Reminder that if you think this is attractive, you are gay

Reminder that if you think this is attractive, you are gay.

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Better start getting ready for the next parade then

I don't even give a fuck
Kampfer girls are sexy as fuck ESPECIALLY the blue one FUCK I would destroy the blue one's pussy so hard and then kms for being a faggot who just came inside a genderbent dudes cunt.

Is it gay to want to breed that body full of kids?

True, Suzu thinks that is attractive and she is gay

I'd impregnate that so just call me a fag I guess

Shitposting aside, is genderbender actually gay?

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Why do guys make the best girls?

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In anime? It's arguable. Most of the time it's a magical gimmick that fully transforms the body, yet somehow the mind is intact. In reality? It's gay as fuck, but let's not take the discussion in that direction

Physically no
For the guy who got turned into a girl, yes but only mentally

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Depends on how sex works with them, I guess. If the guy who is genderbent as girl can go back to being a guy during the middle or after sex AND can't babies, I guess it would be gay. But, if sex causes them to stay permanently as a girl and also means they can have babies, i guess it's not gay?

I'm asking about the one getting genderbent. Fucking a genderbent girl obviously isn't gay. Arguing it is is like arguing everyone who's had sex is a pedo because their partner used to be a kid at some point.
>For the guy who got turned into a girl, yes but only mentally

It's not gay to be attracted to a female.

>messy hair
>fat ass
The only imperfection if that she should be more pear shaped, but she is still a solid 8 atleast. No, I dont know anything about this series and I dont care, get some taste OP

If it's in a world where that's possible, in a sense that the person straight up just becomes the other gender, logic be damned, then frankly, I don't give a shit.

That's a dude

it's way less gay than raping or fucking a dude in jail. genderbent is not gay at all. there's nothing masculine

Why does it have tits then?


the more you think about it the gayer you become.

I don't think that's how gayness works.


gay for the transformed guy only,not for the guys that bang him

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>gay for the transformed guy


Okay, so it has tits, but does it have penis or pussy?

causing he's doing other men,brainlet

Need tomboy ninja cuddle

>he'd fuck this

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Pussy BUT she used to be a guy sooo

Genderbender only becomes gay if they can turn back and you fall in love with them.

so is a genderbent guy and a girl yuri or what?

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But he's not a man anymore. He has a vagina.

>has tits and pussy
>transformed by magic so it's not implants and a festering wound

What's the problem?

As long as the guy is only a guy mentally and is 100% biologically a female, yes it's yuri.


but "he" is for all intents and purposes a female now

Jokes on you, I'm not getting a boner until I see the character's face (if it's boy, no boner)
Face>>>>>rest of the body

she was still a guy in the past and is a guy mentally

Why are we suddenly talking about kampfer again?


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as long as there are memories and the identity as his former self,it's still gay for said girl to have sex with men

Yes, because you know he is a guy

>homosexuality has to do with the mind/heart
Closeted tranny, huh?
If it has a pussy, it's a woman.

>is it gay to fuck a biological woman
Really firing my neurons to try to figure this one out.
The internet's obsession with transgenderism has poisoned your minds. If it's got a pussy, it's a woman. If it looks like OP picrel, it's definitely a woman.

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Only if she goes back to being a man. Otherwise, it's just pussy.

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>boy's face
>Chernobyl's legs
Nope nope

>is a guy mentally
So are tomboys for the most part, that's why we like them, so what's the issue here?

Hold your horses. I've been calling tomboyfags gay for decades

She (he) loses to the dick doesn't she?

God, I love being gay then.

Surprisingly, not. She just learns she really likes it.

She is 15.

It's 33Kb

it's ok,I like them a lot older

The best

..out of 10

I would fuck his pussy so hard while motorboarding his tits and cum in both of this dude's holes. Vagina and ass ! Call me the gayest man on this board.
I'd lick his blue hairy vagina

>She is 15
So? My cock is still hard.

user, she's not real

>In reality

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dumb laetitia poster

Post Astolfo or somethong if you want to make user gay.

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In general, no, it's mostly irrelevant until sex is happening, or I guess romance beforehand. Physically it's as straight as a regular girl, mentally it depends entirely on how much the person in question still identifies as their original gender. This is why you see a lot of GB hentai mostly imply it's a guy losing to the(ir) pussy.

That mental state depends on the permanence and personal affinities towards masculine or feminine types. You could have someone like Ranma who swaps often enough you could argue it being gay from either direction. On the other hand you have someone who doesn't give a shit about gender and just likes to fuck, whether they're putting it in or taking it, and the body only dictates which of those two they're able to do at the moment (and if they're creative enough they won't let that stop them, girls can always peg after all).

I look at it like this, shitpost or no there's merit to . There's going to be big-tittied girls who come off infinitely more manly than Astolfo like, say, Revy. There's going to be boys so girly they make regular girls look butch as fuck.

At the end of the day, if you like it, fuck it. Straight, gay, bi and the other sexualities are social constructs you can make, why do you think we have shit like demisexual or pansexual? The only four I'd say matter are straight, gay, bi, and asexual, because those directly identify your sexual interest, and that's all you really need them to do. It's fine for it to be complicated too, see futa and trap fans.

boobs too big

im gay

God I wish that was me

It truly is a mystery.

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things are never gay as long as you are the one doing the fucking
which means that you are also gay if you let a woman fuck you

the problem with fucking a man is not that it's gay, it's that your standards are low enough you'd fuck an ugly fucking man

does it really matter

Yuri bhread???

Teenage girls are capable of consent.

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Hold on a sec. You're telling me if your homie came to you looking cute and feminine and asked you to help him relieve some stress for a bit, you wouldn't absolutely wreck his gender bent bussy (female) on request? If you said you wouldn't not only are you gay you're not a real homie.

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I subscribe to the rainbow then


Closeted faggot begone

TS revenge or something.

do you think, I, a bisexual, give a shit about weather or not this is gay or not

I want to see Utena-chan become a futa.


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He's a boy though

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If that's a boy, then I'm a huge homogay faggot