Cheat eater isekai

>cheat eater isekai
Next is raw of chapter 3. I am still keeping my hope in TL user.

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You are still not tired?

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So the author is also ripping off red hood?

Why is there a gook?

You know they’re really cute, but I don’t understand what they’re saying

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Why are you dumping this again?

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The end. This chapter is too short.

Glasses = Gook?

Well, this is supposed to be a parody of many series...

I'm betting that the skeleton character it's not an undead


No, his hair and the fact he's making him look like gook protagonists.

Maybe this series is the author of red hood trying to retell his story from a different perspective. Instead of well known fairy tale characters, it's now fairy tale heroes. Hopefully he doesn't do another school arc.


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noone wants to read your shitty manga. Fuck off. Dump your shit somewhere else faggot.

>I'm betting that the skeleton character it's not an undead
Then what is he? A master assassin?

>wikipedia article on slavery
>painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme
>that little girl that is staring directly at the viewer with that smile
Tell me Jean-Léon wasn't thinking of brats when he painted this.

Who used gravity magic there? The witch or four-eye?

behind that armor there's a cute girl of course

It's not out for another 2 days...

Why were there 2 empty seats? Only one of them died right?

only one, there's a 0

This is the ugliest elf I have ever seen. What was the author thinking?

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What is the current FoTM? I want to read something new.

We need a subversion manga where the demon king is impeached for being a warmonger.

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>looks like a man

Why are the girls in this manga so thick? Is there some hidden message?

What the fuck are they even talking about

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You can't impeach kings.

Not with that attitude!

Half of that is the translator's fault.
Also, I guess the author was going for "elf males look like girls, so it's hard to tell the difference", and the manga artist interpreted the protagonist's confusion to mean that this elf girl looks like a dude.

Probably some kind of codes, like how they do in the army.

>You can't impeach kings.
You can, with the support of the congress.

You want to impeach me? Fine.
Here's today's agenda.
1. You're all fired. Go home.
2. Anyone who doesn't go home will be killed by the royal guard.
3. Vote on whether or not to impeach the king. The king has the power of veto.
4. The king does not get impeached.
5. The king swears in the new congress.

>The king swears in the new congress.
Great idea user.

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Are Jap authors really embarrassed about their isekai works?

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>nobles simply band together and rape you


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also this

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Sounds like a otoge setup.

Technically Louis wasn't King of France when he was tried and executed, whereas Charles I was.

Those weren't impeachments. They were blatant rebellions and executions. Impeachment is all about laws and politics, not armed conflicts.

Why did the other ring bearer struggle?

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Charles was still King after the civil war, but refused to plead when on trial since he refused to recognize the court's authority. The circumstances and everything around it make for some pretty interesting reading.

They only rebelled because the kings behaved unjustly like demanding repeat taxes without legislative approval, murder was justified.

Bad harem. The mc got a good one.

I unironically want more DBZ Ki auras in isekai.

He wasn't honrrble Japanese who refused to bang girls and also didn't act like a school girl when confronted with nudity.

I am

DBZ is pretty much xianxia.

For a moment I thought that was a page from Trigun.

Why are you being so defensive? No one is saying you did wrong, Oliver.
We're saying you didn't impeach shit.

sorry user Jap can only do generic medieval fantasy no.1084648

jap mc gets reincarnated in chink cultivation world.

Her onsen scene was hot.

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but punch Monks exist in Dragon Quest! So did Auras! So what the hell!?

they already have mana and level for that

Yeah and they also exist in medieval fantasy too, so?

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She was only a Level 1! Not indicitive of a Level 99 or level 1 that reincarnated from a level 99!

It should have had a rabbit girl or two there.

That's not an impeachment. The equivalent is an angry mob barging into the WH, hanging the POTUS and installing someone else to replace him, instead of trying to get 2/3 of the congress to agree with the removal.

goddesses > rabbit girls
The disturbance was Makatoesque though.

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just have the angry mob persuade 2/3 of the congress to agree

Was Disgaea a cultivation series all along?

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The thing you have to remember that impeachment wasn't an actual political instrument at those times, the only way to force a monarch was by swordpoint.

>couldn't even freeze her enemies with battle aura alone
Why call her a monk again?

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If a korean guy, a chinese guy and a japanese guy were all isekai'd into the same world with the same cheat ability and the only task was to kill the other 2 who would win?

Which ever country the writer favors.

Wait, skeletons look like this?!

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There is a difference between DnD monks and Chinese cultivators.
DnD monks are just the American understanding of what the boxers were supposed to be. That's why they aren't allowed to use weapons.

Cultivators use weapons. And armor.

Too complicated and even then, the vice president would become the next POTUS instead of the mob's man of choice.

user... There is a skeleton even inside you

> I am still keeping my hope in TL user.
try that Saturday, most anons only got some free time on the weekend.

That's one lewd skeleton.

Does it also look like that?

