Baki Dou 121 Korean scans

Clean Korean scans are out.
Also: Its Itagaki's 65th birtday today!

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He still looks good despite being retirement age now

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Can anyone remind me what happened last time? I don't remember

Where the source at?

Jack won and celebrated a little in the ring, Baki noted that Gou Dou is impressive

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What is Jack doing?

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Enjoying the feeling of victory

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Crowd seems to be enjoying his victory as well

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Thanks op and Itagaki

>All that is piss

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Where is the piss count user?

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Baki Dou 2023: Father of Paru

I hope he's still around

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He's such a good dad

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Jackbros... why is he KNEELING?

Would be insanely based if a translationanon came along

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Good fucking question, not like Tokugawa did Jack a favor or anything

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>How to talk to short people

Man I wish

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That smile.

>Tokugawa looking more frogish than Doppo and Katsumi combined

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They both look so happy

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Kek, Tokugawa looks hilarious

Look at my boy, he's so happy. First time in a long time he has an opportunity to have a good fight.

>Hands in pockets Jack
Could he have learned it in Taiwan?

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Please don't tell me Baki is about to fight Jack and return him to jobber status...

It is what it is...

Thats all anons!
Remember to wish the GOAT happy birthday!

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Jack has surpassed his limits and will turn baki into the jobber

>If Jack wins, Motobe who defeated Jack becomes equal to Yujiro.
This Korean user has sound logic, but not Bakilogic!

>tfw image posting has been blocked from your IP range due to abuse
>tfw I have no face

Wow Baki really looks like some kind of a squat midget troglodyte. Itagaki's art sure went places

Happy Birthday ultimate Chad of the manga world.

Motherfucker, bakis upper forehead is on jacks groin level. Literally too short for standing bj.

Like father like son.

must be protected.

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Happy birthday, you legend.


Yeah, he looks just like Baki. I don't know who those fags to the left and right of him are though.

As far as I can tell, the last time Jack and Baki even spoke to each other was pic related after Jack fought Pickle. Chapter 153 of SoO. What year was that?

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>that guy praying/thanking god for jacks victory
damn he's literally us

shit meant for


translation for a lot of that arc was kind of horrible. I'm interested to see what the actual dialogue is in the anime

Tokugawa pretending like he isn't seething.

It will turn out the reporter actually consented, and we've all been bamboozled for all these years


And Jack could pick Baki up like a toddler at his natural height. Now? It'd be like when Sukune gave that girl a ride on his shoulder.

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Happy birthday master Itagaki-sama I know you are reading this thread.
I salute you and your work!
Thank you.


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shut the fuck up. stop all this dbzspic posting

Don't know about you guys, but to me this Itagaki jump pose is so fucking cool.


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I'm hyped as fuck for Baki VS Jack.
Itagaki is an utter master of his craft, he makes me feel invested in every. Single. Fight.
I feel bad I've consumed Baki for so long without ever paying him a cent. I'll have to buy the Baki volumes one day. Even if he's dead by then, at least his estate will get the money.

They will never leave the board unless the mods spend a few days permabanning them and nuking their threads.

damn jack is about to rip a huge one

old men....are STRONG

they really need to make a board for that shit already all the fucking culture surrounding those generals is becoming a cancer on the board culture

It's been around for years, newfag.



that honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point. I refuse to reread son of orge until we get an actual translation

Jack is kinda a nice guy that likes to fight. He doesn't hate Baki and he is probably close with his mother who is still alive the last time we saw her.

Same with Morikawa. I guess writing manga about fighting men who want to know the meaning of being strong keeps you young.

I'd love to pay for Baki stuff but there is none in English or my native language. Best I can do is buy merch and rewatch the anime on Netflix a bunch.

Jack straight up just challenges Baki right after sending Sukune to the morgue. And Sukunefags were insisting that Sukunes efforts actually damaged Jack in this fight.
Sukunefags officially dead and buried. Itagaki is an absolute savage for doing a fanbase in like this ouch.

