Could he have defeated Meruem?

Could he have defeated Meruem?

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Meruem would have needed his mommy

this is a worse an even bigger asspull than rubber nen.

>heavily foreshadowed
>comes at a massive price
How is it an asspull?

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how is it an asspull
it follows the rules of nen

>fucking DIES after using it and follows the rules of Nen
The asspull was Nanika not this.

Stop projecting One Piece shitter

>average huntertranny

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>My friend has one foot in the grave and no one is able to save him.
>Wait a minute, I have a brother whose has reality warping powers that I never mentioned before. I'll just have him heal my friend.

it was completely meaningless in terms of the story so cannot be an asspull

>gets angry over some faggot he barely knew dying
>gets random muscle man super form out of nowhere
>"B-but! It follows the-"
Kill yourself.

Netero yes, Meruem nah

why didnt he use all that power to make pitou good and marry her instead of killing her
gon is fucking retarded

pitou says adult gon power is equal to (pre ressurection) meruem

Gon is a revengechad not a waifufag

yes, almost anyone could have because at that point Meruem was already dying from the poison. All you had to do was wait out the few ours the king had of life. Are you a speedreader?
>comes at a massive price
the massive price that instantly disappears because Killua's sister is a genie and killua can make wishes for free? Wow what a massive price that is.

Power isn't everything, now that I think about even Adult Gon vs Netero would be hard to tell because Netero could just swat him around like he did to Meruem except Gon can't regenerate
If Gon lands a charged Jajanken he would beat Netero but that's easier said than done

before the poison kicked in meruem could have beaten the shit out of anyone

>Could he have defeated Meruem?

Netero's "ultimate power" is better intended for someone like super Gon, actually. Gon's got maximum stats but doesn't possess giga game brain to find Netero's preferential patterns after a million strikes.

It was okay
What's bullshit is the "he is now equal to the King"
Totally unnecessary line

>massive price that instantly disappears
Isn't he still grievously injured and lost his Nen ability?

Worse, he stopped being the main character of his series. But yes, he still can't use nen

If HxH hadn't ended, do you think Gon's nen would have been fixed, or is it just a big warning to everyone not to be a sociopathic loser?

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More importantly, what if Meurem ate Mascles Gon?

>wanting to defend someone is sociopathy
what is wrong with you? brain rot?

Plothole x Asspull

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It was never really about Kite, Gon has had a massive inferiority complex over his own weakness since the Hunter Exam and Kite's death was just a catalyst for Gon's inevitable mental breakdown

>If HxH hadn't ended, do you think Gon's nen would have been fixed,
I think it's technically possible since the reason he can't use nen is his own self imposed contract and there's nothing in the series to say there's a cosmic power enforcing that. But for him to get over the whole suicidal thing, plus with how intense even making a nen ability is much less a contract like that.

He'd probably need over a decade of couseling and acceptence before he got his nen back and since spending his potential was a cost I doubt he'll ever really have great output again. That's on the optimistic side of things I generally think he's just locked out of nen for the rest of his life.

Sorry, I meant Gon is a sociopath in a general sense across the whole story. That includes his lack of emotional control and refusal to admit consequences exist for him as well. Which is how he got himself in to the entire situation.

So answer the question.

Had HxH not ended, would Gon return or is he just a story of warning in the end?

Gon should stay in the coma and Killya refuses to leave his side so Kurapika and Leorio go on the expedition to try to find a cure

Not gonna read all of that, you need to have sex ASAP aka PRONTO

go back

This shit makes everyone who ever died in a Nen fight a joke because he didn't want to win hard enough.

Gon didn't care about dying, he literally tried to sacrifice his own life just to kill Pitou

What about the people who died trying to beat someone they need had to be beaten at all costs? Like those mooks who went after the Spiders and saw how much they were out of their league with Uvogin, they were fighting a losing fight at that point anyway but still needed to get the job done.

