you
>got it

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>he sure treasure his sister
>ah! a crow!
>so cute!
>it's dangerous~
>did you know?
>they say that birds can't see at night!
>nono, it applies to passerines..
they made a word play with 雀目, which means can't see at night but first letter refers to passerines.
so direct TL should be
"they say 雀目, which means birds can't see at night!"
"nono, first letter means passerine..."

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>that god damn crow!
>i'm going to turn you into yakitori!
>that's why I told you...

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They're actually gonna find his body

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>damn it, he's taunting us!
>I'm definitely going to catch you !
>why don't we just go apologize staff at hotel?
>we might get lost if we don't
>it's fine!
>I know a bit about this area!
>it's because I was from this area!
>so I traveled to this area on car a lot!

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>yup, I heard it from Aqua kun
>is that so...?
>you were born from hospital on the hill right?
>aqua kun says it is memorable place for him
>that place
>is also precious one to me ...

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>This chapter
Oh fuck

>akane chan, why don't you join B-komachi as well?
>um, that's....
>I'm really terrible at everything else I'm not good at so
>it was really difficult during lovenow as well...
>rather, do you have any interest in becoming actress?
>I do have a little
>I see!
>if you are fine with me, I will teach you
>really! I'm happy!

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>for now, I am going to think about it after I finish idol to the end
>one day, I will perform live in a doom!
>and become an idol recognized by everyone!

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>great work
>I've been cheering for you
>how much of age gap
>is acceptable for you, akane chan...?

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Oh man, this is the Ruby I missed.

Oh...my...GOD...is that one of the main characters Kana on the edge of that panel!? WTF HACKA! He's such a fucking simp for Mengo putting Kana in the chapter like that. Fucking Kanawank continues, I'm done for real this time, dropping this manga

>I think what's important is the mental age so
>about 10 years should be okay...
>but what was that about!
>love story all of the sudden?
>ruby chan, do you have someone you love who's far older than you?
>what kind of person is he?
>a really kind one!
>when I was all alone
>he stayed with me
>and cheered for me...

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And then she finds his remains lmao

>if sensei wasn't there
>I would never thought about work hard to live a life
>I would never thought about
>becoming an idol
>he's the person who gave me meaning to live

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desu I predicted Ruby would go this route. Eventually she's going to find that maybe Idoling isn't the best career choice for her and she'll take up acting.

It'll be ironic because Kana the reluctant idol will end up being a huge star in the idol world

>I understand..
>it's great to have someone you love
>a little gap in age doesn't matter!
>a little shouldn't matter !
>let's go full on attack!
>if needed, I can help...
>I don't know where he is now

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50 yo Goro in Ruby's imagination looks like THIS?

uhhhh incest bros??? do we have a chance???

Ruby's a retard and forgot to add the time passed. Please understand.

>he even disappeared from workplace
>so they say he's missing
>I think he probably ran away due to problems with woman
>is that alright? with someone like that?
>he kept giving me a possibility though!
>even though I kept telling him that I love him!
>and let's get marry!
>all he did was dodging!

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>but even that's fine
>sensei I love you!
>marry me!
>too bad
>if you are 16, I'll give a serious thought
>I'm now 16
>I want to
>meet you again...

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it's funny seeing how open Ruby is about this stuff compared to Aqua

Isn't the guy in Fantasy Bishoujo around the same age and also looking hot af? Also this and that Sarina never even saw him before he turned thirty so it probably adds....

>there's a space behind the shrine...
>so this is the nest!
>got you!

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If this series doesn't end with Aqua marrying Ruby we riot

Is she about to meet sensei? lol

Nyaruhodo. Goro is actually a vampire

>ruby chan
>turn back
>a corpse

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Ruby dear, year are 28. Stop with the LARP, please.

wow pretty dark

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oh fug

>if you are 16, I'll give a serious thought
uhhhh gorou bros? Is our guy a craddle robber?

oh fug it's ai-chan's cassette


Cute Aqua pic.

>a white coat...
>must be a doctor then
>because sensei is...

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>calm and collected akane

i'm really excited to see how this impacts Ruby. Seeing your idol's corpse who you self admittedly are in love with must be traumatizing.

end no break

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Remember anons, inside each and every one of us is a skeleton

>throws up on his corpse


Almost no Kana and the plot is back on the menu.
It's magical.
It instantly becomes better if she isn't there Lmao

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Thus ends her enthusiasm for being an idol the eventual long climb of clearing the misunderstanding of who Goro/Aqua and Serena/Ruby are in which at that point she'll regain her love of idoling.

