Mahou Sensei Negima 29; Akamatsu-Verse Part 3

We're off to the ball!
For those of you thinking of collecting the series physically; know that this volume is the most expensive for some reason.

>What is this about?
Wizards 'n shit or whatever

Part 1 AI Love You Love You Storytime/
Part 2 Love Hina hina part 2/
Part 3 Negima sensei Negima part/

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Yay, I'm finally on time!

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You get to see a man wipe his own butt

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>You get to see a man wipe his own butt
Not that user but that very specific butt needs a few more hands.

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Wait, what? Was this some anime that got cancelled?

Luckily a few more jut showed up

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Was it the coffee?

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He should have taught Negi this move, it's so good

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>For those of you thinking of collecting the series physically; know that this volume is the most expensive for some reason.

I checked yesterday to buy the last volume (the only one I don't own) and I'm still chocked by the prices
it's the only serie i physically bought and that was 13 years ago, I had absolutely no idea it could become so expensive

I didn't notice that he stripped violin girl too.

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No. The anime of Negima was handled terribly. First it started course in the school days. But the budget went to ALL the voice actors doing the entire class. The next time it went on to continue it started right off Negi going to the mgaical world, right where Fate attacks him and seperates the class. The series was all over the place and the OVA barely made a dent on popularity to be noticed.

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Cat got some nice butt.

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Oh no! Is Rakan de pfhhthahah I can't even finish the sentence

The ol' "did we get him?"
Jack didn't even wait for the dust to clear

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I forgot what Cat's artifact even does. Stop time?

>Today's catch

You know that one episode of Adventure Time where Jake makes the greatest sandwich ever and then Magic Man throws it in a time dilation field?
Exactly that.

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Hey, I know this doujin

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Damn, Fate's a daddy

Fate casually Gates of Babyloning while they chat

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>Fate has a 62-girl harem
Negi's getting beaten in his own game

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he did it again the absolute madman

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First time for me too

It's not the iinchou we love, but I like magic class rep. I like seeing tsundere friend characters.

Anyone here have opinions on turn of the century Rider?

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>mustache smug penguin was a conductor
the fuck, I thought he was a truck driver like Yuna and Makie's friend from the bar they work at

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What a diabolical woman

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Kek, those disguise, I wonder why Takamichi even need to disguise himself

Who is ready for very good Ku scene?

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Rakan already got his dinner

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So cute.
Also am I going crazy or she's looking more grownup now compared to back when she first started teaching him martial arts.

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Fate's hobby is to pick up orphans to groom?
He's literally me.

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those tights...

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These bits of Ayaka and Chizuru on small panels are like an Oasis in this Ayaka/Chizuru drought

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I wanna dance with chibi-chiu

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Imagine them in bed, seeing who can last longer.

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This could be very easiliy substituted with some hymen breaking scene

Yeah, Chamo. You just keep the fire in that ship's engine stoked.

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I like that title


Single panel, just for you

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Sasuga, Asakura-san

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Craig, let it go, you're hurting yourself.

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And here we are, the set of chapters that made me an eternal sucker for the "robot develops human feelings" story.

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Natsumi is cute. Kotaro is lucky after all.

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>robot develops human feelings" story
I like those too

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>Being naked every time you have to use your power.
Fire girl has it hard isn't it.

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>Wandering Yojimbo
I need to see the movie, It's been in my backlog for years
And good lord, censor those last few panels
Arm wrestling can't be this lewd
very cute

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Nobody does Kotarou, not even they themselves do.

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Kotaro being considerate and (a little bit) tactful. The little boy is growing.

Despite Negi being ten years old as well this somehow feels far more illegal.

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Love blooms

>Those muscles on Ku
Lord, help me.
I feel you.

I think Sayo has been hanging around Kazumi and Haruna too much

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>to a ten year old boy! I'm not class rep!

tags: large_insertion

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Enter busted pactio


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Listless Lolimaru is tugging on my heartstrings

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Once again, Akira is a good friend.

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Sayo cute

Don't worry Natsumi, even readers forget it sometimes

I've always held the belief that even though her role in the story is to be a B-side haremette's friend, when she's given panel time Akira punches way above her weight class

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Her eye jutsu doesn't need stripping to use

People talk about the Negi vs Rakan fight, but to me this was the peak of Mundus Magicus.