I like this series. I hope we get a translated dump soon. Zyzz is my waifu by the way

That's precisely the point that was being made though.

kinda a strange case since Jap protagonist is pretty assertive and don't usually pursuit any clear personal goal unless told/affected by others,
while chink protagonist usually follow the AMBITION way of Cao Cao, trying to reach to the top of the food chain
so if a Jap mc is in a cultivation world, there wont be any fairy or goddess showing up to tell him you gotta save the world boiz, and since he won't be motivated enough to join a sect to grind like negro in cotton farm, I doubt he will be doing any good, probably die in a ditch somewhere

Only if you get her out and cast a spell which gives her enough xp to turn into human.

isekai but without cheats

>Japanese MC
So many are virgins and/or want slow/mob lives

We already have a translation of chapter 1.

>it's not a cheat, guys, I swear
>it's just that no one else thought of this simple exploit that makes you the best fighter
I hate isekai "without cheats". It's dishonest garbage.

I think you're trying to trick me. Are you trying to trick me? Are you a skeleton?

The MC would die then.

it's either that or the sigma male keikaku master

Jap guy goes down first because he's too beta to fight properly (unless it's for VENGENCE)
Gook got too cocky and stabbed in the back by Chink during their 4d chess shenanigan

Demons are superior to humans.

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No he isn't BUT I AM

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The author needs to read alot of books to make it interesting then

yeah that's my point, that won't be any good in a cultivation world

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Not so fast.

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>without cheats
>invent solar energy
>invent mayonnaise
>invent water bucket
they all cheat in the end user

Maybe the true cheat was the friend we have made along the way?

thanks to the oh my superior Japanese education and social clues, now I'm the new hero

What you guys are watching/ reading now?

The Executioner and Her Way of Life
Kinda a fun premise, but the pacing and are is kinda shitty, let's see how they fuck things up.

This one and rereading overlord

>Took a 1-2 month break from following WNs/LNs
>Only one new DCFM chapter throughout that whole time
Sure it's because the author is preparing for a LN vol 2 release but slow is slow nonetheless.
At least Jeanne has a design now.

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>that pickelhaube ahoge

Also, did she lose her skirt?


>extremely attractive young female slave
>Has not been bought and is sold at a bargain because nobody wants her because she's some other race
This is my least favore slavery trope I'm Isekai. I know that it's just contrived so the MC gets a cheap slave (as they are above such petty racism), but do the Japanese really think that a young attractive female slave wouldn't be worth top dollar, race or no?

They should talk about how much they believe in Yuusha-taicho-sama, who will save all the mecha clone pilot lolis and kemonomimi lolis and more lolis and bring everlasting peace to the world so that everyone can eat delicious curry.

Somehow I thought I ended up on a tg thread about lord of the rings

Livestreamer isekai

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Lets be honest, the Chink and the Gook ally to kill the Jap

Chink easy. They're super human terminators with 9000 IQ.

Four clone children. Maybe more.

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Wait, there's a clone loli slave market in that world?

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I like the fluff girl already.
Rules have no meaning in front of cuteness!

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Ok Grimlock

Believe in fox oneechan lolicons, who want to "save" all the clone lolis.

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I think yuusha-taicho-sama doesn't know that cuteness is JUSTICE!

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Female lolicons are noble defenders of little girls, they would never do anything untoward.

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What about male lolicon?

They turn into lolicon lolis.

Look, MC Tutor McHumblebrag sure is doing a bangup job of grooming multiple JCs and all but he and Lydia desperately need to fuck already.

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Damn someone should have warned her that's why women don't masturbate

>He only cultivates once because he's SO HUMBLE and doesn't want that much power

>Kowtows to every young master
>But the young masters keep getting killed by murderhobos
>Somehow survive every time
>pick up the loot from the hundreds of innocent bystanders that exploded into a bloody mist

Nah, jap humility is being shat on by everyone and letting yourself get rolled over but secretly being the strongest ever and ever!!!
So basically they are the perfect hidden masters

Well ok

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>Arrogant young mistress
>MC is her butler
>She thinks she's this hot shit cultivator
>Shits all over MC
>MC humbly takes it
>Is secretly like 9 divine realms above her

A Nip, a Chink and a Gook are isekaid and genderbend, which one would be the best heroine for a native protagonist-like figure?

Idk, what type of nip, chunk, and gook?
All of them could be any number of archetypes
Also what type of genderbending, the type where they are just dudes in a female body or the type where they inexplicably become a female archetype

>Also what type of genderbending
The one where they lose to the D slowly
>All of them could be any number of archetypes
Choose one you feel is more common.

>please marry my 13 year old sister
No and fuck off.

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>trying to marry off your nun sister
Isn't he afraid of divine retribution?
Or having the religious leaders rebelling against him?

>Decide to actually look up the tiers of cultivators
Is the last tier really just called 'Big Shots'?

Setting aside that Japanese authors physically cannot see the difference between a nun and a shrine maiden for some reason
Rulers, especially byzantine ones, pulled people out of convents for political reasons all the damn time

The various tiers don't have strictly defined names. There are certain patterns that most stories follow. But as you can see with LoTM or DBZ, none of that shit is necessary.

user outside of one commonly used one nearly every cultivation story has their own names for the different realms. You need to learn the terms for every single story you read.

the original chuuni names are part of the fun.