Rubybros is this really what you wanted?

Akane should consider a move to law enforcement in the future. She could use her acting and profiling skills to Columbo smug jerks into confessing.

Pretty sure a corpse wouldn't survive that in tact for that long, correct me if I'm wrong. However, I'm all for this development, so bring it. No way in hell Ruby and Aqua don't find out about each others past now.

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Does Aqua know that Ruby is that cancer girl he treated as Goro?


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No, but depending on how things go, he might learn now. If Akane connects the dots that Aqua was actually talking about a dead body, and not his pet’s, she might question him and reveal what Ruby said, which would lead him to the truth.

My bet is on Akane being the one to notice the impossible overlap in their stories once Ruby confirms the skellington is the doctor Ruby was talking about. Wonder how Aka's gonna make her reveal that and the loophole Aqua overlooked about daddy's death.

Theres no way people didnt find that corpse behind a shrine after all these years so "GOD" probably was the one that put it there for Ruby to find. Whan an asshole.

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Thanks for the tl. Excited to see where this is heading.

Aqua drank too much milk

Plot twist: Stalker-kun was being manipulated by gods and Ai's lover is completely unrelated to her and Goro's murders.

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I've read enough manga to know that a bit of ritual murder and rape is the norm for most villages in rural Japan.

I don't think the first natural thought would be Akane believing in reincarnation. If anything it should make her suspicious that Aqua killed Goro.

It's gonna take Aqua and Ruby to connect the dots for things to make sense unless they come clean about the reincarnation

>If anything it should make her suspicious that Aqua killed Goro.
Hahaha oh no no no

No way that nobody would check behind the shrine in 15 years (like mention by ).
And even so, without being burried, clothes would be eaten by insects, bone would be gone because of animals and other effects would have been take by animals of burried under soil by the time.
So yeah, pretty unrealistic, unless someone had uncover the corpse recently to be found.
(But there're chances that the following of this are cool so let's enjoy it for the moment)

>my bf is such a siscon he killed his imouto's crush as a kid
This would honestly be a hilarious misunderstanding.

If you think about it from the events she's seen so far

>Aqua is searching for what he says is a dead pet right by the shrine that her and Ruby are at
>Listens to Aqua's monologue about a doctor named Goro
>Listens to Ruby talk up this older man she loves
>They find a dead body of a doctor who is revealed to be Goro
>Akane knows Aqua is a siscon

as always thanks for the TL, user

How would you convince your Sherlock Holmes GF that you're actually a reincarnation?

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>Ruby: The skellington was my sensei
>Aqua: I knew the missing doctor's personal details. Also, gods might be real.

With that in mind and what Akane knows
>The twins' are Ai's kids
>Ai would have gone to a far off place to give birth during her hiatus
>Both twins have personal memories of the place

She just needs a timeline of the death to figure out something's wrong with how they could know these things. Miyamom might let slip that or the genius baby hijinxes they had in front of Akane.

Oh no...

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I bet this asshole also reincarnated Ai for shits and giggles.

You don't. You would get put on MEDS the nanosecond you claim you and your sister are reincarnations.

Demonstrate excessive boomer knowledge from before she was born.

Or maybe Ruby will say the sticker was the one she gave Goro and Akane also recognizes it as B-Komachi merch way before they were born from her Ai profiling work.

MV arc is over and Kana stole Ruby moment again
Fuck you Aka
Finally Ruby focus and Why Akane is here. Out of nowhere. We can't have Aqua x Ruby solo chapter??????

Thanks for the tl user!
And please say a preview of the next chapter.

Aka please please stop teasing the incest route, you're gonna give me expectations

>uhhhh incest bros??? do we have a chance???
Ruby will go full incest love when she will realize Aqua is Doctor kun

I mean, which is more outrageous: reincarnation or a baby killing someone and hiding the corpse for 15 years?

previews never get translated in krscans so unfortunately someone else who can read japanese has to do that

It's been established that's he retained most of his knowledge from his past life, just start randomly sperging out information about his work in gynecology that a teenager wouldn't really know. Plus cultural shit from his era.

Well, nobody cared about Ruby's idoling quest. We always just wanted the story to progress based around the most salient plot points, which this one is especially if it leads to them knowing about each other. After all we already know this entire thing is leading up to both of them doing a movie exposing all the secrets with Ai and possibly their dad, so all the other shit is just side-tracking for romcomfags.