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>what happens when a large amount of ___ flows into you?
>that feels very good

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>fifth time I desperately want to be Negi

The second highest peak of Negima
The highest is chachamaru masturbating

Best pactio
These pages are going to have a lot of reply isn't it

Uhhmmm where is that second smoke puff coming from?

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>that smoke trail coming out of her crotch

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so cute

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You guys weren't kidding, Chachamaru's pactio chapter is great!
I hope Ayaka's is good as well.

Do not fist android girls!

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Literally why

He got into negro mode

I want a pocket Sayo

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He already knew that she's best Girl

>what if I'm just a well programmed simulation
Damn, that's some next-level existential crisis

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I still don't get it. This is the only one I don't have because of the silly price.

Low-key winning the Negibowl

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And you're surprised the volume is out of stock?

>deep tonguing a robot into having a soul because fuck the rules
NOW he's on Rakan-tier here, and Negi's not even realizing.

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Came inside and impregnated every single one.

I wonder that if he didn't know that Asuna was a fake, who would have been chosen to be the third. her or Chisame.

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>Then, there's THIS asshole...

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Negi: What am I going to do next?
A. Punch you in the face
B. Kick you in the face
C. Thousand Bolts in the face
or D Have Nodoka mind read you first, then punch you?

Because Kotarou acts closer to his age while Negi is too mature for his age

Bottom left panel looks like she doesn't give a fuck about souls anymore.

Any of them

>I invited you to negociate and tell you about the secrets of the world, but first of all, let you experience again you're greatest traumatism.
Well Kurt, I wonder if this was a good strategy.


If you chose A then congrats

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Very lewd, Chachamaru's face on the last panel looks like she doesn't care about having a soul anymore and just wanted more of what Negi did to her

If you want someone to give advice literally bring Paru who at least has some level of being able to fight.

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I love this bastard

Same. With how little screentime she getted, she finished 10 on the last popularity contest.
She could have a bigger spot if the last arc wasn't scrapped...

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I don't see Paru as having a role in the "advice contest", she is too hot-blooded and not view as a serious character 90% of the time.
Best answer is Yue, but as we all know...

This is a gift

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Do shounen still do the dark transformation thing? Or was that left in the 00s?

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>Unlike slutty teacher...

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This is, simply put, the most amazing thing Negi does. Ensouling a robot through sheer willpower.

Author's waifu of course.

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I don't know, but as much as I can support naruto/bleach doing these (at least the designs were neat), the Negima one is pretty boring both story wise and visually.
Look at this atrocity seriously.

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This is the same pose when Nagi defeated the Lifemaker the first time.

Nah, it would've been Yue who makes sense in hindsight. You'll see why later on.

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Inchou has quite the reputation

God, even after rereading this scene so many times, seeing her tears just make this so much more powerful. Key VNs got nothing on this.
Chachamaru is a precious soulful buttermuffin who deserves all the happiness. Pupa Somnians also apparently translates to Dreaming Doll, so that's cute.

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Chisame saving the day (with help from the other two)

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Attached: 00135.jpg (1153x1730, 751.95K)

Sentient Doll

This pactio's a trip

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Think the last one I saw was in Black Clover
Sulong from One Piece too, maybe, if black sclera count

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Careful about posting images

I guess Gulusgammamon is a thing even now
Probably be elbow deep in his plot by now if Toei weren't a bunch of hacked hacks

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That sounds retarded. Yeah, sure, Negi's totally go down about abandoning all demihumans to death.

Remember when we all thought Arika might actually be important in some way and then dissolved from the story, only getting another mention when Negi was shown his "Perfect World" and in the Negi flashbacks for UQ Holder?

Oh right. Eh, not like I'm going overboard with posting them.

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Things like this are why I won't be here for UQH. Ken destroyed what made her the best.

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Asakura is pissed, like what are you bullying 10 year olds for

They did say the writing was starting to churn into shit after the Rakan fight. The editors (Ayanaga and whoever else) probably left by this point.

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>You just said you WERE the senate
So, it's treason then

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Asakura and Nodoka were doing most of the legwork though.

There, almost same pose.