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I wish she'd show up again

I hope his trap gf still loves him though, Sukune was a pretty nice guy before he got infected with fight autism.

Wonder if we'll see him next chapter.

Jack won despite this piece of shit trying to steal his victory.
I wonder if there is anyone that likes this goblin in japan.

The thing with itagaki and morikawa is that these are guys who are actually invested in physical activity and excercise, who spent their youth working out, unlike most mangaka who are otakus and indoor type. It really starts to show when these people get old.

I've been considering the anime in place of the manga right now because I've still only read up to New and the imaginary mantis arc with shitty wild fang. So much of it is garbage wild fang even up to pickle wars from what I checked. I've been excited to check out the Prison and Pickle arcs and I really don't want to read wild fang while at the same time I've been loving reading the manga so much it's hard to stop.

did Sukune despawn?

>Sukunefags officially dead and buried.
They were beyond dead after the anus posts.

He's being processed

Cold Jack beat Eddie?

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Don't even read kengan, but this guy looks like a jobber

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Its baffling to me how relatively little Baki merch there is. Not a ton of figures or anything. Even weirder that it's never had a real video game.

I think it's because Itagaki wants it that way? I recall hearing that he's always tried to keep Baki exclusive to Japan and not export it to the West, which is why there was so little Western scanlation support for decades.

She raped him

Has anyone tried taking the lines from the anime and fitting them over the manga? It'd still be scuffed as fuck but at least more accurate than WildFangs complete nonsense

So sukune is the biggest jobber in the manga?

>Jacksisters VS Bakibros
Who is gonna win?

Their last fight was brutal. And that was after a whole tournament. Jack has only finished fighting Sukune, and Baki is fresh. Is he just crazy or is Godou so stronk?

God damn it Itagaki

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Turns out that much like with Diane/Yujiro, Pickle is actually a teenage boy

It's just as it looks. RIP

Baki seemed to think (I believe it was last chapter) that Gou Dou is strong.

Why the fuck does this nip hyper nationalist hate the West so much?

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The video game bit surprises me. I've been hooked on the Garouden game recently. Not greatly balanced, but fun and accessible. Baki is ripe for a video game.

I too, hate america.

He might win just so Itagaki can set him up with Yujiro and if that happens Jack is definitely going to die.

Where did you hear that?
>so little Western scanlation support for decades.
That's the case for most manga, western releases are a new thing

Happy birthday you crazy fuck.

Don't we all?

You said this in the last thread. It's retarded. Drop it.

What the FUCK did he mean by this?

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He looks like a spooked bulldog.

I wasn't in the last thread because I was recovering my eyes after the laser surgery.

Id like to know where he got that as well

Do you think Spec hates America, since he tried to crash Lady Liberty?

Maybe the same place they said there was a hiatus until october

I think that came from Facebook originally

>An egg of Columbus or Columbus' egg (Italian: uovo di Colombo [ˈwɔːvo di koˈlombo]) refers to a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact. The expression refers to an apocryphal story, dating from at least the 16th century, in which it is said that Christopher Columbus, having been told that finding a new trade route was inevitable and no great accomplishment, challenges his critics to make an egg stand on its tip. After his challengers give up, Columbus does it himself by tapping the egg on the table to flatten its tip.

Lmao, crazy Genoan fuck

God damn it Columbus

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Sukune is strong and all but beating Baki?
Surely Itagaki doesn't expect anyone to believe Jack can actually do it.
And yet what is the point of bringing him back to set him up to job against Baki straight away?
I almost wish Jack's role here was the same as it was for Ali, knocking him down a peg and then leaving while they have Sukune change his mindset and develop more.
It can't be Jack Dou if his next fight is Baki out of all things, there'd be basically no one left for him to fight at that point.
Probably a transitional fight as Itagaki sets up another arc, maybe akin to what Hanayama vs Yuujiro was.

He did it for the clout.

