Ew, I thought something smelt a bit off

Ew, I thought something smelt a bit off

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Not bad

That’s not even that long for a girl, they don’t tend to sweat that much and especially if she’s just sitting inside the entire time. She needs at least a week of no bathing to build up a properly aromatic scent

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The world needs more stinky girls.

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their bodies might not be too bad but their vaginas get really stankalicious

Is that unrefrigerated strawberry milk? Disgusting.

For everyone's convenience, you will be passing away.

only in anime a girl having that unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is that thin and pretty
seek help
and a shower

Having a stinking trash can in your living space is more disgusting than the not showering bit, tbqh.

You can be thin and a couch potato.

please be a honeypot

I won't but good luck

My cousin does this, but she just uses perfume to mask the smell

welcome to tuna town.

If it has frogposters and iFags I'm not going, sorry.

I would jerk off on her. Maybe even shove my dick in her mouth and facefuck her. Kurumi in panties and a tank top makes me that horny.
Unless it's *that* level of female stink, you know, that rotting meat and sulfur smell

>says it wants to be free from cancer
>is a frogposter
What an oxymoron.

Smell fetish is for niggers.

>you know
No user I do not know, I have never gotten close enough to a female to smell her. I don’t know about 3D pigs but I’m sure 2D girls smell wonderful no matter how little they bathe.

>but I’m sure 2D girls smell wonderful no matter how little they bathe


So what, some faggoty vn protag has an unrefined palate. A real man would bask in her scent and then lick her clean

You would 100% gag and puke if you knew the smell

this entire thread is cringe.

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Why do normalfags always have such shit taste. Smelly fujos, as always, are the peak of the female form.

imagine the smelle

You don't know any fujos

That’s not true, I used to be friends with one though she was pretty fat. I suppose I should amend that to:
>not fat smelly fujos are the peak of the female form

I want to sniff her asscrack


I'd lick her sweaty vag

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Nanoha thread, appearently.

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e-friends don't count

I would give her a tongue bath

She's so fucking sexy

But all my irl female friends were normalfags, and they just smelt.. boring. I NEED a stinky autist gf with no comprehension of personal hygiene.


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ewww one sniff down there and rip

>70 hours

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The first time you smell girl stink, REAL girl stink, one of two things will happen:
1) You become asexual
2) You become strictly 2D-only

I've heard it smells like fish but it can't smell THAT bad right?

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I’m strictly 2D only anyway whether I want to be or not.

>Another fucking season starting shortly
How long are they going to keep milking this shit.

Unwashed, period processing ones smell worse.

If you ever get your hands on an used tampon try to smell it, it pretty much tells the whole story

It's enough time to be enticingly musty. Not long enough to get pungently gross.

So are you namefag.

people who think this is "cute" have no idea how fucking gross women are.
my sister is the most disgusting human being on this planet. not too recently her house was infested with mice and cockroaches. the roaches were even inside of her microwave, when you turned it on you could see the roaches running around.
she even had fucking mushrooms growing in one of the corners of her bathroom.
of course, like the woman she is, her solution was to simply leave the house she was renting and go rent somewhere else when the problem got too bad but it was my dad who basically forced her to clean that house before she left.
women are fucking gross.

This is what the west gets for not training it’s women to be housekeepers anymore. But more importantly what do her panties smell like?


post pics of her

user, that must be you.
2D girls don't smell.

Your sister is a dirty bitch

How do you know these things?

I’ve done my research, I may not have ever spoken to a woman but I do share a house with a couple. And let me tell you now
They do not shit, piss yes, shit absolutely not
worn panties always smell better when the scent is stronger with no exceptions.

From these findings we can infer that the longer a girl doesn’t wash, thus accumulating more stink, the better she smells. And also that as they cannot produce shit, they can never truly smell bad.

bro we still got emotes

Please kill yourself or I'll personally hunt you down and kill you myself

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Shit isn't the only thing that smells bad but to each their own.

rotten stank poos poos

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Only a female would object to that term. Also do girls find their own scent arousing, I’ve spent many hours of my life rifling through laundry baskets to find a good pair of used panties but all a girl has to do is remove the ones she’s wearing. Doesn’t seem fair does it

Incomprehensibly based

My little sister is just hitting puberty and needs to be reminded to use antiperspirant because when she comes home from swimming practice she reeks.

>tank top and panties
Name a better combo

Fuck that’s hot

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Still haven't watched her show, is the clock really that good? Dare I say can the clock not be beaten?

Interesting research, user.

>mfw I haven't showered in a week due to being stuck home with the flue

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You're stuck in a chimney?

user what backwater do you come from that you don’t own a shower?

Typically they can't smell their scent as much and have to ask whether they stink or not.


Soooo did shido bang a girl at the end?