He won!

He won!


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But psychologically scarred forever

>month-old news
>celeb drama
>site shilling screenshot
Fuck off.

finally anus sama's S2.

Regardless, he's pretty much fucked. Many of his existing roles already got recast and he will continue to have the stigma on cheating on one of Japan's most popular singers. I can't imagine his career ever fully recovering from what had happened.

I don't think I've ever heard any of his roles except in dagashi kashi

Nah he's still fucked. He cheated on an EXTREMELY popular singer. Shit, his career can be considered over at this point

That faggot is fucked forever.

Another Aya Hirano moment.

Is this the guy who cheated on his wife LiSA? How did he managed to get away with it?

His roles were all replaced except Makoto in Free.

He still voices Ranmaru in UtaPri.

>did managed
Consider suicide.

LiSA forgave him when he was in the hospital after attempting to kill himself.
Look for the nip new.

I honestly Prefer Matsuoka as Raihan in the Pokemon anime, sounds more energic

Suzuki can be popular again if he starts recording BL Drama CDs and sucks dicks for a while. Fujo world would be thankful to hear him moan. He's got a good voice.

>LiSA forgave him
In other words, she claimed moral superiority in every possible manner while also getting his balls in a vice. Not a bad play I must admit

literally who

Take a shower, landwhale.

It isn't, though.
Tatsu was always in top 10 best male seiyuu and the incident is already over in Japan. Wersternfags still making a fuss over it and don't forgive him because they wish they could be him and be fucking LiSA.

t. coomer

>Cheat repeteadly on LiSA
>Be exposed like a a fucking retard
>Take small hiatus
>Lose some popular roles
>"Attempt" sudoku
>Get some LiSA pity and public sympathy
>Get cast for new roles and some of your roles back
He won hard, if LiSA takes him back I will feel not a single ounce of respect for her.

Hell have to go back to his early career. He started voicing BL, now he'll have to do it again. Guess he will surpass 200 recorded CDs soon.

she already took him back, for now

Tell me you are joking, it can't be truth.

isn't lisa ugly?
Not like she has options

anus hirano never came back tho

esta cada no problemo, pendejo?

NTA, but it's true. LiSA asked him to move to another home and start their lives again. Even though her friends told her to ask for the divorce, she said that she didn't want that.

He tried to commity suicide and she took him back. The japanese are spineless.

LiSA is a fucking joke, holy shit. At least she is rich, I guess.

Is this Anos guys?
I liked him, he was great
I will support him

Can somebody tell whatever happened to him and LiSA?

It's not like he beat her up and/or tried to murder her, get a grip, dudes.
You can't just erase all the good stuff and memories from their relationship just because he fucked some girl on the side.

Va is a known playboy, the latest girl bragged about it openly.

Suzuki cheated on her with a groupie called A-chan while LiSA was on a tour.
Paparazzi took photos of Suzuki and A-chan and LiSA news about the affair thanks to the press.
When LiSA's fans learned about the affair, they trashed Suzuki everyday non-stop and Suzuki.
Suzuki is a known manwhore, but people expected him to be loyal to LiSA.
He couldn't take the pressure anymore and tried to kill himself telling LiSA something like "If you break with me, I'll kill myself." But he tried to kill himself before LiSA said a world.
The scandal was too big that his agency had to give public apologies. Once Suzuki was in the hospital for two weeks he wrote a public letter asking LiSA and people to forgive him.
His waifu was advised to break up with him, but she forgave him.

They made a vow (I dunno how Japanese marriage works so, you can't call bullshit on this).
I don't think she should trust him after that.

>I don't think she should trust him after that.
Bro. She forgave him although she had the opportunity to get the divorce. It's a toxic relationship, but it seems like she really loves him based on interviews.
She also knew this guy was a whore before she became his wife.

That's fucked up. Good thing she still got a great career, sad about her private life though.

Atleast she can write songs about being a cuck now.

Is this why Tokyo Revengers new season is trying to stall as much as possible even though the manga is ending?

>Wakui killed Drakken because he was a LiSAfag
Based Wakui.

it's over, yumejos won't forgive him

He’s out of her home and publicly humiliated, which is the most an eleven woman can realistically ask for. His failure of a suicide makes him a faggot too.

you guys are pieces of shit, don't cry when no one cares about you as they destroy you

>Implying that they won't love him more now that they know that he will fuck them if they try enough
This guy is going to get even more chicks and you know it.

Who cares. They weren't the cucked ones.
It's probably that many seiyuu and singer are manwhores like him, but they hide their business better.
Also, seiyuufags still like Tatsu's voice.

his noctis was based

Who voices Noctis now?

Just don't cheat lol

>She also knew this guy was a whore before she became his wife.
Good lord, just how good is his dick? What's wrong with Lisa? I'll still enjoy her songs like I've always been since discovering her through Angel Beats 12 years ago but sheesh.

Why can't all male seiyuu typecast as bishonen be like Mamoru Miyano? Dude's good-looking, got a good voice, and is scandal free.

>Why can't all male seiyuu typecast as bishonen be like Mamoru Miyano?
The greatest seiyuu are either weirdos or pro as fuck, Miyano is a goofy nerd, Sugita is literally Gintoki, Kamiya is a weeabo. I think the only normal one is Takahiro Sakurai.

Miyano's agency has a lot to do with that, I think.
All their members (Miyano, Irino, among others) aren't involved in weird stuff, don't do BL, and they seem to be very professional.

Tatsu is handsome for nip standards and he reached top 5 of best male seiyuu thanks to Free!
I don't know about his dick, but I can't blame her for liking his voice.

>cheat rich wife with some 20yo cutie
>gets away with it

How do I become a man like him

But he didn't really.
Okamoto Nobuhiko aka Bakugou's VA got away with cheating on his wife just by apologizing and everyone moved on in a week.

Sasuga Anos-sama!

Who cares, he's a shit VA. Only popular because of his fujo roles like in Free and KNB. There are other fujo VAs like him more popular than him now.

>welcome to the “gets away with cheating” gang

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Looks like someone is angry here

he was method acting

He's still a piece of shit.

>Got caught because he put his dick on crazy.
>Gets dropped from the fujo bucks printing machine known as TR
>Her wife was japan's darling Lisa who everybody knows because of KnY.
How can someone be that much of an idiot? I know most of Yea Forums are retarded and think VAs are well known in Japan and not part of a niche market like this faggot or Chihara Minori. But this fucking idiot cheat on the main singer of Japan's most influential manga/anime of the decade. What the fuck was he expecting? Jesus, fucking retarded, at least pick someone who is not gonna tell everybody that she's NTRing Lisa.

>Only popular because of his fujo roles like in Free and KNB.
Ehhh... have you ever heard about Olcodex?


Yes his band who only got popular because of his roles in Free and KNB in which he sung the theme songs for.