If Baki loses to Jack then I'm gonna consider it an asspull or some shit. I find it hard to believe Jack is stronger than Baki.

He’s absorbing all the evil spirits that Sukune had been stomping out of the ground. They will give him demon back as a reward for defeating their enemy. Series will end with Sukune coming back and stomping them out of him.

>It can't be Jack Dou if his next fight is Baki out of all things, there'd be basically no one left for him to fight at that point.
We all know who's left. Are you afraid to even consider the possibility?

He had sex in Taiwan so he's stronger now.

Somehow I doubt they fight right now. I don't know, somehow this doesn't feel right.

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I came up with another idea concerning Yasha Zaru Jr. What if he and Pickle meet and don't just fight, but become friends as Pickle finds somebody he can relate to in these times? What if he even becomes a mentor figure to Yasha and makes him super strong? They should live with each other.

Do people really not know the egg of Columbus?

I'm glad I decided to give Baki a try all those years ago.

I have to kneel

>nip hyper nationalist
Itagaki was a former JSDF.

Kinda cute

Nobody fucking knows because Daro thought it would be a good idea to kill him off in his first fight right after his introduction.

It’s possible that Jack lays him out with some “Baki wasn’t really trying” reason. Baki has a bad record for getting one shot by the main antagonist upon their first encounter. Happened against Musashi, Pickle, Olivia+Guevara, even Yanagi.

Breakblow looks very fun, definitely getting it soon

Also Yuri and Hanayama and I believe he even got rekt by Giant Baba but I could be misremembering.

Columbusus's misadventures are a little more irrelevant for non-americans. I for one had no idea of this kind of shenanigans.

Daro is the artist. Sandro is the one who makes the writing decisions.

I hate this young boy being cocky at first trope, its time he wisens up already and puts his guard up as soon as he senses someones a good fighter.
Or maybe he follows that beliefe that if you let them hit you first the adrenaline wilm aid you first giving you the real advantage.

But my heart will always love Jack.

It's a common expression here, and I'm Dutch.

Love those derp jumps

You're right my bad I got them mixed up.

Baki will oneshot Jack while being a moody fuck like he was in the Ali Jr arc. Jack will then cry his eyes out as he is comforted by an imaginary Elma.

>Baki can now jump from the top of the Korakuen and not shatter his legs, a feat MT-era Yujiro could do, a million years ago
Good job Baki, I'm sure you'll surpass your dad someday

It is, I kind of want to jump the same but I can only lift my ass 30cm.
>inb4 you fat fuck

Oh ok, well I'm finnish and had never heard of it or if I have I had forgotten.

Can get behind that except for the last part.

Sukune didn't fucking lose retard

>Sukunefags are in the denial stage of grief

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Happy birthday sensei!

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Post the page where he lost that dirt bag

jump from the top of something

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I suggest you read the manga yourself and not assign your homework to other people.

>Has to cheat to win
Yup yup. Sukune won.

Dude is probably a troll


>Some random Jap claims victory
>Isn't a real fighter, doesn't understand what victory even means
Go back and read the Ali Jr. Arc. Clearly you didn't learn the lesson
Also jack cheated so it wasn't a real fight
I did read it fuck-o and I saw that Sukune didn't lose. Make an argument or eat a dick

lmao did you skip the convict arc?

Sukune was right in the end, the faggot Jack has a pathetically tiny mind for someone with such a big body.
Must be the after effects of Motobe's rape.

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>Go back and read the Ali Jr. Arc
The "lesson" in that arc was utter bullshit. Only the convicts stooped to such insane shit to attack a man who was already heavily injured. Sure, others have fought while injured but that was during a fight and in the heat of the moment. Barely, if ever, do they pick fights with someone who can barely fucking walk.

Some fat fuck is actually having a mental breakdown right now lmao

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>Also jack cheated so it wasn't a real fight
Seems like YOU'RE the one who needs to go back and reread the Ali Jr. arc if you think cheating is possible in the underground arena

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Hakuho won.

