Don’t call me a dog

Don’t call me a dog

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Ok I'll just call you tantrum girl.
Someone post the tantrum pic.


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>Someone post the tantrum pic.
This one?

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Domination loss is for faggots

I wonder if she's going to become one of the main villains, or just eventually gets into Yuuki's harem.

Sissy M fag mad.

Not a villain in particular but sort of an antagonist. She isn’t the type of character who just hands out her position as a leader to everyone. Or Kyouka has to protect Aoba and co. from her ... Kyouka has to fight her at some point.

I'm a hairy dwarf and I will not allow any S to lose her edge

I would be her dog

Do we get a new chapter this week?

Sure, most likely Kyouka reward and conclusion to the arc.

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Ok doggo

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>government authority
>not a dog
pick one


I guess we will also see Snek & Co.'s reaction to Kuusetsu demise

say that to my face faggots, not online, and see what happens.

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I bet she'd love doggy style

the reward should be sex at this point

stfu you whore,a literal who dominated your pussy

Whatever, a puppy then. Who wants belly rubs?

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So you can both watch X-Files?


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Tenka's crazy in bed, 100/10

They better fucking deliver for Kyôka's reward.
I want a rewarding reward

Best girl, not even close

Yuuki went above and beyond this time so I think it's gonna be a big one. I bet it's gonna be a tag-team with Mira


Is it worth starting this manga if I don't like harems?

Probably not. The ecchi harem stuff is honestly the only reason to read it.

Ok dog, I'll stop

OK I'll call you wife instead

My man better have a naked hug, with her breasts pressed on his chest and intense eye contact

It's barely a harem at this point. 2 Girls straight up love the protag, but the others are either very subtle and/or have different reasons to keep the protag around. Ofc it's a bit forced how every single girls seems interested in the protag in one way or another, but it could be worse.

I don't like harems either but fucking love this manga.

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it loses the edge at chapter 50 or so, girls just become waifuwank instead of established characters
the only reason I read it is because of Takahiro I keep tuning in every new chapter expecting something to happen only to leave a little bit disappointed

completely naked bath with kyoka while kissing and ass grabbing

Who cares if his intention is good and causes no harm?

It's not very good outside of the girls' designs. The monsters are lame, the protagonist is lame, it's full of macguffins.

Okay puppy

If she's the 2nd most popular girl why does she never appear?

Thank you all! I'll definitely watch the adaptation, should also consider the manga as well. I liked Akame at one time and still like Majikoi, although there were things I hated in both. For some reason, Takahiro lives rent free in my head.

Cute dog.

Quiet bitch.

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because she's the 2nd most popular girl, author is waiting for the right time

Fap material.

OK, Yuuki's bitch.

atleast she is not a cuckqueen

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I love her design, she's so beautiful


Make me you vegito whore

well, it's only natural, she knows a good healthy orgasm increases pregnancy chances so she's going for peak performance every time

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I love Shushu!

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Top ONEka

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Ichickabros it’s coming home

Kyouka's reward is going to be very tame and possibly non-sexual, and if there is any good stuff, it'll largely be saved for the extra chapter of the volume release in May


The reward is going to be revealed to have taken place entirely offscreen while Yuukey was unconscious in his dream world. Kyouka will refuse to elaborate on what exactly she had to do until suddenly 50 or so chapters from now she'll suddenly double over while on the battlefield, clutching her stomach with a horrified realization.