The only actual tiers are prepping your body to cultivate by carving your meridians so you can channel qi/chi/whatever the local magical voodoo energy is called, absorbing said energy to make your body tough enough to survive the next step, optional dantian opening(the place where all your meridians intersect/where your core is stored), making yourself a core which just let's you store and output more power, nascent soul, where you give birth to a soul baby because fuck it, I dunno and after that it's a bunch of random filler until you become a Immortal, after that there's maybe like 2~3 filler tiers and you become a Mahayana nigger, but after nascent soul it's really just mashing the bigger numbers button without any fun shit so you don't need to care about them.

I don't know
in a meeting of cultivators, I think I'd be more afraid of the one just called "jim" than the one called "DIVINE HEAVENLY DRAGON SLAYING GOD SLAPPING ULTRA MEGA DEMON KING"

>it's really just mashing the bigger numbers button
That's the whole genre.
>he is as strong as 500 tigers!
>now he is as strong as 2000 tigers
>he has now achieved the strength of a dragon
>all this in the first realm
>battles are unfolding without widespread destruction

that sounds like something that should be a solitary story more than a whole genre of copycats

It's entertaining for many.

>battles are unfolding without widespread destruction
what are you talking about? there's at least a dozen innocent bystanders that die every confrontation.

I love it when they use animals to describe shit.
>OH NO, HE HAS THE STRENGHT OF 10 DRAGON-ELEPHANTS(because those are a thing in some stories due to Chink myth monsters being shit some drunk god taped together for shits and giggles)


the cultivator is healing those bystanders the nanosecond they die

>Not the Picosecond
So slow...

OTOH, the usual isekai plot is a similar thing, even though perhaps in less glaring way.

inb4 one day somebody will make "Propp: Morphology of the Folk Tale" for isekai

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a true master knows that flashy techniques such as picosecond healing are inefficient, and nanosecond healing is fast enough

Is it really genocide if you erase them from all recorded history aswell so nobody will know in future generations if the people you wiped out ever really existed?


You say that but what happens when femtosecond speed fights start happening?

Episode 354 of people talking about shit they barely read, if they read it at all

energy must be spent on the fight
as long as you reconstruct the bystander at nanosecond speeds, they will be fine
so there is no purpose in fixing them at picosecond speeds. The young and arrogant and flashy go for unneeded techniques. The wise go for efficient ones that net the same results

Just wait until you get to episode 477, that's where shit gets good.

Jesus, this whole thing has been dragging out. Then I realise that it's every few weeks it releases just 1 third of a chapter.

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>domestic violence
Why does this always happen?

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How hard can it be to get belts in the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit?
That looks sad.

They can't both be in skirts.
Someone has to wear the pants

the levels of shit that japs will waste a cute shorthair girl on

>has immortal cultivators (humans/elves/dwarves/demi-humans)
>has demonic cultivators (monsters)
>each with multiple cultivation stages
>4 cardinal beasts that represent primordial concepts (except they are all dragons instead of the usual quartet in this case, don't mind it)
>has various "demonic sects" aka. Demon Lord domains
>Unique and Ultimate Skills' deeper lore resembles The Dao™
>Rimuru design gradually becomes cultivator-like
Could it be... is Slime actually a cultivation story in disguise?

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true to life


Get ready for when the anime hits for the series where the most exiting thing for the characters is making and tasting the wine.

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Is this the story with shoujo doodle art?

I thought the manga was just side stuff and the WN goes into much more detail.

If there's something I've learned from Yea Forums, it's that my skeleton is unmisktakably male.

Because they desperately wanted this to get picked up and scanlated.

This is an Isekai General Now.

That's not how skeletons work.
Archeologists use checklists for signs of gender on skeletons and then depending on which side gets more points, that's what the skeleton gets interpreted as.

There are differences, but only on statistical level.

Imagine her popping your head like a melon between her thighs

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If you have to ask why, then you are not ready

He already got the Raws. Wait until a translation is up before you dump. otherwise we brand you as a spammer and spam random pages from better Isekai mangas that were already scanlated.

I just want the rape.

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Is it CF betray if your CF was a reverse trap and hid it for years? To the point she had to get magic temporal pocket dimension bindings that hid her gigantic milkers?

Old elf.

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Instead of following the established story, it should just be a series of consecutive PTSD therapy sessions, and in the last episode the therapist puts down her notebook and rapes him too.

Yes, since she didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth.

>useless third wheel

The main two are probably gods or hero/demon lord that lost their memories.

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Looks like we got some real butthurt here.

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Was it really worse?

Same MTL

It was obvious MTL, but somewhat readable. FaggoTOOR is better, but the translator only release a chapter when he feels like it and sometimes it takes 6~10 months

Do "translators" really think that better edited MTL is worth waiting months for?

if you donated to their patreon then maybe they'd get it out faster
it's on you

They're not very subtle about the hero/demon themes

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He do seems to think like that and that he deserves money for releasing after making people wait months for it. Every chapter he releases he has a different irl problem and need moneys because of that.

There's also no reason to spend excessive amounts of time making it look good if the translation is bad mtl.

It's on me for not learning Japanese

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