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A few chapters ago:
>Yeah, Jack's cool and all but I'm looking forward to seeing Sukune bust out some badass ancient sumo techniques

>Who the fuck is Sukune? Get that loser outta here lmao I wanna throw down with my bro

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>that's right, Baki. I was the main character of Dou II all along

>Agree to fight
>Says not to use weapons
>Use weapons anyway
Convicts never agreed to this shit
>The lesson is bullshit because I said so
Cope with your faggy headcanon windbag
See above. Jack is a pussy

It's the Canadian genes

And now we hit the Anger stage of grief.

Sumo has lost user

ITs time for infights again.

You're entering the anger stage.

>Baki and Jack interacting
I don't care how this plays out I'm just enjoying the moment.

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>The lesson is bullshit because it is clearly contradictory and blatantly idiotic because it would only apply to psychopaths like the convicts

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What if it was true that the series is named Wild Fang after all?

He got the lolong treatment.

>Still on Jack

This is our victory lap Jacksisters.

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Say hypothetically, Jack succeeds in killing Yujiro. What does he do then? Commit suicide?

Despite all of this we must always remember the ultimate irony that is the true spirit of the Ancient Sumo technique was the regular ol' slugfest that existed within our hearts all along.

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Happy birthday, here’s to 4000 years of piss

Starts a dojo dedicated to goudou with the goal of having more followers than doppo or katsumi.

Happy birthday Itagaki-sama!

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I hope before they fight one of them invites the other for dinner or something, just to hang out. Preferably Jack. Maybe Baki can meet Diane.

Reminder the last 7 matches held in Korakuren were all losses for Sumo. ok one was Sumo vs Sumo and Katsumi giving one a pity win

Fuck Kureha freely in the middle of the street and livestream it.

Lame samefag. Make an argument instead of projecting this hard
>Muh psychopaths
You don't know more about the Baki universe than itagaki does you spinless twat. Non-fighters don't know what victory is, therefore that random nips opinion means fuck all

Yes, he never cared about his own life.

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just this arc he did well against Sukune when they first met

Has Jack ever met Kozue?
I want them to go on a double date where we meet Jack's new Taiwanese gf.

>Say hypothetically, Jack succeeds in killing Yujiro. What does he do then?
Retire. He'll probably do the same thing Baki does now - occasionally fight for the sake of entertainment.

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That's right, it has to be real instead of imaginary

I honestly liked that part, it was fun to see a cute, innocent normie like Kozue react to the crazy fight autism

Jack won, keep seething fat fuck

Doppo and Shibukawa victories over an injured Ali jr were considered legetimate despite it being "unfair"

Is this what the kids call drip?

>Jack's new Taiwanese gf.
would go against the point of the character, the reason he is so strong is because he gives all his life to get stronger and ignores everything else, that's his path.

man I didn’t know sukunefags were taking it this badly

Why do anons in here get so butthurt when someone talks about "elma"? I don't even know what that is (I guess it's that girl with short dark hair and blue eyes people usually draw with Jack?), but whenever someone talks about it there's an instantaneous seething reply, as if it was some kind of conditioned response on some poor mindbroken people. Can someone give me a quick rundown? Is she an OC?

The one crying is Ichido, pay him no mind.

Elma's a dragon character from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, some people are shipping her with Jack for fun, other people are tired of seeing her, that's all

Why would I seethe? Sukune is still pure and has learned a lot from this fight. It wouldn't happen again and has a long road ahead of him.
Jack on the other hand is an attention whore, will never achieve his goal, and will soon die painfully from all his cheater drugs.

How do you consider all of the extra baki material outside the main series? Things like gaidens, crossovers, retsu-isekai, garouden. For me personally I kinda consider them to be "baki extended universe" kinda like starwars. I dont take thems as seriously as the main plot but I can entertain them as long as they dont interfere with the main canon.