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Despite Negima never was released in my country, I imported some english volumes, mostly from 25 to 32 if I remember corretly with hopes to some day have all Magic World Arc so I glad I had this volume.
I stopped buying Negima after shit ending if anybody wonder

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Kek, nice chemistry


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That smug bastard

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Smooth moves

Attached: 00163.jpg (1153x1730, 825.98K)

Is that The Jean-Luc Picard-o?

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Attached: 00165.jpg (1153x1730, 616.41K)

Our main antagonist had some good side

Attached: 00166.jpg (1153x1730, 758.65K)

Hold on Isn't the Lifemaker's trick that it can possess whoever kills him? Doesn't this mean it was Zecht who actually won here, and that's why he got taken over?

>Show me yours and I'll show you mine


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Damn, his harem is 2 times bigger than Negi's entire Mahora class

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Attached: 00169.jpg (1153x1730, 625.03K)

Attached: 00170.jpg (1153x1730, 815.65K)

Attached: 00171.jpg (1153x1730, 812.24K)

Attached: 00173-00174.jpg (2306x1730, 1.27M)

I don't want to know what Rakan has been doing with premium figurines of the girl he had a crush on

Fantastic. The line was not as good in the translation.

Attached: 00175-00176.jpg (2306x1730, 1.2M)

You mean this?

Attached: He totally read that doujin.jpg (752x239, 60.01K)

Its serious and existential.
As autistic person ( heh ) who always feel in some degree " robotic " and learned to " be fun and geting along with other " from sheer logic and observation, deep inside I always feel like Chachamaru - that is, like somebody who only " fake " emotion and " train and learned " them and not becasue I truly feel this.

This shows the violin girl was holding back against Kotaro, Haruna Saotome, and everyone else.

Pretty sure the transformation was accelerated by Cat there

Attached: 00177-00178.jpg (2302x1730, 1.09M)

Fate killed the wild dragon that Konoka healed

Attached: 00179-00180.jpg (2183x1730, 986.26K)

>Rider is an essential textbook for any fighting man
The franchise was in the shitter in the 2000s after reaching peak kino in the early 90s.

Attached: 00181.jpg (1153x1730, 314.61K)

Attached: 00182.jpg (1153x1730, 372.82K)

Attached: 00184.jpg (1153x1730, 389.96K)

Attached: 00185.jpg (1153x1730, 545.35K)

Attached: 00186.jpg (1153x1730, 397.54K)

Attached: gross.png (686x389, 229.11K)

We never got to saw a Christmas Ball at Mahora yet

>yue question
Was it Miura?

It is not very gentlemanly for Negi to avoid dancing with all these girls

Still a thousand chapters away from post-Mars.

Every time we get to see a flashback it's like fan service for a manga that doesn't exist.

Ken promised answers to big mysteries tomorrow!

Attached: 00172.jpg (1153x1730, 163.99K)

A true man.

Attached: kotaro.jpg (392x439, 159.97K)

Today we wish a happy birthday to the fun-loving nun of 3-A, Misora Kasuga!

Attached: kasuga_misora_12945.jpg (541x541, 47.51K)

What is the reason for Takane and Mei to not be in dresses but their school uniform? I highly doubt they would qualify as bodyguards in the governor's own palace so shouldn't they be in fancy dresses, instead?

This feels like the closest thing we got to trying to foreshadow the extra Fates later, but it still could've been a little better.

Surprised it took that long for him to get his profile.

>Inherit Ku family
>things that should have happened but it didn't so there's a massive plot hole

At this stage Ken appears to have still planned on doing the Demon World arc based on his answer about Zazie. Do we know exactly when/what chapter he made the decision to self-axe the series?

This character is totally soul

Attached: Snap2.jpg (348x530, 148.58K)

Kotaro made a mistake and should have gone after the other three...

I wonder why Negi acts so annoyed of this crowd of famous people at the ball. You think he would take the opportunity to make connections and ask them for stories of his father from their countries' point of view. I can understand Kotaro getting annoyed at so much attention but Negi is now a teacher for a bunch of wild girls so handling a bunch of polite girls in fancy dresses should be easy pickings in comparison.

He actually has shit to do here, it's not like they're there just to have fun/celebrate their perfomance in the tournament. He's really only there to talk to Kurt and in another page he mentions the crowds of elite and fangirls make it so he can't even go and say hi to Yue, who he just recently found out isn't in Fate's rape dungeon.

