Hellsing Sotrytime Vol. 1

As promised, here's Hellsing - a story about Anglican Vampire Killers

Bram Stoker's Dracula(for context on the main Dracula influence on the manga):

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In april? why not october
but I'm not complaining, time for some good old edge

also why are you linking to a post from 2015

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It won a poll, althrough octorber was probably a better idea
Also meant to link here:

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let me help you out


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what about a gun that shoots tiny wooden stakes
also known as a crossbow

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I legitimately never thought of that

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he's such a card

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In retrospective he definitely did it because he wanted a friend

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oh btw OP, you fucked up the subject in your OP
just a headsup for tomorrow (or whatever your schedule is)

Keep posting OP

Planning to do it weekly, since it's shorter and it's works better for me

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Actually fuck that, one chapter a day

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His early art was so goofy

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especially his doujin

End of chapter one
Just a small intro to the series.

As I said, I'm a little on the busy side, so one chapter a day is better for me than full volume dumps.

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thanks dude

See you tomorrow.

Fuck yeah! Hellsing!

cool, i enjoyed both the animes a few years back

I'm gonna hijack these threads for a bonus storytime of Ikaryaku. There's only like 8 chapters translated sadly. If you like Hirano's humor, then this is for you.

Reading order is left to right

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chapter end

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Thanks bros.

Thanks, OP. Call it a daily instead of a storytime, people tend to get confused about chapter dump rates

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the author used to drawn a doujin before right?

Thanks OP

Look at those proportions

Also thanks for the dump OP

like a lot of other mangaka, yeah
the one I remember the most was about vision of escaflowne
I'm not OP but I appreciate the thanks


>I'm not OP but I appreciate the thanks

That's not vampirism, that's just being catholic

what's the diff

Thanks OP, will be joinning you.



Huh, had completely forgotten about this line.
given his later characterization, Alucard would definitely be a-ok with vampires going extinct

it's actually absurd how much hirano's art improves in so short a time lmao

Man Integra was so fucking beautiful in the early chapters, wonder why Hirano made her look like a man

What happened to Drifters?

Thanks for posting OP, I've watched both anime but haven't read the manga and look forward to following along!

Ultimate is a very faithful adaption
Hirano is famously lazy, user

I forgot how brutal this first chapter was.

>this page actually happened
I don't remember if it happened in the anime but if it did I thought it was a dream. Thanks OP

Sorry, but I can't unsee it

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Touched it up some.

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Ah yes, the classic "bite their necks to stop their questioning" technique.

Fuck. I'd like to read the storytime but I'm waiting to get hold of volume 1 to read it

Alucard pls

That fucker still hasn’t finish hellsing the dawn.

I forgot how much of a creep the Vicar was, good lord.

"Lul" said Alucard. "Lmao."

Good shit.
Read this last on a Halloween storytime.
Such a fun series.

Alucard people are dying at least jog ffs.

It makes sense, being a monster for so long must have made him lonely

Fucker's immortal. Literally gives zero fucks.

Thanks OP

He goes slower simply to make Integra mad.

Great choice of manga. I've been putting off reading this ever since the last storytime when I could only catch a few volumes. Amazing art, great setting, qt vampire police.
As a younger lad I had somehow acquired vol.5 of Hellsing, but none of the other volumes so I just read vol 5 over and over

imagine living in Cheddar

godly cover and Rip Van Winkle. You got a lucky pull user. Do you still own it?

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Still have it

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good condition too!

I've tried to treat it carefully. Recently just reread it, just as good as I remember, although a bit funny as it's localized. It's a strange experience to read manga in your native language

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fucking hell, forgot to spoiler

My first experience into Hellsing was when I picked up the first anime's DVD at a thrift shop for 2$ pic related.
Then I pirated the second anime after finding out it was a thing.
I would love to follow along with this storytime every day but I really really want my first time reading beyond chapter 1 of the manga to be when I get around to buying those big red Hellsing books, Art will never look better on my shitty computer vs real ink on paper.
66$ is just such a big amount of cash to spend on one manga book, I keep going inside the book shop intending to buy it but walk out with say example a LN and 2 cheaper manga volumes instead.

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Understandable choice. Nothing tops physical manga, aside from some outliers (bad releases etc).