We aren't talking about fairness though. The challenge said that the right would be without weapons. Jack literally didn't adhere to the fight, and therefore the fight is irrelevant and sukune didn't lose
The AlI Jr message is to reinforce the fact that the announcer doesn't know what he's talking about and his statement regarding who won or lost is irrelevant. He has no ability to commentate on the result of the match because he isn't a fighter. That's like having Lucy from Elfen Lied be the defacto resource for how strong Goku is. It's fucking nonsensical

Not even butthole user took it this hard, calm your autism.

>less than a minute apart
All that salt is making your brain get smaller by the second. Lay off the copium.

She's a character from Dragon Maid that Redditors started shipping with Jack for no reason. We're tired of seeing posts that shove some other series into the discussion for no reason other than annoying memes.

>The challenge said that the right would be without weapons. Jack literally didn't adhere to the fight, and therefore the fight is irrelevant and sukune didn't lose
If Jack used a weapon then the fight never would've started in the first place

At one point the spam of that joke got out of control and it was insufferable. This is a Baki thread. Keep the shitty crossover jokes for yourself or in reddit.

>why would i seethe?
>proceeds to seethe by calling jack a cheater and an attention whore
ok user, sure

>Putting steel daggers where your teeth should be and using them to attack your opponents isn't using a weapon
Oh come on with this cope

Don't mind the retard, let him keep his delusions.

No need to samefag user

Are Elmafags also in the denial stage?

Attached: image_2022-04-04_141432.png (355x93, 6.19K)

Correct, it isn't, if it was then they wouldn't have allowed the fight to even start.

I'm merely stating the truth, cope.

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>Itagakis face when he makes you wait a month for a chapter mostly filled with Jack absorbing the crowds satsui no hadou

Attached: o84rKg5~2.png (916x762, 499.7K)

I'm 99% sure its a troll

>come on with this cope

kek sukuneschizo hates elma by proxy because it makes people think about jack

Imagine if the hiatus until October was actually true

It's pretty impossible to call Jack a jobber now. It was kind of ludicrous in the first place but his record for a non-MC character is just too good. From my recollection, I believe he's 8-3 now? That might be the best non-Yujiro/Baki ratio in the series.

Attached: 6756765.png (731x635, 491.49K)

Doyle is pretty nice all things considered, not that psychopathic

>Expecting some randoms to jump in and stop a fight
Nice headcanon bub
Listen I'll spell it out for you in simple green text because you're missing the point like a 10 year old
>Fight challenge says no weapons
>Jack uses weapons
>Fight challenge is no good
>Characters fight because they're fighters
>All fighters now know that Jack didn't win and sukune didn't lose because the fight challenge was fucked from the start
That's it. That's the whole argument . The only person who declared jack the winner is some random who has no idea how to actually determine the winner, so his statement is irrelevant. The record of jack vs sukune is 0-0

he's trying hard

Hug his mom, make sure she has a good retirement, maybe even force himself to get married and have some kids so she can be a grandma.

Thank Itagaki

Attached: Kneel.png (754x1200, 554.64K)

He WILL job to Baki and you WILL kneel

>m-muh everyone not sucking Jack's micro dick is a troll!!!
>t-there is no way anyone prefers the GOD of sumo

Attached: 448d4b1d-5218-4c68-90ec-daad7cfbbd3e.jpg (835x1200, 313.25K)

You're giving me a brain aneurism user, good job

Attached: +_c50eb7abd0d7bfe8df69bdec5ed7fa18.png (852x833, 1.18M)

he's a literal frog

Just further proof Sukune was never going to be the main antagonist

I hope we get another bet from you autists.

I really really want a Baki fighting game. Breakblow should be a template, the structure for the specials are great. Oliva's pacman attack falls in with the punch counter system. Pick three specific attacks you'll consider breakblow specials for your favorite character.

Itagaki is going to subvert our expectations. Jack is going to walk away from Baki.

Maybe he's the same schizo who used to call everyone a redditor and a samefag while samefagging and browsing Reddit (he posted screenshots) at the same time. He also hated Elma (it was before the meme got stale) and Jack.

