Daily Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Seeing soft things
Chapter 2

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uoh ghost erotic
So do Japanese schools actually have this many "rumors"? Not as much as this school but 7 mysteries etc.
The only "mystery" back in my high school was a fucking creepy-ass underground tunnel that had a section with basically no lights

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always bet on childhood friend!

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>trust the plan

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Do schizos really?

Mercury poisoning is horrible but it doesn't really happen very quickly at all so I wonder why it was associated with the school to begin with

>when the childhood friend realizes the bowl has ended and she's lost

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Why do you people always start series without explaining or giving a small explanation of the series. I know what Otome is but still, EXPLAIN, you fucking faggots

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That's the end of the first volume. Have you ever destroyed school property?
See you tomorrow!

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thanks, OP. i dont think i broke anything, i even returned most of my equipment in good order
find your answer here desuarchive.org/a/thread/236068574/

Does Yuuko just not wear undies
Is the soft ghost an exhibitionist who gets off on having her nips show through the school uniform

Thanks for the dump OP
I wish my old school had SOVL like theirs does, the entire school was some concrete, chrome steel and glass abomination with not a single brick or wooden panel to be found
>shelf made of desks
Kind of inspired, what the fuck


I dunno if Yoshizawa just needs a hug
She needs actual meds

ghost gf...

>be Kanoe
>get cucked by a granny

The 7 Mysteries are just an old trope I suppose.

But where does it come from? Is it just a trope or did jap schools really have this many stories around them?

It's like a writing meme, every school has 7 mysteries just because

Didn't break anything but I did never return a library book as well as accidently forgetting I pocketed a door stop. I had big pockets

Storm's coming bros. Trump 2023.

Why tf would you pocket a door stop

cute. I'm really enjoying this manga, had it on the backlog for a while. Thank you OP

>Have you ever destroyed school property?
the music teacher's guitar. To be fair it was a string, nothing too serious.

He's a good boy.

That was just her first period.
Some women get cranky like her.

I read this with Yea Forums back in 2011 or whenever. The anime adaptation was surprisingly good. For such a trashy stereotypical manga setup they really made a good story out of it. And a soft one.

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Bitches be crazy.

>For such a trashy stereotypical manga setup
idk that it's particularly stereotypical since in the prologue chapter you get to see Yuuko's dead fucking body
Either way agreed that it's very soft
It's not fair

Poor little schizo

Why doesn't she wear a bra

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Our soft ghost is a great match maker.

And then they fucked!

Thanks OP
I don't think I've destroyed anything. I stole a bunch of clothes from an JROTC program I was in. But that was it.

I mean, the dead girl in the basement and a lot of details are the unique parts, but the basic idea is pretty standard. It's a high school club story with an aggressive supernatural love interest for a dorky MC.

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I guess so but most "basic ideas" are standard, there's not that many ways you can spin a story's basic premise after all
It's boy meets girl but just about any romance story that isn't about an existing relationship pretty much necessarily needs to be boy meets girl
Anyway the point is Yuuko is pent up as fuck so Niiya is going to get his fucking hips broken by 500g

I wish he hadn't made the MC literally 12 years old. Or maybe that was intentional so they wouldn't be fucking constantly. When Niiya gets older he's going to win an olympic gold medal in ghost pussy pounding.

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>walked home gently

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It makes it better because not only is Yuuko a perverted exhibitionist who has no bra on but she's also a cradle robbing oneechan

Hold on
So anything Yuuko wears is invisible I get that much, but she doesn't occlude line of sight
So if Niiya cums inside Yuuko, does everyone else just see the insides of her snatch coated in cum hovering in midair?

I love this soft pantyhose ghost so much!!!

Ghost tits

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It has some silly things, but I loved this series when I first found it. Both the anime and manga are good. Thanks for the threads, OP.

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he might be 12 but he has biggers balls than most other romance MCs

Yeah I think I can give him a pass for going crimson when he grabs some 15 yo's DDs when he's unironically 12 years old

It benefits greatly from being short and focused and not having a love triangle that lasts beyond Niiya saying 'actually I love fat fucking tits sorry friendo'

Yeah, at some points I was afraid it would go retarded, but thankfully it's ghost boobs all the way.

>Niiya saying 'actually I love fat fucking tits sorry friendo'
imagine any modern shounen romance MC doing something like this
the shippers would never stop screeching and author would never publish a manga again

It's not as if Tasogare is particularly old
Hell the anime was what, 2012? holy fucking shit I'm old what

I've literally never seen a single person dispute her title of softest.

It's a meme at this point and not many other girls have soft as their primary title

because she is

If you can change her form by imagining her different really hard, can you change how her milk tastes by imagining sugar milk tea

Because it's true.

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