Isn't this a basic concept of Shinto where even objects have souls?

Attached: chachachu.jpg (678x409, 179.28K)

Kotarou running into the women's restroom is lowering his reputation

I thought Sayo was inside her upgraded robot body?

Why are there 2 Sayo dolls? One Sayo doll is looking at Natsumi banging her head and the other Sayo doll is watching Negi refill Chachamaru's magic reserves

They never learn. Stop wearing skirts into Rakan, you sluts.

Kek, I never noticed how Rakan's technique only steals 3x panties because dragon girl goes commando.

>a cat is fine too

Something I never got is why do only the lightning Averruncus get some elemental form which straight up copies Negi's. Why don't the other elements get some kind of form like it? We have a fire one here. Feels like it was another example of Ken's laziness post Rakan.
It seems like they can possess whoever they want. Generally it just happens to be the one who destroys their last body since they would be the strongest and best choice. Even in UQ Holder, that's consistent since in the Bad End they try to possess Negi despite Albireo doing the body in in the flashback.

Was it ever explained just who or what makes the rules about pactios?

Shouldn't Sayo be eager for a pactio after seeing Chachamaru successfully obtain one?

Wouldn't bringing Kaede make more sense due to her ninja cloak artifact that can allow everyone to quickly escape?

Should she?
With that much power I bet he could make her explode into nothingness.

Too busy enjoying her chance at voyeurism.

Say what you will about UQH but some moments were pretty kino especially the pactio scenes

Attached: 1649099341757.jpg (869x1305, 386.58K)

Wouldn't bringing Konoka be more effective considering she is the daughter of Eishun Konoe, the man who personally taught Kurt Goedel Shinmei-ryu swordsmanship? Wouldn't Kurt Goedel feel reluctant at hurting his swordmaster's daughter?

How successful was the series saleswise, back then?
I would like to see a sales chart if there is one.

Attached: Diabond_....png (333x424, 220K)

Less than 100 periods to go now,right?


Using Erebea for something this small feels like a bad idea

If that is Negi's uncle, he sure looks normal compared to his younger brother, Nagi.

I wonder if Negi's uncle was jealous that his brother was off saving the world while he was stuck in Wales?

Would Chisame say the same thing if her family was petrified into stone?

We never get to know him so who knows.

Was Eva already trapped at Mahora Academy 10 years ago because if she was not trapped, wouldn't she want to live in Nagi's hometown?

Probably not but then again that's why you need someone with an outside perspective as an adviser. The entire point is to keep you grounded and to give you a different point of view.

Weird that Chisame makes fun of people who wear eyeglasses when she also wears glasses

I can't wait for my girl Karin, she's the onyl reason I read that whole shitfest and it was fucking worth it. I'm sorry for Negimabros tho, you guys deserved better after waiting so many years,

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>Compares Kotaro and Kaede to mother and son
>Says she doesn't stand a chance
Unironically what did she mean by this?

Oh, let's hope no one saw this
Looks real bad out of context

How come Negi shows no sign of his mother's royal magic even though he is the son of Princess Arika?

I can't find anything pre volume 24, but 24-36 only peaked below top 5 sales twice and it had over 20 million volumes sold as of 2013. So it did pretty damn good. Not up there with the top titans and gods of the industry, but pretty solid B tier sales.!_Magister_Negi_Magi_chapters

If Asuna is a princess, too, why isn't she at this celebration ceremony? Shouldn't Asuna be right next to Arika?

Negi is being far too casual with his use of Magia Erebea

I think they all call him that, even Negi at some point.

I don't think she was a public figure though, she was just a tool. Plus, she's probably still a husk by that point.

Why isn't Gateau with Takamichi?

Why did Albireo prevent Nagi from speaking the truth about Zecht? Why keep secrets from your party?

What happened to Arika's father? Go to jail?

Jobber Iscariot

So Nagi is partly to blame for his hometown getting attacked because I bet if Eva were free to go anywhere, she would have built a castle in Nagi's hometown and claim the village falls under her jurisdiction.

Those are some well toned muscles without being too masculine. The perfect balance.

Winning Ku's body and soul is no small thing

Makie is such a good girl. I hate how she never got a real shot

they all get kissed later and beats up fate's harem

Asuna looking like a 10 yr, war was 20 years ago... so she┬┤s 30... like takamichi

I thinhk we need a timeline chart

That balcony sure is seeing some action tonight.