I just took that as pitou being fucking retarded, as all of the ants were on some level

kind of yeah but you need to have the potential to do what gon did.

Gon is a 1 in 10 million prodigy who is also obsessed with being strong, only someone on his level can even think about doing what he did

That's bullshit, Gon barely knows how Nen works to begin with and the first thing the nen teachers tell you that your shit gets stronger if you put a bigger cost on it.
Then there is the part where you have Ants with nen and they would happily give up their life like Gon did if it meant the king would be safe. Pouf would have nuked everyone without thinking twice.

Eh, how widespread are the particulars of nen anyway? We know fake teachers exist, and shit quality teachers too. There's also the potential for teachers to say
>Hey you can literally KILL YOURSELF for infinite nen for like 5 seconds if you want
And this all ignores that simple raw power may not be enough with how fucky nen abilities can be.

Hell, the reader may not have been told all the particulars of nen either. What if GON's teachers lied too? Or lied through simply not knowing.

..Maybe that's how Gon comes back? Some hidden nen clause. Or something as simple as "you survived your deathpact so it's technically void now".

>because Netero could just swat him around like he did to Meruem
It wasn't regen, Meruem just took 0 damage from getting swatted around because he was vastly stronger than Netero.

We still doing this? Kek

I think when killua's sister saved him he was just reset and can use nen again

all those guys wanted to live, gon didnt care about that

>make contract to use an absurd amount of nen at cost of never being able to use nen again and aging your body to the point you might as well be dead.
I could understand having gon recover from this shit as an asspull but the powerup is still within the rules set in the HunterXHunter universe

what makes you think the ants knew you can make nen oaths
i dont remember pockle telling them that

literally has booba
pitou is female

Pitou clearly said Gon's power was on par with the King's (Meruem) and she knew Gon would be a threat to Meruem, so I imagine Gon would have defeated him or at least badly injured him.

Then why didn't Netero do it? It's a safer bet than using a nuke which is also a final suicide move and you can't tell me that he didn't think of it.

either way.
a hole is a hole.
just enjoy it.

You seem like a deeply unpleasant person

Netero had already spent all of his aura on the Zero Hand, and even before that he had the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva which is already a ridiculously overpowered ability that required years of training to conjure

For sure, and I don’t even believe Kurapika would ever die from his downside either

I think the zero hand was that

the existence of nitro rice pretty much proves that Togashi isn't going to kill Kurapika even if he abuses Emperor Time

He wouldn't have to spend all his aura if he could just pump his life in his Senju and just grind the king into paste like that. I don't buy for a second that a top of the top tier nen guy like Netero wouldn't be able to do it of that it wouldn't do much.

Developing or going on a journey to learn some big brained way to fight without nen would be good.

Burning your life means fuckall in series like this, Yusuke and his pals did it all the time.

Is Pitou a boy cat or a girl cat?

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it makes my penis hard and is therefore female

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More like he has the power to defeat Mereum. Can Gon-San? Yes. Will he not? Not necessarily.

is an ant not a cat

His name is literally Pete

sex with gon

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Go away Hisoka.

Go away Killua.

This wasn't really an asspull, Gon getting healed by Killua's tranny brother was the actual asspull.


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It's such a common trope that I can only imagine it's not to be taken as literally as it should be. You are tapping the reserves your body needs to live in the first place. There's a difference between being out of gas and simply killing yourself.

It works biologically too. People can absolutely die of exhaustion. You can also die from something like having too little fat in your diet.

I saw a funny shitpost once that said Gon would just be super strong without nen being 'on' obviously and that's his new thing. Which I admit sounds interesting, but there's no way.

He's probably just totally reset to before he learned nen. Turned back the clock.

sex with killua

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Go away Hisoka.

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>we still doing this


People that make posts like this out themselves as not even knowing the source material.