You can't accept reincarnation when from Akane's point of view, the world is normal and not weird shit happens.

MIYAKO could say something is off with this info, since she could recall the babies fully talking and moving when they were 3 months old. Plus Ruby LARPing as Amaterasu to scare her into raising them.

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Somehow I didn't even properly realize how much this is going to absolutely fuck her up

You don't since Akane isn't his real gf. He should kill her to keep the reincarnation secret and then date and marry Kana and live a happy life

>16 years old girl see a corpse for the first time
>approached it instead of screaming
Akane is a psychopath.

Aqua hears about it

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wtf a baby killed a 30 years old man

>>rather, do you have any interest in becoming actress?
>>I do have a little
>>I see!
>>if you are fine with me, I will teach you
>>really! I'm happy!
>desu I predicted Ruby would go this route. Eventually she's going to find that maybe Idoling isn't the best career choice for her and she'll take up acting.
>It'll be ironic because Kana the reluctant idol will end up being a huge star in the idol world
Aka will give her Ruby's dream. Kana will stole her idol dream so Ruby will stole Kana's actress dream.

This is why Ruby would make a good actress and the reason for my post here

Thanks for the TL!
Next chapter preview:
>次号、 アクアの耳にも入り…!?
>Next issue, Aqua hears about it...!?

Nah Ruby will go solo with her brother (ch1)

Quiet Kana. You don't get to be part of the reincarnation or revengeance plotlines.

Not reincarnation, but now Akane has heard both twins talking about some older person, with Aqua going around searching for "something" in the mountains and now Ruby finding precisely said older person. It doesn't take a genius to make a simple inference and realize Aqua was talking about this same guy. And it only takes a single mention about this corpse for Aqua to know it's him. If he hears Ruby "knew that guy" then it's a done deal.

Of course, I expect Aka to pad this out with misunderstandings, people not talking to each other and random dramatic encounters. Otherwise he'd have to deal with the fallout of them finding out about each other in what seems to be an early(ish) point in the story, and I don't think he wants or knows how to write that for an extended period.

incestbro.. we are back!

>her hobby is digitally stalking people to create psychological profiles
>literally tried to kill herself
the chances of Akane having a mental disorder are pretty high

I expect Aqua to "act" and try to not reveal that he is Goro, unless Goro ENTERS again.

That would be terrible. Imagine looking at his traumatized sister/patient breaking down about "his death", being able to assuage that by revealing he's actually alive, and deciding not to do it. Too psycho.


>Aqua finds his skellington first
>retrieves the keychain
>Ruby sees it
What could have been...

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I think it's the opposite, Ruby will instantly fall out of love with Goro once she realizes her retard edgy nii-chan was him all along. She was only in love with an idea of Goro who took care of her when she was dying, as shown this chapter where her fantasy doesn't even take into account aging.
Instead they will settle into a similar relationship as the one they have now, but with a deepened bond due to their story. Like how she says in chapter 1 (where she presumably already learned about Goro/Aqua) "I have someone I can trust with my life".

>being able to assuage
>and deciding not to do it. Too psycho.
Wouldn't even be Aka's first time.

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I say it'll bring them closer together in a brotherly sisterly way and get Aqua to open up to her a lot more. She'll probably become a bit of a brocon, I think it's obviously highly unlikely this goes into the realm of incest. Aqua/Goro has never legitimately seen Serena/Ruby like that

Wrong user. Incest will carry the day.

This is the kind of shit that makes me believe Akane is going to super die

i think that will ultimately be how it ends up, but i do forsee Aka keeping up the bait and "will they won't they" bullshit for a while since Aqua's love triangle is a big part of the story

Going from one of the brightest fun chapters last week to a really dark turn this week. Aka genius mangaka having us go up and down

Akane is going to super die, in the interview fastforward narrations Kana is the girlfriend.

>I think it's the opposite, Ruby will instantly fall out of love with Goro once she realizes her retard edgy nii-chan was him all along.
>Ruby will go full incest love when she will realize Aqua is Doctor kun

I'm legitimately 50/50 on this. Honestly it could go either way. The fact that we're even considering it could go full "I wanna bang my doctor onii-chan" is crazy to begin with

Akane just wasn't invented at that point in the serialization. Either Aka turns that into an opportunity to kill her, or the flashforward just remains incomplete while Akane stays. I don't think either is more likely at this point.