She's hundreds of years old, only awakened to start shit

that's just consolation stuff. She was never a real part of the group despite all of her interest. She and Ayaka got screwed

This feels like it has double meaning for impregnation

when did they said that?

Koyomi huh?

So she's the one who became part of the 1-2 combo that killed the Lifemaker in the happy end huh?

You know? I'm willing to believe the reason why this volume is so expensive is due to the heavy shipping happening all around. I can see why this one would have high demand.

Makie is in Namek, no Ayaka for a few more volumes so she's definitely not screwed.

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It's a shame that they didn't keep Ku's cute "-aru" at the end of each sentence like in the old TL's, that gave her such a distinct feeling as a character.

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Natsume is a shoujo manga MC trapped as a background chaeacter in a harem battle shounen, huh.

A cute jobber, so it's allowed.

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First he made her cum with foreplay, then he filled her to the brim with soul

Kotarou is still a child at heart. Negi got forced into maturity by circumstance.

Holy shit. Chacha will never feel the same with other people winding her up anymore. Negi has marked her for life.

What a jealous whore

...and made her cum from that too, don't try and tell me that isn't an afterglow face.

I can fap to this.

We literally see her masturbating later on, if I remember right

Is that Seras in the top right?

I hate that Kotaro gets a pactio with a 3A girl, he should be content with a magic girl like Collette or Emily Sevensheep.


Kotaro should have had pactios with Mei, Chizuru, Madoka and Kaede

I mean he and Madoka actually date in the epilogue...

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You will start noticing that subtle but annoying Chisame favoritism from now on. Get used to it.

>You need to fuck a girl before you kiss her
What the fuck is Asakura teaching this boy?

Lol,Ku is pretending Negi kissing 10 other girls doesn't turn her on.

What doujin?

She just forgot what the pactio was dor, right?

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Why did you have to remind me of this?

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I bet Chachamaru wouldn't mind getting those "sex" upgrades now.

Would have been better if the big boss genuinely wasn't around anymore.

Still one of the biggest lost opportunities. A Negi/Ku Fei kid would be an absolute beast in Chi and Magic.

>if we kill all our enemies over there...
>will be finally be free?

I can't imagine Hakase not including them with the skin body

I miss the school uniforms

I'm a bit confused about this. We know Chao made the kitty kill-sat so how does the Pactio system know to assign it Chachamaru?

Arika's leg got a thigh high for a split second there.

Did you read the blurb from Ken he's quoting? Ken isn't talking about the first anime. If the OADs sold enough we were going to get a new anime, he's referring to that, but it never happened and we instead got a movie in 2011.


>Eishun is chill enough with Eva to be buying her sweets
I'm not sure if that's a credit to Eishun's power, his personality or if somehow they're actually friends.

Chachamaru also was designed by Chao, maybe that helped? Also, magic

The same reason everything else is assigned, by "pulling" it from reality and turning it into a summonable item.
Many of the other items the girls got were real artifacts and stuff people made in the past, like Nodoka's diary.

>I don't care about my daughter
What a garbage father.

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I can't believe you guys didnt bump for me yesterday,when this absolute bombshell was dropped. At least now,I don't have to spoiler it.

Imagine getting sent 2 years away into space on summer vacation. Also, just what kind of spell made the Mundus Magicus?

Remember this for UQ Holder later.

I think time flies faster inside Namek

Would have been fun if one of them was part of the Ariadne group.

>staying for UQ Holder

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Akira is so hot

So...does Megalomesembria have a Prime Minister?

Or a President?


I'm beyond platinum mad about what they did to Fate in UQ Holder, he's one of my favorite guys. The fact he'd slip to making and selling literal child soldiers is awful. It's like Fate and Eva sort of switched some aspects of their characters for that whole thing. Fate would've beheaded anyone who even suggested the idea before they could finish the sentence.

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Crazy last boss magic circle.

Was undecided between her and Nodoka but now is clear for me that Chachamaru is definitely the best girl, and this is the best moment in the series.
Damn this shit is good.

So his masterplan was to just fucking die?

I have a feeling she'd get along with a fair amount of the cast, after experiencing this bullshit.