Gon's transformation takes advantage of several things
>his innate enhancement affinity
He literally ages his body into adulthood. If someone is just a bad enhancer or not even a native enhancer they get shit returns on trying to hulk out on their opponent last minute
>his latent potential
Something that's been pointed out by many characters is how much of a freak Gon is and how much future potential and growth he has. Netero was an old man who probably hit his peak and was aging out. He would have no potential left to spend in this example.
>over a month of stewing on his anguish and developing a grudge
Gon was powerless from Knuckle's APR for 1 month and there were still a couple weeks leading up to the raid properly. All that time is necessary to develop his grudge and we see the same time based restriction put on Camille's suicide bombers who can't just arbitrarily change the prince they are attached too, and the person with the literal year old infant laments how weak her own curse will be as a result.

In this example, Netero was actually happy to have fought Mereum since his life's goal was to fight a worthy opponent. The nuke was more powerful and more consistent and he knew that.
>willingness to throw away everything
Gon didn't plan to survive. Most people want to life after a fight and it's readily pointed out that nen users are confident in themselves as a general rule. And given how sudden and traumatic death actually is in most fights, it's actually the exception to the rule for someone to have the singular focus to even activate post-mortem nen much less just make something up to power themselves up.

Netero used his full potential while training for more than 50 years, Gon got the strenght he would've gotten by training like Netero did, so he "time-skipped" the whole decades of training to obtain the power he got, in exchange of all his life and nen use

But he didn't say that. Probably some shit translation.

yes what Pitou said was much worse. he said "I'm glad I ccould die against him instead of the king"

Just pretend/headcanon that activating the Nen pact cannot be done mid fight

He did it was called zero hand. Mereum couldn’t make a pact to receive his potential, he had already achieved that

>his series
It's not Gon X Gon

Meruem was far from his maximum potential. But he didn't expect a nuclear bomb so he never had a chance

Split tree in half? Is that even an achievement in this series? Like half the cast can do that by farting near tree, why authors are so dumb

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All in all, it sounds a lot like Gon premeditated the fuck out of this whole thing.

sex with gon and killua at the same time

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o my rubber condom

Yep, and the funny part is that he himself probably wasn't planning to go Super Saiyan but hearing that Kite was at the time, truly dead pushed him past the point of all reason and he initiated the sum total of all he'd built up to that point. He might not have become Gon-san if he'd fought Pitou earlier say, if Komugi hadn't been injured.

>meaningless in terms of the story
>Used to kill one of the main antagonists of the arc

seriously, discussing hunter x hunter in a/ at this point is pointless. It's beyond me how many retarded other shonen fans come to shitpost, or how many morons can't understand super basic things about how nen works; even a primate that watches the anime at x2 speed can understand this moment.

Seriously, it causes me physical damage and I can't believe that at this point it's better to discuss hxh on fucking reddit than on Yea Forums

answering OP's question, the official answer is YES. Pitou explicitly, in both the official translations and Japanese version, implies this (at least in its first form).

is this right or wrong? that is another discussion. but the official answer is that

I may have read/watched HxH incorrectly. Can you show me exactly where Gon's transformation was foreshadowed?

That's just the npc normie commentator speaking

not him but you can see many instances of gon having black nen after he found out about kite's condition. For example, when gon was about to kill morel as a "test" he was emitting that black nen

those things arent sociopathy

Gon is capable of feeling empathy and doesn't manipulate other people for personal gain. He's definitely weird, maybe even insane, but he's not a sociopath by definition. His obsession with being strong and his inferiority complex over his own weakness probably fit into some other personality disorder but it's not sociopathy

>muh asspull
Gon-san happened in chapter 306.
83 chapters and 6 years after pic related.
>He's saving everything up to unleash it all onto his hated enemy
How much clearer could it be?
Gon-san is the objectively not an asspull.

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yeah it fits in the "every shounen protagonist ever" diagnosis

I worry he sees his friends more as tools than as friends or even people at all.