That's not confirmed at all in any capacity, but I do think their relationship advances far in some way with her calling him A-kun

>The fact that we're even considering it could go full "I wanna bang my doctor onii-chan" is crazy to begin with
If you ask me, that's just the degenerates in the fanbase interpreting the manga how they like. We know how Aka operates with these topics. And even more generally, in Japanese media the flighty crushes 12 year old girls have on older guys are NEVER taken as serious proof of love. Merely a part of growing up, a girl being in love with love.

I can assure you with 90% certainty that the "crush" Ruby has on Goro will go nowhere once we're at the part of the story where they learn about each other.

>They will keep trashing Cakemcho just for her age
I will never forgive the Japanese.


Edge is back on the menu, we are eating good.

So you're saying there's a 10% chance?

You can only "cope" with things that have already happened. This is just me telling you how the manga will go, so I don't really need any arguments. The manga will prove me right by itself.

Depends where Aqua is at in the story but the two things Kana has working against her are

1. Aqua regaining his lust for revenge
2. Aqua not wanting to get Kana involved with a relationship where she could end up like Ai.

In both cases though it's not because he doesn't have feelings for her so you would think that at some point in the progression of the story they get somewhere with each other

Yeah but i think the fact that Akane wasn't invented (and by Aka/mengo's admission she was originally going to kill herself) is bad for her future prospects

Clearly Aka thought about the future of these characters and how their story ends up (we can even see that in this chapter with Ruby contemplating becoming an actress which we know she will eventually) and the fact that Akane was not thought up at this time and evidently isn't essential to these character's overall progression also essentially means she can be expendable.

Eh i wouldn't place it all on the degens. Aka is clearly baiting the whole brocon/siscon thing. Now you're right there's not a chance in hell it actually happens since Aka isn't that kind of writer, but I'm not gonna blame people for hyping up the possibility when Aka is transparently raising the possibility up.


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The ESL Ruby/Akane fans in the these topics like to incorrectly use the words cope and seethe, don't worry about it

>No Kana
>The plot move forward and we get an excellent chapter
Like fucking clockwork

Akane has become the spectator in the story, the insert for the reader. He uses her to help the other characters advance their plots since she doesn't have one.

The problem is not the character, but the authors who have nothing good to do with that character.

>Oshi no Ko chapter 220 thread

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Akane is the only one with a fucking brain in this manga, she is a different character since his suicide stunt.

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Kana is her own story, you can't have her mingling with the revenge or reincarnation storylines because it would be too much for the storyline she already has unless the story is coming to a climax. It wouldn't make sense there's too much going on in her chapters with her as is for there to be any other type of storyline shoehorned in.

Yes so you agree with me. They built her character from then on to be able to have a rapport with the other characters to advance their plots. She has no plot of her own and rightfully so because from a dramatic story telling pov it's kind of hard to top attempted suicide

Did Mengo tie up Aka to do this chapter herself?

Sadly it's true, Hackasaka must have wanted someone to push forward new arcs and instead of introducings someone new must as well use her, maybe he liked her design or something. Or felt that leaving her behind would be cruel.

Ruby bros...
She is so cutie in this chapter.

Akane is a main character now. Aka has built her a well defined role in the Tokyo Blade arc. She will be one of the main actors in the revenge plotline.

i agree with you mostly but the fact Kana is 100% completely divorced from the reincarnation plot is a little jarring I think. For instance the manga wants to present Kana as someone Aqua is fully able to himself with yet she knows barely anything about his personal life or history.
I don't think it fully needs to integrate her into that part of the plot but at least having her shown some engagement towards Aqua and Ruby's past would be for the best imo

Despair Ruby the cutest

So while Akane is in charge right now of picking up a collapsed Ruby from the floor, Aqua is telling Kana to fuck off since he can't be with her due to her idolshit work, right?

Mem is cute and best gal_


She'll play Ai in the flashforward's biopic and get murdered by Daddy when she confronts him about it thus reawakening Aqua's lust for revenge in full force.

Yosuga no Ko.

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>No Kana
>The plot moves forward and we get an excellent chapter

Amen brother.
When we aren't wasting pages on her and focus on the plot suddenly the story becomes good again lmao

Kana is meant to be Aqua's good end, free ftom all the revenge and past life issues so it makes sense for her to be her own world separated from the past drama, she'll only get involved with that stuff when Aqua hits his lowest point

>Kana is her own story

Exactly!! It's what I said before Kana is a side character, she shouldn't be so preponderant.