Oh yeah. The best Negima doujin series.

We need an updated version of pic related

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>that typesetting without cleaning
Nah, it's perfect. It has that 00s amateurish feel.

It's incomplete

>Kotarou-kun forces Negi-kun to watch Rider with him on Sunday mornings, and then they have fun pretending to be the characters together!
Fuck, I wanna see that.

Eishun accepted an arranged marriage and never taught Konoka how to use the sword...He isn't as chill as you think he is

Do you think the mangaka regretted making the MC a ten year old child? All these ecchi and romance moments, all the heavy responsibilities, all the hyper focused combat growth... and now on top of near-death experiences he's spent a very large portion of what I assume is the latter part of the manga walking around in an aged-up guise

>Is there any connection between [Akira's] name and Attila the Hun
Is there something I'm missing here? I don't see why anyone would ask this.

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Right apart from that super model body magic inchou would be funner to hang out with. I like her

negima came out when harry potter was at its peak popularity
the difference is harry actually grew up
i think negima should have been timeskipped, fastforward to 15 year old negi like he's doing for most of the manga
shonen authors use timeskip save for conan

that's a large part of what made it interesting. This 10 year dealing with shit he shouldn't even be thinking about at his age. Also deals with the sexual tension issue better instead of yet another wimpy, dickless mc

Armwrestling in that dress, I'm glad Ken didn't skimp on the muscle service.

It allows him to be oblivous when he really wouldn't be even as a teen, I mean look at all the stuff with Chachamaru, ANYONE would be able to put two and two together for that.

Is it wrong to find Ku's body here slightly sexy?

Just saying.

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IIRC making him ten was deliberate to avoid the standard harem/romance nonsense and be able to focus more on the actual story.
Of course over time things may have changed, and yeah by the end when he's playing grown up 95% of the time to add gravitas to the situation it might've become a regret.

I don't think so. For one, Negi's issues putting things together and his reactions make perfect sense as a 10 year old, instead of the teenagers/near adults in most manga who act like they're actually 10 years old and clueless. It doesn't come off as frustrating because of that, and even then Negi handles it better than some of them do. Plus, it makes some interesting character development to see Negi go from an actual kid with some mature moments, to having that childlike innocence literally beaten out of him by the end of the manga and how much he's grown up because of it.

It would be wrong if you didn't.

>Encouraging sex before the first kiss
Asakura would be up to some absolutely degenerate shit if Negi was older.

It makes sense for him to be 10 if the manga was still in its harem fanservice stage

It didn't make sense anymore that he completely shifted the genre to battle shounen

A 10 year old beating grown adults is even far more egregious

Not at all.
ITS TREASON THEN. But seriously, I want to know more of how it works Like he seems to be implying Megalomesembria is mostly humans, but what about Ostia? I want to know how the government works.

Does he not know how much of a scrub she is?

No point hiding it, yeah Mars is way farther out than Earth,when they destroyed the gate,the magic time was desynced from Earth meaning they're experiencing a martian year.

This feels forced as fuck, it's making me hate her damn.

>A 10 year old beating grown adults is even far more egregious
his dad could. This is a setting where a random genius puts regular mooks to shame early and often, especially when they get taught by the very top tiers

I don't really think so. He earned his victories and worked damn harder than a lot of people. Plus taking the dark route to be able to do exactly that and not take years gets Negi into some real trouble and would've doomed him about a dozen different times if he didn't have all his class with him to keep him going.

Negima = up to Festival arc
Negima Z = Namek
Negima GT = Istanbul, fighting Lifemaker and becoming it
Negima Super = UQ Holder

>mind reader
>most logical minded like him assist
Makes sense to me.

I really like Ken Akamatsu, this is my humble collection

Attached: IMG_20220404_185818.jpg (4000x3000, 2.02M)

Wow, that far-left panel does not look right.

Yeah, it's a combination of having an absurd amount of latent magic power and him taking shortcuts to achieve power fast.
And it's not like he's being more OP than his father was at his age.

From what I can gather Megalomesembria is the leading city/state in a confederacy of (mostly?) human nations. Ostia was originally the capital city of one of these but has turned in some kind of semi-neutral border region between them and the Hellas empire after it's original destruction. Maybe it attracted lots of non-human population after the war or they may also just be visitors for the festival.