Musashi should top it as well, but you're right, he does have a very good record.

>Too mentally feeble to understand the truth
>Or too grief stricken to accept it
>Tries to deflect
What a sad display

sukune failed to realize that by beating oliva, it put him in the same danger zone oliva was for losing to show off how strong a character has gotten lol. he became a gatekeeper for the top tier

>Expecting some randoms to jump in and stop a fight
That's exactly what they did the first time Jack started biting his opponent.

Attached: image_2022-04-04_143606.png (1180x965, 1.67M)

Literally every returning fighter in the underground arena has a mouth full of fake replacement teeth. Jack's are simply made of a material that won't shatter from his absurd bite force.

Now that this sumo thing didn't work out, Sukune can pursue a new career as a professional exorcist.

>Jack is going to walk away from Baki
But what is he going to do before that?

Attached: a-1.png (1232x1075, 629.97K)

Gotta wait for that heel to heal first.

Frogs are based. Sukune is not

This scene is great because at first when you read it you get the impression that Jack is hitting on her and being a creep, but later you realize he was just interested in seeing his little brothers girlfriend.

Different manga
>Trying to say a pair of porcelain teeth is the same as sharpened fangs made from steel
Alright man so when someone beats your skull in with a baseball bat it's not a weapon because a baseball bat is basically a wooden arm


I find it funny that itagaki gave the arena worker his own aura lol. little dude must be pretty strong for an average joe

I regard anything written by Itagaki as canon

Confirmed speedreader.

You know if you want to say Jack cheated, a much better argument is that he fucked up Sukune's hand a day before the fight happened.
Everyone knew Jack had titanium teeth, and they're just that, teeth.
They're more durable than his previous ones.
They're not shaped like knives.
They're not optimized for cutting.
They're teeth that won't shatter against Motobe's jacket.
What makes goudou impressive is Jack's own technique and how he incorporated biting into it. Not a single fighter was like "well, he's a cheater, it doesn't count."

Attached: 41425771.jpg (835x1200, 549.2K)

Refs are usually ex-fighters irl, there’s an expectation they have to throw themselves in to stop fights a lot of the time.
Tokugawa’s stadium employees… are strong!

He's gotta be pretty strong to be trusted to interrupt a fight between superhumans

God don't remind me of that nightmare

Funny how Sukune is probably taking the results of his match much more maturely and gracefully than little sukunefag over here.

>Everyone knew that the columbine kids had guns
>And they were just that guns
>What makes their massacre impressive is how they planned the whole thing
Spoken like a true psychopath. Arguing with you is like arguing against a brick wall. Newsflash pal, sukune didn't lose. Itagaki confirms this by following the rules of his own universe all your other shit is just cope and headcanon


>What makes goudou impressive is Jack's own technique and how he incorporated biting into it
I honestly find it impressive how at the end of the fight with sukune, they were exchanging blows, and jack could get bites off between his strikes. it must massively increase the damage that he can do at once since he can simultaneously bite while he wails on an enemy

God imagine getting to be the guy to hold Jack's hips like that

I haven't seen a meltdown of this magnitude in a decent while.

I have to assume its Ichido

It's gotta be a trolling attempt at this point. The sperg really wants to believe Itagaki didn't clearly give the win to Jack, but all his retarded points and false equivalences are obvious tells that he's being disingenuous.

I think it's pretty funny that the guy who posted a picture of his asshole took Sukune's loss with more dignity than this dude.

It's a metaphor

Attached: 1648982511136.jpg (1025x547, 101.02K)


The only Sukunechad delivered, making him and his hairy ass worth of respect. On the other hand Sukuneschizo is going through all stages of grief at once. Truly a duality of man.

What were the other promises again? Got the pic with the screencaps?

Imagine being seen as less reasonable than the guy who posted a hairy goatse because his fictional character lost a fight.

>only Itagaki knows...... Maibe..

Is losing to the mc really considered "jobbing"