It's a revenge story with the idol industry as the setting. So far, Kana's role was just giving bits of worldbuilding and being part of a love triangle.

I used to like her but now I'm happy when she isn't present.

like I said. I get that and agree to a point, but when you have her barely even asking how he's doing after she made him pass out, it's a little tonally dissonant.
I don't think there needs to be much, but even a "hey aqua you look genki today" would go a long way imo

> Kana is meant to be Aqua's good end, free ftom all the revenge and past life issues so it makes sense for her to be her own world separated from the past drama, she'll only get involved with that stuff when Aqua hits his lowest point

This. But don't underestimate Aka's ability to create something underwhelming and boring.

For a while, many panels and sometimes some ENTIRE chapters were wasted on Kana wanking instead of moving the plot forward.

I really, really love Akane Holmes.

I mean that in the sense of what this guys is sayingShe’s an MC which deserves just as much screen time as everyone else if not more

Wasn't that the chapter when Aqua takes her out?

She has noticed his change in character, right before the date with Akane

So lads, how do think Akane's death will go down. Knife to the guts like Ai for POTTERY or something else?


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It's almost like she's TRYING to blurt out all secrets.

You got your wish Ruby! Congrats!

>the virgin Shameless Kanawanking chapter last week
>the Kino Plot-moving Rubychad chapter this week
Aka does land a hit sometimes

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>Knife to the guts like Ai for POTTERY
Maybe? Some people think Kana was actually talking about Akane in pic related.

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I'm worried that the girls will call the cops before Aqua gets a chance to investigate the crime scene (and collect his keychain)

I mean yes, calling the cops FIRST when you find a decomposing body would be good.

Rather, it's the whole idol plot that's garbage. I really really liked Kana in the Sweet Today arc, but then she became an idol and we've been saturated with Kana-centric arcs that distract from the plot. When even Aqua's DNA hunt was covered by Akane, it was the killing blow.

Obviously, that's the reasonable way to act, just saying that it really would fuck Aqua over because once the cops are involved he'll hit a brick wall.

Doesn't matter. Akane and Ruby won't even tell him. He'll find out because he sees the keychain on Ruby.

>it's a Ruby chapter
>it's pure kino
Rubybros, we are finally relevant???

>All this time
>His corpse hasn't been found

Not for long. I'm still mad that we don't have any solo chapters for Aqua and Ruby.

>ctrl + f "Ruby"
>57 Matches

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Abuse woman psychology.
Just drop hints that you know exactly what the corpse business is about and perhaps more, like dating the corpse with utter certainty, with a couple of hooks like advanced medical knowledge (forensics in this case). Add that to the previous hints like Aqua searching for a corpse before the discovery, or visiting the house of the dead man while knowing his spare key's location, and you've got all the base materials to work with.

The key is to be vague about but, but then be EXTREMELY CLEAR that it's none of Akane's business and that she "doesn't need to know". After that she'll work it out on her own and come up with the idea herself. If confronted, pretend to be shocked and immediately deny, which will work as a confirmation.

>ctrl + f "Kana"
>126 matches

Nah, kana will bring her back to her feet. This is kana's manga after all.

RubyCHADS... I kneel.
Had I known her getting a proper development chapter would bring forth the biggest step forward in the plot so far, I would have been one of you. I was convinced any arc abut her would just be dumb idolshit.


Without all the kanawank chapters this could have been so much smoother

You'll be mad when Season 1 ends on this moment

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Why does she disgust me so much?

Actual kino moment. Problem is that it was the beginning of Ruby getting sidelined.

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Agree. Kana doesn't add anything worthwhile to this manga. Also I love that Ruby has a clear preference for Akane. They are best girls.

Because everything she was (insight into acting world, closeness to Aqua) has been taken over by Akane, who on top of all that has more knowledge of his past, his murder plot and now likely the fucking rencarnation.

The only thing Kana has noe is shipfaggotry and being salty about it, and even then Akane is the other half of said shipfaggotry.

I have sex with her

I miss the twins.

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>not enough Kana
I sleep.

>Pretty sure a corpse wouldn't survive that in tact for that long, correct me if I'm wrong.
In fact, a corpse wouldn't survive in any condition for any amount of time.

Because you have brain problems?