His dad wasn't 10, he was a teenager during the war

he won the tournament when it was a big deal when he was 10 and even told Negi all the shit he could do at that age that Negi couldn't

Yeah Nagi could already fly and do midair shundo at Negi's age.

>shoulder pads and tail
Ruined, just the long black hair and the fire would've been enough.

>other shonen
Made in Abyss' movie is the last one I remember.

>Negi have you ever heard about the tale of Princess Arika, the Destroyer?
>Of course not, It's not something they'll teach you in magic school

Bonus Sayo.

Well, the author did not explain why Negi is unable to manifest any royal magic despite his mother being a princess from Mars. It just feels like the author wanted an excuse for Negi to use Eva's darkness magic instead of Arika's royal magic.

Mei only, 3A shouldnt be with a brainless battle boy with furry-yiff as his thing. Jack Rakan is better than him in every way. It took a lot of manga for Ken to be able to have more than one male character at once.

The robot from UQ Holder should have been Negi and Chachamaru's kid

Even if he turned traitor later

That would make his fate awful. Unironically,the best boy from UQ holder was Gengoro,guy is so cool and chad to boot.

How's the Panini Version of Negima user? I have the old Glenat ones, and these threads are telling me to buy the whole thing.

he doesn't even explain what royal magic is/does, how it manifests, or If it has to be taught/trained. It's pretty much just a throwaway that fans think more about than Ken did, just like Arika

>cover art lost forever

Kotaro is 10 years old and attending elementary school at Mahora Academy. He is not attending classes at the all girls school where Negi teaches at but some other elementary school on the campus ground. For an unknown reason, Ken Akamtasu never shows us Kotaro's classmates or homeroom teacher despite saying that Kotaro became a transfer student and he does get homework like every other student.

UQ Holder is waste potential de manga. Was Akamatsu even trying or was he busy being a politician?

>Rakan stood them up
>Negi in the capital unawares
>Bonus strategic anti magic weapon
>Perfect excuse for an arrest with the stragglers
On a scale of 1 to 10 how fucked would Negi and co have been without Fate scattering them?

>Don't make me a main character
>Even though I stuck with you this whole time even when Asuna came back

>and never taught Konoka how to use the sword...
I don't see an issue with this. Konoka is a mage-type and if the early series commentary is anything to go by, she's an incredibly powerful mage-type with the potential to be on the same tier as Nagi magic-wise. She might just not be compatible with Shinmeiryu.

Not that user, but he didn't want her knowing about the magical world at all.

Omiai is customary for noble born families, doesn't mean Konkers is engaged to some dude.

He doesn't know Asuna is a fake at this point.

I don't thinking wanting a normal life for your child is necessarily wrong. A waste of talent for sure and poor judgment on his end but the intent is fine.

Konoka would have benefited way more from amnesia and attending a magic school rather than Yue. Konoka learning magic just feels like an afterthought from the author. He just needed someone to become the main healer in the story.

Yet assassinations still happen on Earth and there may be wrathful demons that have a hater boner for demon hunters like Eishun so Eishuna not teaching his own daughter how to fight and use the sword is an extremely reckless decision.

I'm not blaming him, just pointing it out. I can only really fault him for not thinking it might be inevitable that she learn of it. That said his actions are consistent with a protective parent. Completely understandable.

I just did the math,and there are 208 senators.

The first row has 4,the second row has 6,the third row has 7,and the fourth row has 9 people.If we assume each "slice" of the pie is one 8th of a circle,we get 208 senators.

>Konoka learning magic just feels like an afterthought from the author.
You think so? It's mentioned pretty early on that she's magically-gifted.

>extremely reckless decision.
Agreed. However that doesn't mean Konoka is compatible with Shinmeiryu either. We do agree that Eishun probably should have taught her magic though.

she's steadily picking up magic stuff throughout the story. She's not going full throttle Negi tier but she's doing it at a quicker rate than almost everybody else. She's also not a combat mage

jesus Ku that lace is killing me

Hoenstly,the onyl one I'd be cool with him getting is Anya.

And that's the peak. Everybody go home.

And that incredible pacto gets this stupid shit. Good lord, did Chachamaru back over Ken's dog? What is this?

How could you not find orbital death laser to be cool?